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Bands starting with J

Showing 107 of 11540 bands. This is a list of current or last known names, previous band names can be found by searching.

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Name Region Contest Results
J R Turner Ltd Unknown, do you know? 1
J36 Brass North of England 6
JBB Früh Frech Junior Switzerland 6
JF Brass Unknown, do you know? 2
JM Aarwangen Switzerland 5
JYMY Brass Band Finland 0
Jackfield Elcock Reisen Band [1895-] Midlands 189
Jackson Street Mission North West 8
Jaguar Car Works Midlands 30
Jaguar Cars (City of Coventry) [1939-1992] Midlands 190
Jaguar Land Rover Band Midlands 323
James Fitzgerald Memorial Band Republic of Ireland 2
James Madison University Brass Band United States of America 15
James Madison University Honors Youth Brass Band United States of America 0
James Young High School Cluster Band Scotland 3
Jamestown Temperance Scotland 8
Jamestown and Vale of Leven Scotland 6
Japan Ladies' Brass [2004-] Japan 0
Japan Staff Band of the Salvation Army Japan 0
Jaren Hornmusikkforening [1936-] Norway 63
Jarretts Brass Midlands 2
Jarrow (1st Durham) North of England 1
Jarrow Borough North of England 65
Jarvis Industrial Welfare North of England 14
Jayess '87 [1987-1998] Yorkshire 47
Jayess (Queensbury) Band [-1998] Yorkshire 64
Jayess (Queensbury) Junior Yorkshire 23
Jayess Newbiggin Brass Band [2009-] North of England 20
Jedforest Instrumental [1854-] Scotland 91
Jedforest Junior Band Scotland 2
Jericho Brass Band [1998-] United States of America 1
Jersey Premier Brass [1997-] London and Southern Counties 31
Jeugdbrassband Hosannah Leeuwarden Netherlands 1
Jeugdbrassband Kempenzonen Belgium 2
Jeugdbrassband Midden-Brabant Belgium 2
Jeugdbrassband Solex Netherlands 2
Jeugdorkest Kunst en Vriendschap Meeuwen Netherlands 1
John Dickinson (Apsley) Band [1894-1986] London and Southern Counties 198
John Knowles Works Midlands 5
John Laing (Hendon) Band [1956-1998] London and Southern Counties 154
John Leggott College (Scunthorpe) Midlands 2
John Taylor School Midlands 7
John Thompson Works Band Midlands 70
John White Footwear [1954-1957] Midlands 11
Johnston Memorial Northern Ireland 3
Johnstone Band Scotland 209
Jondal Skulemusikklag Norway 5
Jones I X L Australia 1
Jones I X L (Hobart) Australia 1
Jones I X L ( Hobart) Australia 1
Joshua School Band Uganda 0
Joyous Brass [2001-] United States of America 0
Juband Thierstein Laufental Switzerland 2
Jubilee Brass (Oxford) [1977-] London and Southern Counties 142
Jubilee Brass (Oxford) B London and Southern Counties 6
Jubilee Brass (Redditch) Midlands 0
Jubilee Brass (Southampton) [2008-] West of England 0
Jubilee Brass of the Salvation Army [1996-] Canada 0
Jubilee Concert (Horncastle) [-1989] Midlands 4
Jugend Brass Band Eglisau [1953-] Switzerland 1
Jugend Brass Band Flühli-Sörenberg Switzerland 1
Jugend Brass Band Graubünden [1988-] Switzerland 4
Jugend Brass Band Hildisrieden-Schwarzenberg Switzerland 3
Jugend Brass Band Hürntal Switzerland 15
Jugend Brass Band Imboden Switzerland 12
Jugend Brass Band Michelsamt [1993-] Switzerland 32
Jugend Brass Band Nebikon-Altishofen-Schötz Switzerland 15
Jugend Brass Band Neuenkirch Switzerland 10
Jugend Brass Band Ostschweiz Switzerland 0
Jugend Brass Band RML Switzerland 8
Jugend Brass Band Zurzibiet [2010-] Switzerland 2
Jugend Brass Band beider Basel [2013-] Switzerland 0
Jugendblasorchester Kleinmachnow [1990-] Germany 1
Jugendensemble Brass Band Kappel [1996-] Switzerland 3
Jugendmusik Bonaduz/Rhäzüns [1980-] Switzerland 1
Jugendmusik Davos [1944-] Switzerland 1
Jugendmusik Grub AR-Eggersriet-Grub SG Switzerland 4
Jugendmusik Jenaz Switzerland 12
Jugendmusik Oberkirch-Nottwil Switzerland 8
Jugendmusik Obervaz / Lenzerheide Switzerland 6
Jugendmusik Rehetobel Switzerland 4
Jugendspiel Prättibeaters Switzerland 1
Juliana Kollumerzwaag Netherlands 7
Juliana Uitwijk Netherlands 1
Jump Yorkshire 5
Jump Subscription Yorkshire 0
Junction Foundry (Hull) North of England 1
Junior Brass Aedermannsdorf Switzerland 13
Junior Brass Band Grischun Central Switzerland 2
Junior Brass Band MG Reiden [1994-] Switzerland 20
Junior Brass Waltenschwil [2012-] Switzerland 2
Junior Leaders Regiment West of England 34
Junior Oddfellows (Ipswich) London and Southern Counties 1
Junior Varsity All-Star Brass Band United States of America 16
Junior-Band d. Feldmusik Knutwil Switzerland 2
Juniorkorpset Helleland og Hellvik Skolekorps Norway 1
Juniors Brass Seetal Switzerland 2
Just Brass 79 [France] [2008-] France 0
Just Brass Geelong [2010-] Australia 3
Just Brass [Spain] [2003-] Spain 0
Jyväskylän Helluntaiseurakunnan Soittokunta Finland 0
Järfälla Brass Band Sweden 2
Järfälla Gospel Brass Sweden 2
Jåtten Skolekorps [1950-] Norway 35
Jølster Musikklag Norway 40
Jørpeland Musikkorps Norway 2
Jørpeland Skolekorps Norway 2

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