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Kirkintilloch Kelvin Brass

Contest Results

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Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
10th Mar 2019 Scottish Championship (Championship Section)
29th Sep 2018 Fife Charities Band Association Contest 7   Of Distant Memories 6 Charles Keenan
3rd Jun 2018 Northern Counties Open Contest 2 7 Charles Keenan
11th Mar 2018 Scottish Championship (Championship Section) 3 Odyssey [Norbury] 6 Charles Keenan
25th Nov 2017 Scottish Open 6 Metropolis 1927 11 Charles Keenan
12th Mar 2017 Scottish Championship (Championship Section) 8 Pageantry 4 Charles Keenan
26th Nov 2016 Scottish Open 7 Red Priest Charles Keenan
27th Aug 2016 Land o' Burns 2 Charles Keenan
12th Jun 2016 West Lothian Festival of Brass 3 Charles Keenan
13th Mar 2016 Scottish Championship (Championship Section) 6 Cambridge Variations 9 Charles Keenan
28th Nov 2015 Scottish Open 12 Gallery 5 Charles Keenan
20th Jun 2015 Land o' Burns 4 Charles Keenan
7th Jun 2015 West Lothian Festival of Brass 6 4 Charles Keenan
15th Mar 2015 Scottish Championship (Championship Section) 7 The Torchbearer 1 Charles Keenan
29th Nov 2014 Scottish Open 9 Cantata 9 Charles Keenan
8th Jun 2014 West Lothian Festival of Brass 4   4 Charles Keenan
26th Apr 2014 British Open Spring Festival (Senior Trophy) 16 The Judges of the Secret Court (Les Francs Juges) 1 Charles Keenan
9th Mar 2014 Scottish Championship (Championship Section) 5 St. Magnus 9 Charles Keenan
23rd Nov 2013 Scottish Open 15 Contest Music 1 Charles Keenan
26th May 2013 Northern Counties Open Contest 1 Charles Keenan
10th Mar 2013 Scottish Championship (Championship Section) 5 Harmony Music 7 Charles Keenan
24th Nov 2012 Scottish Open 15 Un Vie de Matelot (A Sailor's Life) 15 Charles Keenan
6th Oct 2012 Fife Charities Band Association Contest 3   Un Vie de Matelot (A Sailor's Life) 9 Charles Keenan
21st Apr 2012 Fife Brass Band Festival (Championship Section) 2 1 Charles Keenan
11th Mar 2012 Scottish Championship (Championship Section) 8 The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea 6 Charles Keenan
3rd Dec 2011 Scottish Challenge Shield 1 Blitz 6 Charles Keenan
25th Sep 2011 National Championship of Great Britain (First Section Final) 10 The Force of Destiny (La Forza del Destino) - Overture [arr. F. Wright] 5 Charles Keenan
27th Feb 2011 Scottish Championship (First Section) 1 Le Carnaval Romain 5 Charles Keenan
28th Aug 2010 Land o' Burns 12 1 Charles Keenan
23rd May 2010 Northern Counties Open Contest 1 6 Gareth Bowman
14th Mar 2010 Scottish Championship (Championship Section) 10 English Heritage 3 Charles Keenan
28th Nov 2009 Scottish Open 16 Overture to Rienzi [arr. Lorriman] 2 Charles Keenan
27th Sep 2009 National Championship of Great Britain (First Section Final) 12 Triumphant Rhapsody 12 Charles Keenan
24th May 2009 Northern Counties Open Contest 1 10 Charles Keenan
22nd Mar 2009 Scottish Championship (First Section) 1 Pentacle 6 Charles Keenan
29th Nov 2008 Scottish Challenge Shield 1 The Land of the Long White Cloud - Aotearoa Charles Keenan
24th Aug 2008 Land o' Burns 2 9 Charles Keenan
25th May 2008 Northern Counties Open Contest 3 15 Charles Keenan
9th Mar 2008 Scottish Championship (First Section) 5 James Cook, Circumnavigator 7 Charles Keenan
25th Aug 2007 Land o' Burns 8 3 Raymond Tennant
11th Mar 2007 Scottish Championship (Championship Section) 8 Isaiah 40 3 Alastair Orr
26th Nov 2006 Scottish Open 12 Tallis Variations 8 Raymond Tennant
14th Oct 2006 Fife Charities Band Association Contest 2 6 Raymond Tennant
26th Aug 2006 Land o' Burns 3 2 Alastair Orr
12th Mar 2006 Scottish Championship (Championship Section) 9 Journey to the Centre of the Earth 3 Alastair Orr
27th Nov 2005 Scottish Open 5 Chivalry 9 Alastair Orr
25th Sep 2005 National Championship of Great Britain (First Section Final) 7 Pageantry 11 Alastair Orr
23rd Apr 2005 Fife Brass Band Festival (First Section) 5 3 Alastair Orr
13th Mar 2005 Scottish Championship (First Section) 2 Comedy Overture 5 Alastair Orr
6th Nov 2004 Whitburn Invitation Contest 6 10 Alastair Orr
25th Apr 2004 Carnegie Invitation Contest (First Section) Unknown, do you know?
14th Mar 2004 Scottish Championship (First Section) 3 Coventry Variations 1 Alastair Orr
2nd Nov 2003 Whitburn Invitation Contest 9 Alastair Orr
24th May 2003 Fife Brass Band Festival (First Section) 2 4 Chris Bradley
8th Mar 2003 Scottish Championship (First Section) 6 Passacaglia on a Theme of Brahms 7 Chris Bradley
3rd Nov 2002 Whitburn Invitation Contest 6 Raymond Tennant
22nd Sep 2002 National Championship of Great Britain (Second Section Final) 8 Danceries 11 Raymond Tennant
26th May 2002 West of Scotland Band Association Open 3 6 Raymond Tennant
20th Apr 2002 Carnegie Invitation Contest (Second Section) 1 Raymond Tennant
9th Mar 2002 Scottish Championship (Second Section) 2 Symphony for Brass 10 Allan Ramsay
3rd Nov 2001 Whitburn Invitation Contest 7 Unknown, do you know?
25th Aug 2001 Land o' Burns 7 1 Raymond Tennant
21st Apr 2001 Carnegie Invitation Contest (Second Section) 2 Raymond Tennant
10th Mar 2001 Scottish Championship (Second Section) 5 The Moor of Venice 1 Raymond Tennant
18th Nov 2000 Forth Valley Championships 8 Raymond Tennant
21st Oct 2000 National Championship of Great Britain (Third Section Final) 1 Excelsior [Snell] 9 Raymond Tennant
28th May 2000 West of Scotland Band Association Open 9 4 Raymond Tennant
19th Mar 2000 Scottish Championship (Third Section) 2 Narnia Suite 10 Raymond Tennant
18th Sep 1999 National Championship of Great Britain (Fourth Section Final) 13 Salzburg Suite 14 Allan Ramsay
14th Aug 1999 Brass in the Park Section C 4 1 Unknown, do you know?
28th Feb 1999 Scottish Championship (Fourth Section) 2 Indian Summer 6 Paul Hart
21st Nov 1998 Forth Valley Championships Unknown, do you know?
6th Jun 1998 West of Scotland Band Association Open 11 Paul Hart
21st Feb 1998 Scottish Championship (Fourth Section) 3 Solemn Melody [arr. Gay] 1 Paul Hart
19th Apr 1997 Carnegie Invitation Contest (Fourth Section) 3 Paul Hart
2nd Mar 1997 Scottish Championship (Fourth Section) 9 Pennine Moors 4 Paul Hart
2nd Jun 1996 Strathclyde Charities Paul Hart
25th Feb 1996 Scottish Championship (Fourth Section) 10 Mexican Fiesta 12 John Needham
9th Jul 1995 Strathclyde Charities Charles Keenan
25th Feb 1995 Scottish Championship (Fourth Section) 11 Little Suite for Brass [Arnold] 10 Charles Keenan

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