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Enfield Band

Also/previously known as: Enfield Central, Enfield Town, Enfield Town Silver, The Enfield Band

This band no longer exists.
Region:London and Southern Counties
Years active:1861 - 1949
Descendants:Enfield Brass Band

Contest Results

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Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
28th Oct 1950 National Championship of Great Britain (Championship Section Final) Pageantry 17 Albert Coupe
12th Nov 1949 National Championship of Great Britain (Championship Section Final) Comedy Overture 8 W. Haydn Bebb
9th Apr 1949 London and Southern Counties (Championship Section) 2 Morning Rhapsody 9 W. Haydn Bebb
10th Jul 1948 Daily Herald Brighton Open Brass Band Festival (Championship Section) 2 Carmen Eric Ball
7th Feb 1948 London and Southern Counties (Championship Section) 3 Fantasia in F Edward Sydney Carter
1st Nov 1947 National Championship of Great Britain (Championship Section Final) Freedom (Brass Band Symphony No. 1) 13 Edward Sydney Carter
12th Jul 1947 Daily Herald Brighton Open Brass Band Festival (Championship Section) 2 A Downland Suite Edward Sydney Carter
26th Apr 1947 London and Southern Counties (Championship Section) 2 Akhnaton Edward Sydney Carter
19th Oct 1946 National Championship of Great Britain (Championship Section Final) Oliver Cromwell 7 Edward Sydney Carter
7th Sep 1946 British Open Salute to Freedom 9 Edward Sydney Carter
16th Feb 1946 London and Southern Counties (Championship Section) 2 A Downland Suite Edward Sydney Carter
11th Aug 1945 London and Southern Counties (Championship Section) 3 Lorenzo Edward Sydney Carter
30th Jun 1945 Romford Contest (Open Section) 2 Coriolanus Edward Sydney Carter
26th Jun 1943 Romford Contest (Open Section) 1 Unknown, do you know?
6th Sep 1941 British Open Robin Hood [Geehl] 3 Edward Sydney Carter
25th May 1940 Walthamstow Contest (Section 1) 2 Cavalleria Rusticana [arr. D. Wright] Edward Sydney Carter
24th Sep 1938 National Championship of Great Britain (Crystal Palace) An Epic Symphony 13 Edward Sydney Carter
20th Aug 1938 Walthamstow Contest (Section 1) 2 Academic Festival Overture Edward Sydney Carter
25th Jun 1938 Romford Contest (Open Section) 1 Recollections of Auber Edward Sydney Carter
25th Sep 1937 National Championship of Great Britain (Crystal Palace) 4 Pageantry 4 Edward Sydney Carter
21st Aug 1937 Walthamstow Contest (Section 1) 2 Edward Sydney Carter
17th Jul 1937 Luton Contest (Championship Section) 1 Edward Sydney Carter
19th Jun 1937 Romford Contest (Open Section) 3 Bizet Edward Sydney Carter
12th Jun 1937 Enfield Contest (Section 1) 1 Edward Sydney Carter
14th Nov 1936 East Ham Contest (Section 1) 1 Oliver Cromwell Edward Sydney Carter
26th Sep 1936 Crystal Palace (Grand Shield) 2 A Downland Suite 2 Edward Sydney Carter
22nd Sep 1936 London and Home Counties BBA Contest (First Section) 1 Lorenzo Edward Sydney Carter
12th Sep 1936 Luton Contest 1 Lorenzo Edward Sydney Carter
5th Sep 1936 Walthamstow Contest (Section 1) 1 Tchaikovsky [arr. W. Rimmer] Edward Sydney Carter
27th Jun 1936 Romford Contest (Open Section) 1 A Northern Rhapsody Edward Sydney Carter
23rd May 1936 Hanwell Contest (Division 1) 4 A Northern Rhapsody 5 Edward Sydney Carter
16th Nov 1935 East Ham Contest (Section 1) Attila 3 Edward Sydney Carter
28th Sep 1935 Crystal Palace (Junior Cup - A) 3 Lorenzo 23 Joseph Crawford Dyson
24th Aug 1935 Enfield Contest (Section 1) The Crusaders Edward Sydney Carter
13th Jul 1935 Fairford Contest (Section 1) 4 Prometheus Unbound Unknown, do you know?
29th Jun 1935 Romford Contest (Open Section) 3 Labour and Love Fred Dimmock
1st Jun 1935 Hanwell Contest (Division 1) 2 Princess Nada 2 Fred Dimmock
29th Sep 1934 Crystal Palace (Junior Cup - A) Princess Nada 13 Fred Dimmock
29th Sep 1928 Crystal Palace (Grand Shield) Egmont [unknown arranger] 1 Fred Dimmock
24th Sep 1927 Crystal Palace (Junior Cup - A) On the Cornish Coast 4 W. F. Clarke
5th Mar 1927 City of Leicester Brass Band Festival (1st Section) Gounod [arr. W. Rimmer] 10 Fred Dimmock
27th Sep 1924 Crystal Palace (Grand Shield) Oliver Cromwell 16 Fred Dimmock
25th Oct 1913 Letchworth Contest 2 7 Fred Dimmock
28th Sep 1912 Crystal Palace (Junior Cup) Emilia 4 Fred Dimmock
30th Sep 1911 Crystal Palace (Junior Cup) Maritana [unknown arranger] Fred Dimmock
15th Jul 1911 Earl's Court Contest (First Section) 3 Fred Dimmock
5th Jun 1911 Bishop's Stortford Contest 2 Fred Dimmock
1st Oct 1910 Crystal Palace (Grand Shield) Crispino [arr. Round] 8 Fred Dimmock
20th Nov 1909 London and Home Counties Crystal Palace Contest (First Section) 3 Le Domino Noir [unknown arranger] John Reay
28th Sep 1907 Crystal Palace (Grand Shield) Tutti in Maschera [arr. Godfrey] 12 Fred Dimmock
20th May 1907 Bromley Contest (First Section) 2 Saffo Fred Dimmock
18th May 1907 Earl's Court Contest (First Section) 5 Saffo Fred Dimmock
13th Oct 1906 Bromley Contest (First Section) 1 Sapho Fred Dimmock
8th Sep 1906 Southend-on-Sea Contest 1 Carmelite Fred Dimmock
28th Jul 1906 Hastings Contest 2 Meyerbeer's Works [unknown arranger] Fred Dimmock
2nd Jun 1906 Gravesend Contest (Championship Section) 5 Meyerbeer [unknown arranger] Fred Dimmock
16th Apr 1906 Enfield Contest 2 Memories of Donizetti 6 Fred Dimmock
10th Feb 1906 Northfleet Contest 2 Halevy [arr. Round] 1 Fred Dimmock
25th Nov 1905 St. Albans Contest 1 Rose of England 4 Fred Dimmock
30th Sep 1905 Crystal Palace (Grand Shield) La Cenerentola Fred Dimmock
23rd Sep 1905 Sunbury Contest 2 La Cenerentola 5 Fred Dimmock
29th Jul 1905 Hastings Contest (First Section) 7 Fred Dimmock
22nd Jul 1905 Grays Contest 1 Donizetti [arr. Round] 3 Fred Dimmock

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