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Bands within 20.0 miles of Hergiswil, LU, Switzerland as the crow flies.

This map is intended to give a general indication of where a band rehearses. Please contact the band directly to obtain full directions.

Band Crow Flies Distance Driving Time Driving Distance Type
MG Hergiswil am Napf 0 miles Third Section
FM Luthern 2.6 miles Second Section
Musikgesellschaft Ufhusen 3.5 miles
Musikgesellschaft Menzberg 3.6 miles
MG Gettnau 3.8 miles
Brass Band Feldmusik Zell 4.2 miles Competing
Hinterländer Jugend Brass Band 4.2 miles Third Section
MG Geiss 4.7 miles Second Section
MG Eriswil 5.0 miles Second Section
FM Ettiswil 5.4 miles Second Section
Young Brassers Beginners 5.4 miles Youth
Young Brassers Ettiswil-Grosswangen-Buttisholz 5.4 miles Youth
BB Frohsinn Grosswangen 5.5 miles First Section
Brass Kids Gondiswil 5.8 miles Youth
Musikgesellschaft Gondiswil 5.8 miles Third Section
Musikgesellschaft Romoos 6.0 miles
Brass Band Schötz 6.1 miles First Section
Musikgesellschaft Doppleschwand 6.5 miles Competing
Feldmusik Buttisholz 6.8 miles Second Section
MG Grossdietwil-Altbüron 6.9 miles Third Section
Brass Band MG Egolzwil 7.3 miles Second Section
FM Nebikon 7.5 miles Second Section
Musikgesellschaft Wauwil 7.6 miles Third Section
Musikverein Ruswil 7.9 miles Non-competing
Jugend Brass Band Nebikon-Altishofen-Schötz 8.0 miles Youth
MG Altishofen 8.0 miles Second Section
Posaunenchor Walterswil-Oeschenbach 8.6 miles
BB MG Hasle 8.9 miles Second Section
Musikgesellschaft Oberkirch 8.9 miles Third Section
Jugendmusik Oberkirch-Nottwil 9.0 miles Youth
Brass Band MG Dagmersellen 9.0 miles Second Section
Brass Band FM Nottwil 9.1 miles Third Section
MG Richenthal-Langnau 9.2 miles Second Section
Brass Band Uffikon-Buchs 9.3 miles
BB Werthenstein-Schachen 9.4 miles Third Section
Posaunenchor Gondiswil Waltrigen 9.5 miles
Musikgesellschaft Knutwil 9.6 miles Second Section
Feldmusik Knutwil 9.6 miles First Section
MG Pfaffnau 10.2 miles Third Section
Musikgesellschaft Geuensee 10.6 miles Third Section
Posaunenchor Neuhaus-Ochlenberg 10.8 miles
Junior Brass Band MG Reiden 11.0 miles Youth
Brass Band MG Reiden 11.0 miles First Section
Musikgesellschaft Eich 11.0 miles
Brass Band Feldmusik Winikon 11.2 miles Third Section
Brass Band MG Schwarzenberg 11.2 miles Competing
Brassbälger Schwarzenberg 11.2 miles
New Young Brass Reiden 11.4 miles Youth
Brass Band Harmonie Neuenkirch B 11.5 miles Fourth Section
Brass Band Harmonie Neuenkirch 11.5 miles First Section
Jugend Brass Band Neuenkirch 11.6 miles Fourth Section
Jugend Brass Band Oberer Sempachersee 11.6 miles Fourth Section
Brass Band Feldmusik Escholzmatt 11.9 miles Second Section
Musikverein Reitnau 12.3 miles
Musikgesellschaft Schlierbach 12.6 miles Competing
Brass Band Luzern Land 13.1 miles
Brass Band MG Rickenbach 13.1 miles First Section
Brass Band Harmonie Rickenbach 13.2 miles Second Section
Brass Band KM Wiggen 13.3 miles Competing
Musikverein Vordemwald 13.5 miles
MG Hildisrieden 13.5 miles Second Section
Jugend Brass Band Hildisrieden-Schwarzenberg 13.6 miles Youth
Brassinis Hildisrieden 13.6 miles
Brass Band Strengelbach-Mühletal 13.6 miles Competing
Vereinigte Brass Band MGN / BBSM 13.6 miles Competing
Feldmusik Gunzwil 13.6 miles Competing
JM Aarwangen 13.6 miles Now a Wind Band
Brass Band Posaunenchor Lützelflüh-Grünenmatt 13.6 miles
Fortepiano Michelsamt 13.8 miles Youth
Little Brassers Michelsamt 13.8 miles Youth
Jugend Brass Band Michelsamt 13.8 miles Third Section
Musikgesellschaft Harmonie Beromünster 13.9 miles Third Section
Musikverein Bottenwil 14.0 miles Competing
Brass Ensemble Flühli-Sörenberg 14.1 miles Youth
Brass Band Lützelflüh-Goldbach 14.1 miles
Entlebucher Jugend Brass Band 14.1 miles Fourth Section
Entlebucher Brass Band 14.1 miles
Musikgesellschaft Flühli 14.2 miles Third Section
Brass Band Kirchenmusik Flühli 14.2 miles First Section
Musikgesellschaft Staffelbach 14.3 miles Competing
Brassband Bürgermusik Luzern 14.7 miles Excellence Section
BML Talents 14.7 miles First Section
Musikgesellschaft Römerswil 14.8 miles Third Section
Brass Band Wolfwil 14.8 miles Second Section
MG Pfeffikon (LU) 15.4 miles
MV Rothrist 15.5 miles Third Section
Brass Band Emmental 15.8 miles First Section
Musikgesellschaft Schöftland 15.9 miles Now a Wind Band
Young Brassers Oberburg 15.9 miles Youth
Musik Frohsinn Oberburg 15.9 miles Third Section
BB Feldmusik Marbach 16.2 miles Second Section
Brass Band Seetal 16.5 miles First Section
Musikgesellschaft Brass Band Ermensee 16.6 miles First Section
Musikgesellschaft Zetzwil 16.8 miles
Musikgesellschaft Niederbuchsiten 17.1 miles Non-competing
Musikgesellschaft Beinwil am See 17.1 miles Competing
Brass Band Kappel 17.3 miles Third Section
Jugendensemble Brass Band Kappel 17.3 miles Youth
Brass Band Posaunenchor Arni-Worb 17.4 miles
MG Kleinwangen-Lieli 17.6 miles Third Section
Juniors Brass Seetal 17.8 miles Youth
Brass Band Abinchova 17.9 miles Second Section
MV Hergiswil (NW) 18.1 miles Now a Wind Band
Musikgesellschaft Hohenrain 18.2 miles Third Section
Oberaargauer Brass Band 18.5 miles Excellence Section
Musikgesellschaft Walkringen 18.5 miles Third Section
ABM Brass Power Freiamt 18.5 miles Third Section
JAMBO Brass Freiamt 18.5 miles
Musikgesellschaft Sörenberg 18.5 miles Second Section
MG Birrwil 18.7 miles Second Section
MG Müswangen 18.8 miles Competing
Musikgesellschaft Dürrenäsch 18.8 miles Third Section
FM Sarnen 18.8 miles Now a Wind Band
MG Biglen 18.9 miles Third Section
MV Gretzenbach 19.0 miles Competing
Musikgesellschaft Krauchthal 19.1 miles Third Section
Musikgesellschaft Rumisberg 19.3 miles Third Section
MG Röthenbach 19.4 miles Fourth Section
Avenir d'Aclens 19.4 miles Second Section
Musikgesellschaft Schongau 19.4 miles Third Section
MG Meisterschwanden 19.4 miles
Musikgesellschaft Winznau 19.5 miles Third Section
Brass Kids Niederamt 19.5 miles Youth
Musikgesellschaft Trimbach 19.5 miles
HM Kerns 19.6 miles Now a Wind Band
Musikgesellschaft Abtwil 19.7 miles Competing
New Brass Hindelbank 19.8 miles

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