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We Need Your Help!

We sometimes get feedback that we have to investigate further. Sometimes we hit a deadend. This page is where we place questions that we don't know the answer to, in the hope that someone can help us!

Please fill in the comment box at the bottom of the page if you can help with any of these. Don't forget to tell us which question you're answering! Thanks.

Number 1

David Ashworth tells us that he adjudicated the Rhyl Festival in 2000 and 2002. Does anyone have any more details and results for this contest?

Number 2

Russell Gray told us about the Japanese Open in 2005. Does anyone know the full results of this year or any others?

Number 3

Several contests have been mentioned by people over the last few months, but we have very few or no results for them. We also can't find much on the internet about them. If you've come across results for any of the following please tell us!

National Youth Band Championships
North West Association Contest
Manchester District Contest
Rochdale Contest
Leominster Contest
Lansing Bagnall
South Wales & Monmouthshire Brass Band Ass
Wigan contest
Tetley Contest
Milton Keynes
Welsh Brewers Challenge Contest

Number 7

Ireland Colliery Chesterfield have lots of results on their website:


Please can someone add them to Brass Band Results?

Number 8

Gloucestershire BBA

Results for their two contests are available on their web site:


Please can someone enter them here.

Number 9

NIBA Championships - please add details


Not full results, but plenty of useful info on 1st Old Boys' website.

Number 12

Leicester Contests

We have several different 'Leicester' contests in the database and I think there should probably be less. How many of the following are actually the same? And which is the correct name?

City of Leicester Brass Band Festival

Leicester Brass Band Festival

Leicestershire Brass Band Association (Leicester) Contest


Number 13

Lots of results to add:

Dutch Nationals

Number 14

All the results from the contest "VĂ„rspretten for Schoolband can be found on this Webpage: http://www.felleskorpset.info/resultater/

Including result for 07.march 2015

Best regards
Helge Mucha
on behalf of VĂ„rspretten Music competition
email: v-spretten@felleskorpset.no

Number 15

If you are interested in adding more contests in Australia (Feb 2015), see either http://www.2015nationals.org/ for full details, or link at windsongs.net/news

Comments or Corrections?

Is something on this page incorrect? Tell us what's wrong in the box below and click send. Include your email address if you like. If you're including contest results please remember to include the date, and as much detail about the contest as you can (conductor, adjudicators, set test piece etc.). Don't forget you can always register and add missing results yourself!