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Dumfries Town

Years active:1873 -
Rehearsals:Monday and Wednesday

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
10th Mar 2019 Scottish Championship (Fourth Section) W Stantonbury Festival
11th Mar 2018 Scottish Championship (Fourth Section) W World Tour
12th Mar 2017 Scottish Championship (Fourth Section) 6 St. Andrews Variations [Fernie] 7 John Taylor
14th Mar 2015 Scottish Championship (Third Section) 7 Evolution - Five States of Change 2 Ross Brotherston
27th Sep 2014 Fife Charities Band Association Contest 17   Olympus 10 Neill McDonald
23rd Aug 2014 Land o' Burns 12 8 Neill McDonald
19th Apr 2014 Fife Brass Band Festival (Third Section) W 3
8th Mar 2014 Scottish Championship (Third Section) 8 Partita for Band - Postcards from Home 2 Neill McDonald
2nd Nov 2013 Borders Entertainment Contest 13 5 Neill McDonald
28th Sep 2013 Fife Charities Band Association Contest 14   Labour and Love 11 Neill McDonald
9th Mar 2013 Scottish Championship (Third Section) 9 Hollywood! 7 Peter Heyes
3rd Nov 2012 Borders Entertainment Contest 18 10 Peter Heyes
10th Mar 2012 Scottish Championship (Third Section) 4 Olympus 11 Peter Heyes
3rd Dec 2011 Scottish Challenge Shield 10 Dimensions 10 Peter Heyes
5th Nov 2011 Borders Entertainment Contest 14 2 Peter Heyes
16th Apr 2011 Fife Brass Band Festival (Third Section) 5 4 Peter Heyes
26th Feb 2011 Scottish Championship (Third Section) 9 A Little Light Music 7 Peter Heyes
20th Nov 2010 Scottish Challenge Shield 10 Music for a Festival [Sparke] 3 Peter Heyes
6th Nov 2010 Borders Entertainment Contest 12 14 Peter Heyes
26th Sep 2010 National Championship of Great Britain (Fourth Section Final) 11 A Royal Mile Suite 10 Peter Heyes
24th Apr 2010 Fife Brass Band Festival (Fourth Section) 1 4 Peter Heyes
13th Mar 2010 Scottish Championship (Fourth Section) 1 Saint-Saëns Variations 4 Peter Heyes
31st Oct 2009 Borders Entertainment Contest 14 10 Peter Heyes
21st Mar 2009 Scottish Championship (Fourth Section) 4 The Talisman [Hughes] 4 Peter Heyes
1st Nov 2008 Borders Entertainment Contest 16 11 Peter Heyes
8th Mar 2008 Scottish Championship (Fourth Section) 6 Four Cities Symphony 2 Peter Heyes
11th Mar 2006 Scottish Championship (Fourth Section) 6 Anglian Dances 7 Peter Heyes
12th Mar 2005 Scottish Championship (Third Section) W Tam O'Shanter's Ride [Wright]
13th Nov 2004 Borders Entertainment Contest 14 Peter Heyes
13th Mar 2004 Scottish Championship (Third Section) 9 Vizcaya 4 Andrew Holland
15th Nov 2003 Borders Entertainment Contest 9 Andrew Holland
20th Sep 2003 National Championship of Great Britain (Fourth Section Final) 18 Call of the Sea 10 Peter Heyes
8th Mar 2003 Scottish Championship (Fourth Section) 1 Lydian Pictures 4 Peter Heyes
9th Mar 2002 Scottish Championship (Fourth Section) 7 Suite in Bb [Jacob] 1 Peter Heyes
13th Sep 2001 Fife Charities Band Association Contest 7 Unknown, do you know?
21st Apr 2001 Carnegie Invitation Contest (Fourth Section) 3 Peter Heyes
10th Mar 2001 Scottish Championship (Fourth Section) 6 Sinfonietta Pastorale 4 Peter Heyes
28th Feb 1999 Scottish Championship (Fourth Section) 4 Indian Summer 2 Peter Heyes
1st Nov 1998 Whitehaven Contest (Class D) 3 B. Bailey
21st Feb 1998 Scottish Championship (Fourth Section) 7 Solemn Melody [arr. Gay] 7 George Taylor
2nd Nov 1997 Whitehaven Contest (Class D) 3 George Taylor
2nd Mar 1997 Scottish Championship (Fourth Section) 6 Pennine Moors 7 Gordon Brotherston
4th Mar 1990 Scottish Championship (Fourth Section) 20 Summer Fantasy 3 Andrew Henderson
4th Mar 1989 Scottish Championship (Fourth Section) 21 Suite for Brass [Davis] 18 Andrew Henderson
7th Mar 1987 Scottish Championship (Fourth Section) 15 Overture to Youth 4 Andrew Henderson
1st Nov 1986 Whitehaven Contest (Class C) 3 Andrew Henderson
30th Nov 1985 Forth Valley Championships (Open Section) 33 20 Andrew Henderson
30th Nov 1985 Forth Valley Championships (Fourth Section) 3 Andrew Henderson
2nd Nov 1985 Whitehaven Contest (Class C) 2 Andrew Henderson
2nd Mar 1985 Scottish Championship (Fourth Section) 15 A Malvern Suite 17 Andrew Henderson
3rd Mar 1984 Scottish Championship (Fourth Section) 11 Divertimento [Ball] 12 Andrew Henderson
12th Mar 1983 Scottish Championship (Fourth Section) 7 First Suite in Eb [arr. Herbert] 12 Andrew Henderson
13th Mar 1982 Scottish Championship (Fourth Section) 13 Excelsior [Hanmer] 10 Andrew Henderson
8th Mar 1980 Scottish Championship (Fourth Section) 9 Overture to Youth 15 Andrew Henderson
18th Mar 1972 Scottish Championship (Fourth Section) 6 The Rising Generation Unknown, do you know?
8th Aug 1925 Newton Stewart Contest 1 Unknown, do you know?
18th Jul 1925 Strathaven Contest (Section 2) 3 W.S. Murphie
18th Oct 1924 Scottish Championship (Third Section) Lurline [unknown arranger] Unknown, do you know?
8th Sep 1923 Newcastleton Contest In Sunny Lands Unknown, do you know?
24th Aug 1912 Newton Stewart Waltz Contest 1 A. McBayne
24th Aug 1912 Newton Stewart March Contest 2 A. McBayne
11th May 1907 Sanquhar Contest 4 Scotia's Sweetest Melodies James Crozier
24th Jun 1905 Moffat Contest Rob Roy Unknown, do you know?
4th Jun 1904 Moffat Contest 4 Anna Bolena [arr. Round] 5 James Crozier
2nd Apr 1904 Carlisle Contest 4 Anna Bolena [arr. Round] 1 James Crozier
29th Aug 1903 Dumfries Contest (Local Section) 1 Gems of British Song [arr. Round] Unknown, do you know?
31st Mar 1902 Carlisle Contest Songs of Other Days 8 Frank Waddington
11th Aug 1900 Dumfries Contest (Local Section) 1 Songs of England [Round] Unknown, do you know?
11th Aug 1900 Dumfries Contest (Open Section) 4 A Day wi Robbie Burns Unknown, do you know?
12th Aug 1899 Dumfries Contest (Local Section) 8 Songs of the Sea 1 T. Saunders
22nd Jul 1899 Moffat Contest 4 Songs of the Sea T. Sanderson
13th Aug 1898 Dumfries Contest (Second Section) 2 Pride of Wales Unknown, do you know?
16th Jul 1898 Annan Contest 3 Tam O'Shanter [Round] 3 Fred Swift
28th Aug 1897 Kilmarnock Contest 5 Tam O'Shanter [Round] Unknown, do you know?
14th Aug 1897 Dumfries Contest (Local Section) Pride of Scotland 7 John Brown
11th Aug 1894 Dumfries Contest 6 Maritana [unknown arranger] 2 Unknown, do you know?

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