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Brass Band Wolfwil

Also/previously known as: Brass Band Harmonie Wolfwil, Musikgesellschaft Harmonie Wolfwil

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
26th May 2019 Aargauischer Kantonaler Musiktag (Marschmusik)   Unknown, do you know?
25th Jun 2017 Regionalmusiktag - BMVTGOG, SO (Marschmusik)   Emerita Blum-Duss
29th May 2016 Regionalmusiktag - BMVTGOG, SO (Marschmusik) 4 11 Emerita Blum-Duss
21st Jun 2015 Regionalmusiktag - BMVTGOG, SO (Marschmusik) 16 March: Solothurner Marsch 5 Emerita Blum-Duss
29th Jun 2014 Solothurner Kantonal-Musikfest (Second Section) 8 Life Ablaze Emerita Blum-Duss
29th Jun 2014 Solothurner Kantonal-Musikfest (Marschmusik) 15   March: Langnauer Marsch 43 Emerita Blum-Duss
15th Jun 2014 Regionalmusiktag - BMVTGOG, SO (Marschmusik) 6 March: Langnauer Marsch 16 Emerita Blum-Duss
23rd Jun 2013 Regionalmusiktag - BMVTGOG, SO (Marschmusik) 1 Emerita Blum-Duss
23rd Sep 2007 Solothurner Blasmusikpreis (Kategorie B) 4 Ernst Balli
18th Jun 2006 Eidgenössisches Musikfest (Second Section) 19   Rhapsody in Brass 20 Ernst Balli
17th Jun 2006 Eidgenössisches Musikfest (Marschmusik 2nd & 3rd) 8 Ernst Balli
25th Sep 2005 Solothurner Blasmusikpreis (Kategorie B) 2 Marco Nussbaumer
2004 Solothurner Kantonal-Musikfest (First Section) 4 Ernst Balli
28th Jun 2003 Schwyzer Kantonales Musikfest (Mittelstufe BB) 1   Ernst Balli
28th Jun 2003 Schwyzer Kantonales Musikfest (Marschmusik) 3   Ernst Balli
23rd Jun 2001 Eidgenössisches Musikfest (Marschmusik) 7   Josef Brun
16th Jun 2001 Eidgenössisches Musikfest (Second Section) 6 A Saddleworth Festival Overture Josef Brun
25th Nov 2000 Swiss National Championships (Third Division) 3 An English Suite [M. Ball] Josef Brun
27th Nov 1999 Swiss National Championships (Third Division) 3 Burlesque Josef Brun
1999 Solothurner Kantonal-Musikfest (Second Section) 2 Josef Brun
28th Nov 1998 Swiss National Championships (Third Division) 1 Dancing in the Park Josef Brun
22nd Jun 1996 Eidgenössisches Musikfest (Second Section) 24 Josef Brun
1994 Solothurner Kantonal-Musikfest (First Section) Fritz Voegelin
27th Nov 1993 Swiss National Championships (Second Division) 11 Configurations on B.A.C.H. Ueli Aeschlimann
28th Nov 1992 Swiss National Championships (Second Division) 8 Dimensions Ueli Aeschlimann
1991 Solothurner Blasmusikpreis (Kategorie B) 2 Albert Benz
1989 Solothurner Kantonal-Musikfest (First Section) Corsin Tuor
1984 Solothurner Kantonal-Musikfest (First Section) 2 Peter Baumann

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