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Aldridge (Brownhills)

Also/previously known as: Aldridge and District, Aldridge Brownhills, Aldridge & Brownhills

This band no longer exists.
Years active:1946 -

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
13th Sep 1975 North East Derbyshire District Council Annual Brass Band Festival (Grade Three) 2 Rhapsody on Negro Spirituals Peter Bright
19th Apr 1975 Midlands Area (Third Section) Partita [Gregson] 11 Peter Bright
1st Dec 1974 Birmingham Association Contest (Section C) 3 Unknown, do you know?
4th May 1974 Senior Trophy Othello 18 T. Farrar
27th Apr 1974 Midlands Area (Third Section) Devon Fantasy 8 T. Farrar
28th Oct 1973 Walsall Brass Band Festival (Section C) 2 T. Farrar
26th Nov 1972 City of Leicester Brass Band Festival (3rd Section) Rufford Abbey A. J. Withnall
26th Feb 1972 Nottingham Championship (Third Section) Mexican Fiesta A. J. Withnall
7th Nov 1971 Wills Regional Championships - Wolverhampton (3rd Section) Mexican Fiesta Unknown, do you know?
1st May 1971 Midlands Area (Third Section) Overture for an Epic Occasion 14 A. J. Withnall
23rd May 1970 Midlands Area (Third Section) W Welsh Fantasia Land of Song
21st Feb 1970 Nottingham Championship (Third Section) 12 A. J. Withnall
17th May 1969 Senior Trophy City by the Sea 2 A. J. Withnall
12th May 1968 Buxton Festival (Third Section) Little Suite for Brass Band No. 2 11 A. J. Withnall
4th Jun 1967 Buxton Festival (Fourth Section) Petite Suite de Ballet 4 A. J. Withnall
29th May 1967 Spring Festival (Junior Cup) W English Suite [Lovelock]
11th Feb 1967 Nottingham Championship (Third Section) 3 Brass Triptych: Old Westminster Unknown, do you know?
7th Apr 1947 Midlands Area (Second Section) Sinfonietta Pastorale T. Whitehead
22nd Apr 1946 Midlands Area (Second Section) Lord of the Isles Unknown, do you know?

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Band formed after World War 2, original Aldridge band having ceased in 1941.

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