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Bands within 10.0 miles of Stavanger Brass Band as the crow flies.

This map is intended to give a general indication of where a band rehearses. Please contact the band directly to obtain full directions.

Band Crow Flies Distance Type
Stavanger Brass Band 0 miles Elite Section
Storhaug Skolekorps 0.5 miles Youth
Stavanger Kommunes Korps 0.8 miles Third Section
Kampen Skolekorps 1.4 miles Third Section
Buøy Skoles Musikkorps 1.5 miles Youth
Roaldsøy Skolekorps 1.6 miles Youth
IMI Brass 2.2 miles Fourth Section
Musikkorpset Gjallarhorn 2.5 miles First Section
Skeie Skolekorps 2.5 miles Youth
Skeie Brass 2.5 miles Fifth Section
Tasta Skolekorps Mellomkorpset 2.8 miles Youth
Tasta Skolekorps Juniorkorps 2.8 miles Youth
Tasta Skolekorps 2.8 miles Youth Section
Vardenes Skolekorps 3.1 miles Second Section
Hinna Brass 3.4 miles Fourth Section
Jåtten Skolekorps 3.8 miles First Section
Riska Musikkorps 4.1 miles Fourth Section
Hafrsfjord Skolekorps 4.3 miles Youth
Hommersåk Skolekorps 4.5 miles Youth
Goa Skolekorps 4.5 miles Youth
Grødem Skolekorps 4.6 miles Youth
Alexander Brass Band 4.7 miles Second Section
Sunde og Hafrsfjord Skolekorps 4.7 miles Youth
Sunde Skolekorps 4.8 miles Youth
Randaberg Skolemusikkorps 5.1 miles Youth
Randaberg Musikkorps 5.3 miles Third Section
Tananger Skulekorps 6.8 miles Second Section
Sola Brass Band 6.8 miles First Section
Sandnes Skulemusikk 8.1 miles Second Section
Elim Brass 8.4 miles Non-competing
Tau Skolekorps 8.9 miles Youth
Mosterøy og Rennesøy Skolekorps 9.1 miles Youth
Malmheim Skolekorps 10.0 miles Youth

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