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MG Alpengruss Embd

Also/previously known as: Alpengruss Embd

Website:Unknown, do you know?
Years active:1958 -

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
10th Jun 2018 Oberwalliser Musikfest (Marschmusik 3.Klasse) 26 Bernhard Brantschen
31st May 2015 Oberwalliser Musikfest (Marschmusik) 13   March: Montana 32 Bernhard Brantschen
9th Jun 2013 Oberwalliser Musikfest (Marschmusik) 20   March: La Haute-Sorne 7 Konrad Walter
10th Jun 2012 Oberwalliser Musikfest (Marschmusik) 13   Konrad Walter
8th Jun 2008 Oberwalliser Musikfest (Marschmusik) 5   Konrad Walter
19th May 2007 Oberwalliser Musikfest (Marschmusik) 15   Unknown, do you know?

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