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Bands within 10.0 miles of Felleskorpset Hanøy Haugland Tveit as the crow flies.

This map is intended to give a general indication of where a band rehearses. Please contact the band directly to obtain full directions.

Band Crow Flies Distance Type
Nordlys XO 0.8 miles Second Section
Haugland Skoles Musikkorps 2.8 miles Youth
Midtre Sotra Skulekorps 3.4 miles Second Section
Follesø Musikklag 3.6 miles Second Section
Follese Skolemusikkorps 3.9 miles Third Section
Rong Brass 4.2 miles Elite Section
Fjell Brass 4.7 miles Second Section
Askøy Brass Band 4.8 miles First Section
Felleskorpset Askøy 4.9 miles First Section
Kleppe Musikklag 5.3 miles Elite Section
Askøy Skolebrass 5.4 miles Second Section
Askøy Skolebrass Juniorkorps 5.4 miles Youth
Florvåg/Kleppestø Skolekorps 5.8 miles Youth
Sotra Brass 6.1 miles Fourth Section
Ungdomskorpset Samklang 6.3 miles Youth
Nybø Skoles Musikkorps 6.7 miles Youth
Mjølkeråen Skolemusikklag 7.1 miles Third Section
Tertnes Skoles Musikkorps 7.2 miles First Section
Tertnes Amatørkorps 7.2 miles Second Section
Tertnes Brass 7.2 miles Elite Section
Skala Brass Band 7.3 miles Non-competing
Øygarden Ungdomskorps 7.4 miles Youth
Rong og Toftøy Skulemusikkorps 7.5 miles Third Section
Sotra Vest Skulekorps 7.6 miles Second Section
Salhus Skolemusikklag 7.6 miles Third Section
Hellen Skoles Musikkorps 7.7 miles Second Section
Salhus Musikklag 7.7 miles Third Section
Nygårdslien Skolekorps 8.0 miles Youth
Ulveset Skulekorps 8.3 miles Youth
Hetlevik Musikklag 8.4 miles Fourth Section
Rossland Skulekorps 8.5 miles Youth
Laksevåg Musikkforening 8.8 miles Third Section
Damsgård Skoles Musikkorps 8.9 miles Second Section
Krohnengen Skoles Musikkorps 9.0 miles Second Section
Krohnengen Brass Band 9.0 miles Elite Section
Hordvik Musikklag 9.1 miles Fourth Section
Christi Krybbe Skolekorps 9.2 miles Youth
Kyrkjekrinsen Skolemusikklag 9.3 miles Youth
Nyborg Brass 9.4 miles Non-competing
Bergen Politiorkester 9.4 miles Competing
Hordvik Skolemusikklag 9.5 miles Youth
Bergen Brass Band 9.6 miles Third Section
Løvås Skoles Musikkorps 9.7 miles Youth

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