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Constantijn Huijgens

Also/previously known as: Brass Band Constantijn Huygens, Constantijn Huijgens Appingedam, Constantijn Huijges, Constantijn Huygens, Constantijn Huygens - Appingedam, Constatijn Huygens - Appingedam, Const. Huygens Appingedam

Contest Results

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Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
9th Jun 2018 Dutch Open (Second Division) Unknown, do you know?
28th Oct 2017 Dutch Nationals (Second Division) 3 Frontier Visions Richard Visser
2nd Jul 2017 Rastede - Internationale Musiktage (Marsch, Blasorchester) 1   Richard Visser
22nd Oct 2016 Dutch Nationals (Second Division) 1 The Raid 1 Richard Visser
11th Jun 2016 Dutch Open (Second Division) 2 Richard Visser
17th Apr 2016 Flemish Open Brass Band Championship (C-Section) 4 Light Door 3 Richard Visser
14th Nov 2015 Dutch Nationals (Second Division) 2 The Saga of Tyrfing 7 Richard Visser
13th Jun 2015 Dutch Open (Second Division) 2 4 Richard Visser
11th Apr 2015 Gouden Spiker Festival (Third Division) 2 Olympus Unknown, do you know?
31st Oct 2014 Dutch Nationals (Third Division) 1 Variations on Laudate Dominum (revised version) 3 Richard Visser
21st Jun 2014 Survento Brass (Group C) 1 Richard Visser
7th Dec 2013 Dutch Nationals (Third Division) 6 The Graces of Love Richard Visser
8th Jun 2013 Euro Brass (C-Group) 2 Renaissance 3 Richard Visser
30th Nov 2012 Dutch Nationals (Third Division) 4 The Angel of the North 7 Richard Visser
9th Jun 2012 Euro Brass (C-Group) 3 3 Richard Visser
2nd Dec 2011 Dutch Nationals (Third Division) 1 Sinfonietta No. 1 [de Meij] 5 Richard Visser
4th Jun 2011 Euro Brass (C-Group) 1 Salute to a Hero Richard Visser
3rd Dec 2010 Dutch Nationals (Third Division) 5 Rembrandt Richard Visser
4th Jul 2010 Rastede - Internationale Musiktage (Brass M) 3 Richard Visser
12th Jun 2010 Euro Brass (C-Group) 4 7 Richard Visser
27th Nov 2009 Dutch Nationals (Third Division) 4 Arkansas Richard Visser
13th Jun 2009 Euro Brass (C-Group) 3 Richard Visser
6th Jul 2008 Rastede - Internationale Musiktage (L) 1 86833 Richard Visser
14th Jun 2008 Euro Brass (C-Group) 3 Richard Visser
16th Jun 2007 Euro Brass (C-Group) 4 Richard Visser
2nd Jul 2006 Rastede - Internationale Musiktage (L) 1 Sietze Homersma
17th Jun 2006 Euro Brass (C-Group) 2 Piet van der Heide
2006 Dutch Nationals (Third Division) 2 Celebration [van Dijk] Unknown, do you know?
2nd Dec 2005 Dutch Nationals (Third Division) 11 Three Part Invention Luuk Tuinstra
4th Jul 2004 Rastede - Internationale Musiktage (Brass M) 3 Sietse Hamersma
12th Jun 2004 Euro Brass (C-Group) 2 Sietse Hamersma
2002 Dutch Nationals (Third Division) 1 Delta Energy Unknown, do you know?
9th Dec 1995 Dutch Nationals (Fourth Division) 1 Diogenes Unknown, do you know?
10th Dec 1994 Dutch Nationals (Fourth Division) 1 Fanfare Diversions Sietse Hamersma

Whit Friday

Whit Friday results are not included in the statistics and charts above.

Date Contest Position Conductor March
13th Jun 2014 Friezland (Whit Friday) 1 Richard Visser
13th Jun 2014 Uppermill (Whit Friday) 5   Richard Visser
13th Jun 2014 Stalybridge Labour Club (Whit Friday) 14 Richard Visser
13th Jun 2014 Carrbrook (Whit Friday) 16   Richard Visser
13th Jun 2014 Denton (Whit Friday) 23 Richard Visser
13th Jun 2014 Stalybridge Celtic (Whit Friday) 25 Richard Visser
1st Jun 2007 Stalybridge Celtic (Whit Friday) 15 Unknown, do you know?
1st Jun 2007 Mossley (Whit Friday) 19 Unknown, do you know?
1st Jun 2007 Carrbrook (Whit Friday) 21 Unknown, do you know?
1st Jun 2007 Denton (Whit Friday) 25 Unknown, do you know?
1st Jun 2007 Stalybridge Labour Club (Whit Friday) 30 Unknown, do you know?
1st Jun 2007 Broadoak (Whit Friday) 35 Unknown, do you know?

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