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La Divina Commedia (2016), Hendrik de Boer

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Date Contest Band Position
24th Nov 2018 Belgian Nationals (First Division) Brass Band Bacchus 2
14th Jul 2018 New Zealand National Championships (B Grade) Brass Whanganui 1
22nd Apr 2017 New Zealand National Championships (B Grade) Hamilton City Brass 1


La Divina Commedia' is the first contest piece for brass band written by composer Hendrik de Boer. It is based on Dante Aleghieri's epic 'The Divine Comedy.' This work, written by the Florentine poet, is one of the renowned master pieces of Western literature. Dante describes in it his imaginary journey through the three realms of the hereafter: Hell ('Inferno'), Purgatory ('Purgatorio') and Heaven ('Paradiso'). The composition consists of five parts and has the same structure as Dante's epic: ABA-BCB-CDC-DED-EFE

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