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West of England Bandsmen's Festival (Class A)

West of England Bandsmen's Festival (Fourth Section) West of England Bandsmen's Festival (Class B)

Past Results

All events have been added for this extinct contest.

Date Winner Conductor Test Piece
21st Jun 2003
15th Jun 2002
16th Jun 2001
17th Jun 2000
19th Jun 1999
20th Jun 1998
21st Jun 1997
15th Jun 1996
17th Jun 1995
18th Jun 1994
19th Jun 1993
20th Jun 1992
15th Jun 1991
16th Jun 1990
17th Jun 1989
19th Jun 1988
20th Jun 1987
21st Jun 1986
15th Jun 1985
16th Jun 1984
18th Jun 1983
19th Jun 1982
20th Jun 1981
21st Jun 1980
16th Jun 1979
17th Jun 1978
18th Jun 1977
19th Jun 1976
21st Jun 1975
15th Jun 1974
16th Jun 1973
17th Jun 1972
19th Jun 1971
20th Jun 1970
21st Jun 1969
15th Jun 1968
17th Jun 1967
18th Jun 1966
19th Jun 1965
20th Jun 1964
15th Jun 1963
16th Jun 1962
17th Jun 1961
18th Jun 1960
20th Jun 1959
21st Jun 1958
15th Jun 1957
16th Jun 1956
18th Jun 1955
19th Jun 1954
20th Jun 1953
21st Jun 1952
Unknown, do you know?
23rd Jun 1951
15th Jul 1950
16th Jul 1949
17th Jul 1948
19th Jul 1947
1940 No Contest. Cancelled due to war and not held again until 1947.
15th Jul 1939
16th Jul 1938
17th Jul 1937
18th Jul 1936
20th Jul 1935
21st Jul 1934
1933 No Contest. Cancelled due to financial loss of 1932 contest.
20th Aug 1932
15th Aug 1931
23rd Aug 1930
24th Aug 1929
18th Aug 1928
20th Aug 1927
21st Aug 1926
22nd Aug 1925
23rd Aug 1924
25th Aug 1923
26th Aug 1922
27th Aug 1921
4th Sep 1920
6th Sep 1919
1914 No Contest. Cancelled due to war and not held again until 1919.
13th Sep 1913
14th Sep 1912

Contest Group Notes

First held in 1912. Held at Peniel Farm until the 1966 contest, then held at Molinnis Park from 1967, due to easier car access. Broke for war in the years 1914-1918 and 1940-1946. The only other year missed in sequence was 1933, cancelled due to financial losses incurred by the 1932 event.

The format has evolved as follows:
1912-1913, 1919-1921: Class A, Class B.
1922-1926: Class A, Class B, Class C - with Class C being an open class with other set works, essentially an extension of Class A.
1927-1931: As 1922-6, with extra Class D, deportment, judged over all sections.
1932: Class A, Class B, Class D - with Class D being deportment, as in 1927
1934-1937: Class A, Class B, Class C, Class D - with D being deportment, as in 1927.
1938: Class A, Class B, Class C - with C being deportment.
1939: A, B, C, [D], as 1934.
1947: A, B, [C], as 1938.
1948-1949: A, B, C, [D], as 1934.
1950: A, B, C - no deportment class.
1951-1952: A, B, C, [D], as 1934.
1953: A, B, [D]
1954-1955: A, B, C, [D], as 1934.
1956: A, B, C, as 1950.
1957-1976: A, B, C, [D], as 1934.
1977: A, B, C, [D], Youth - D still being deportment.
1978-1989: A, B, C, Youth - deportment award now not given its own class again.
1990-2000: A, B, C, D, Youth - D now a lower division; i.e. deportment award separate.
2001-2003: A, B, C, D, E, Youth - E a new lower division.
2004-2009: Classes A-E relabelled Championship, First, Second, Third, Fourth Sections, to harmonise with the national nomenclature. Youth section continues.
2010-: Ch, 1, 2, 3, 4, Youth, Training - a second youth band section introduced.

Classes A and B were always differentiated on merit. Class C was originally a supplementary open class, which became a second class for Class B bands, but from 1960 was regarded as a third class differentiated on merit. Class D was historically a deportment class, but was dropped in 1978 and reinstated in 1990 as a fourth class differentiated on merit.

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