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Gravesend Borough Band

Also/previously known as: Gravesend, Gravesend Silver, Gravesend Town

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
8th Sep 1906 Southend-on-Sea Contest 4 Carmelite G. H. Thomas
21st Jul 1906 Dartford Contest (Section 1) 3 Meyerbeer's Works [unknown arranger] G. H. Thomas
2nd Jun 1906 Gravesend Contest (Championship Section) 4 Meyerbeer [unknown arranger] G. H. Thomas
10th Feb 1906 Northfleet Contest 4 Halevy [arr. Round] 3 G. H. Thomas
25th Nov 1905 St. Albans Contest 2 Rose of England 1 Joseph Jackson
23rd Sep 1905 Sunbury Contest 3 La Cenerentola 6 Harold E. Gilder
16th Sep 1905 Bromley Contest (First Section) 2 Donizetti [arr. Round] 2 G. H. Thomas
22nd Jul 1905 Grays Contest 4 Donizetti [arr. Round] 1 Joseph Jackson
18th Mar 1905 London and Home Counties BBA Contest (First Section) 5 La Cenerentola Angus Holden
3rd Sep 1904 Dartford Contest (Section 1) 3 Joseph Jackson
23rd May 1904 Dunstable Contest 3 Poliuto (arr. Edwin Swift) Jesse Manley
4th Apr 1904 Lewisham Contest (1st Section) 3 Poliuto (arr. Edwin Swift) Joseph Jackson
18th Feb 1904 London Eisteddfod 2   Gems of Welsh Melody Jesse Manley
6th Feb 1904 London and Home Counties BBA Contest (First Section) 3 Poliuto Suite [arr. Hawkins] Jesse Manley
5th Sep 1903 Dartford Contest (Section 1) 1 Gems of Welsh Melody 2 Jesse Manley
15th Aug 1903 Woolwich Contest 2 Don Sebastiano [arr. Godfrey] 4 Jesse Manley
22nd Jul 1903 Biggleswade Contest 1 Gems of Welsh Melody 4 Jesse Manley
11th Jul 1903 Crystal Palace Contest (National Cooperative Festival) Section 1 2 Don Sebastiano [arr. Godfrey] 3 Jesse Manley
27th Jun 1903 Wembley Park Contest (Section 1) 1 Gems of Welsh Melody 6 Jesse Manley
13th Apr 1903 Barnet Contest 2 Casket of Gems 5 Jesse Manley
11th Apr 1903 Lewisham Contest 3 Gems of Welsh Melody 10 Jesse Manley
7th Mar 1903 London and Home Counties Crystal Palace Contest (First Section) 6 Don Sebastiano [arr. Godfrey] 12 Jesse Manley
25th May 1901 Willesden Contest 2 Gems from Sullivan's Operas No. 1 Albert Wade
8th Apr 1901 Barnet Contest Songs of Scotland 4 Albert Wade
4th Jun 1900 Uxbridge Contest 3 Joan of Arc [Round] Albert Wade
12th May 1900 Dunstable Contest W Songs of England [Round]
16th Apr 1900 Barnet Contest 3 Songs of England [Round] 7 Albert Wade
29th Apr 1899 Berkhamsted Contest Songs of the Sea 9 R. J. Marke
3rd Apr 1899 Barnet Contest Joan of Arc [Round] 9 R. J. Marke
3rd Sep 1898 Apsley Contest 2 Gems of Scotia 3 R. J. Marke
31st May 1898 Luton Contest La Favorita 5 R. J. Marke
4th Sep 1897 Slough Contest Smiles and Tears 1 R. J. Marke
7th Jul 1897 Bexley Heath Contest 2 Gems of Victorian Melody 3 R. J. Marke
15th May 1897 Reading Contest [1900s] (Second Section) 3 Wales R. J. Marke
29th Jul 1896 Gravesend Contest 2 Gems of Albion 1 R. J. Marke

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