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March: Praise (1949), Wilfred Heaton

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Date Contest Band Position
28th May 2021 Whit Friday Online (Special) Bilton Silver Band 55
28th May 2021 Whit Friday Online (Special) Gresley Colliery Band 64
16th Nov 2019 Swedish National Championship (First Division) Smyrna Brass 7
9th Jun 2017 Friezland (Whit Friday) Rong Brass 1
9th Jun 2017 Lees (Whit Friday) Rong Brass 8
9th Jun 2017 Greenfield (Whit Friday) Rong Brass 11
9th Jun 2017 Lydgate (Whit Friday) Rong Brass 16
9th Jun 2017 Grotton (Whit Friday) Rong Brass 22
29th May 2015 Lydgate (Whit Friday) Zoobander 42
29th May 2015 Diggle (Whit Friday) Zoobander 45
29th May 2015 Uppermill (Whit Friday) Zoobander 47
29th May 2015 Dobcross (Whit Friday) Zoobander 57
29th May 2015 Delph (Whit Friday) Zoobander 74
17th Jun 2011 Friezland (Whit Friday) University Of Warwick 16
17th Jun 2011 Lydgate (Whit Friday) University Of Warwick 18
17th Jun 2011 Diggle (Whit Friday) University Of Warwick 23
17th Jun 2011 Uppermill (Whit Friday) University Of Warwick 24
17th Jun 2011 Delph (Whit Friday) University Of Warwick 27
17th Jun 2011 Dobcross (Whit Friday) University Of Warwick 41
17th Jun 2011 Lees (Whit Friday) University Of Warwick 42
17th Jun 2011 Greenfield (Whit Friday) University Of Warwick 51
28th May 2010 Grotton (Whit Friday) Pangbourne Band 34
28th May 2010 Mossley (Whit Friday) Pangbourne Band 38
28th May 2010 Friezland (Whit Friday) Pangbourne Band 46
28th May 2010 Dobcross (Whit Friday) Pangbourne Band 48
28th May 2010 Uppermill (Whit Friday) Pangbourne Band 56
28th May 2010 Lydgate (Whit Friday) Pangbourne Band 64
28th May 2010 Scouthead (Whit Friday) Pangbourne Band 67

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