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James Thorpe

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Conducting Results

Date Contest Band Position Points Draw
10th Apr 1950 Leicester Brass Band Festival (3rd Section) Parker's Brewery
5th Nov 1949 Wigan Contest Parker's Brewery 10
21st May 1949 Rhyl Contest (Second Section) Parker's Brewery 3
23rd Oct 1948 Rochdale Contest Burslem Coop
4th Sep 1948 West Bromwich Contest (Section 2) Burslem Co-operative 1
4th Sep 1948 West Bromwich Contest (Section 1) Parker's Brewery 2
4th Oct 1947 National Championship of Great Britain (Second Section Final) Parker's Brewery 3
10th May 1947 Belle Vue May Contest (Class B) Middlewich Centenary Band 4 172
7th Apr 1947 Midlands Area (Second Section) Parker's Brewery 2
17th Aug 1946 Stoke-on-Trent Contest Parker's Brewery 1
17th Aug 1946 Stoke-on-Trent Contest Crewe West End 2
11th May 1946 Belle Vue May Contest (Class B & C) Middlewich Centenary Band 3 178
6th May 1944 Belle Vue May Contest (Class D) Rolls Royce (Crewe) Works
3rd Sep 1934 British Open Kidsgrove Excelsior 14
14th Jul 1934 Belle Vue July Contest (Class B) Kidsgrove Excelsior 3
6th May 1933 Belle Vue May Contest (Class C Group 2) Tarporley and Clotton
4th Feb 1933 Hanley Contest Kidsgrove Excelsior 2
28th May 1928 Hawarden Contest Kidsgrove Excelsior YMCA 5
24th Sep 1927 Crystal Palace (Junior Cup - A) Kidsgrove Excelsior Y.M.C.A 8
16th Jul 1927 Newhall Contest Kidsgrove Excelsior Y.M.C.A. 3
6th Jun 1927 Hawarden Contest Kidsgrove Y.M.C.A. 3
25th Sep 1926 Crystal Palace (Junior Cup - A) Crewe Temperance
26th Sep 1925 Crystal Palace (Junior Cup - A) Crewe Temperance
29th Aug 1925 Glossop Contest Kidsgrove Y.M.C.A. 3
27th Sep 1924 Crystal Palace (Junior Cup - A) Crewe Temperance 5
3rd May 1924 Belle Vue May Contest Crewe Temperance
29th Feb 1924 NIBA Championship of Ireland (Championship Brass) Sirocco Silver 4
29th Sep 1923 Crystal Palace (Junior Cup - A) Ellesmere Port Church 9
29th Sep 1923 Crystal Palace (Junior Cup - A) Crewe Temperance 20
23rd Sep 1922 Crystal Palace (Junior Cup) Crewe Temperance 3 14
26th Sep 1908 Crystal Palace (Reed Band Section) Glossop Public


Born 1886 at Mottram, Cheshire, Died 1st April, 1950. Cornet player at Fodens

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