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Lofthouse 2000 Brass Band

Also/previously known as: Lofthouse Brass Band, Loftouse Brass Band

Years active:1999 -
Rehearsals:Thursday and Saturday

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
18th Sep 2021 National Championship of Great Britain (Third Section Final) 7 Kaleidoscope [Sparke] 5 Lee Whitworth
8th Mar 2020 Yorkshire Area (Third Section) 2 Endurance [Baker] 4 Andrew Whitaker
16th Nov 2019 Brass Factor 2 Andrew Whitaker
1st Jun 2019 Ripon Contest 5 8 Andrew Whitaker
2nd Mar 2019 Yorkshire Area (Third Section) 8 First Suite in Eb [arr. Herbert] 1 Andrew Whitaker
10th Nov 2018 Brass Factor 2 Andrew Whitaker
29th Apr 2018 Holme Valley Brass Band Contest (Section B) 3 Napoleon on the Alps 1 Andrew Whitaker
3rd Mar 2018 Yorkshire Area (Third Section) 5 Napoleon on the Alps 9 Andrew Whitaker
5th Nov 2017 Yorkshire & Humberside BBA Contest (Section B) 7   8 Unknown, do you know?
15th Oct 2017 Pogson Bray Entertainment Contest Andrew Whitaker
7th May 2017 Buxton Festival (Third Section) 2 Darkwood 3 Andrew Whitaker
5th Mar 2017 Yorkshire Area (Third Section) 5   Darkwood 5 Andrew Whitaker
16th Oct 2016 Pogson Bray Entertainment Contest 8 Andrew Whitaker
17th Sep 2016 National Championship of Great Britain (Fourth Section Final) 8 Music from Kantara 5 Andrew Whitaker
8th May 2016 Buxton Festival (Fourth Section) 1 The Journal of Phileas Fogg 5 Andrew Whitaker
5th Mar 2016 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 1 The Journal of Phileas Fogg Andrew Whitaker
31st Oct 2015 Brass Factor 2 Andrew Whitaker
18th Oct 2015 Pogson Bray Entertainment Contest 6 8 Andrew Whitaker
30th May 2015 Ripon Contest 6 14 Andrew Whitaker
8th Mar 2015 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 3 An English Pastorale 4 Andrew Whitaker
26th Nov 2014 Brass Band Radio Talk Live 2 4 Unknown, do you know?
15th Nov 2014 Brass Factor Unknown, do you know?
26th Oct 2014 Rochdale Contest (Third Section) 7 Variations on Laudate Dominum (revised version) 3 Andrew Whitaker
19th Oct 2014 Pogson Bray Entertainment Contest 4   13 Andrew Whitaker
31st May 2014 Ripon Contest 3   Andrew Whitaker
1st Mar 2014 Yorkshire Area (Third Section) 10 Partita for Band - Postcards from Home 5 Kevin Holdgate
24th Nov 2013 Leicestershire BBA (Leicester) Contest (Third Section) 12 Cambridgeshire Impressions 11 Andrew Whitaker
6th Jul 2013 Whiston Festival of Brass Contest W 5
3rd Mar 2013 Yorkshire Area (Third Section) 7 Hollywood! 5 Andrew Whitaker
25th Nov 2012 Leicestershire BBA (Leicester) Contest (Third Section) 10 Music for a Festival [Sparke] Andrew Whitaker
29th Apr 2012 Mayor's Challenge 2 2 Andrew Whitaker
4th Mar 2012 Yorkshire Area (Third Section) 7 Olympus 3 Andrew Whitaker
5th Feb 2012 Brass At The Guild (Preston) Contest (Third Section) 5 Olympus 10 Andrew Whitaker
2nd Oct 2011 Fleetwood Contest (Third Section) 7 5 Andrew Whitaker
19th Jun 2011 Kirkby Lonsdale Contest Andrew Whitaker
4th Jun 2011 Ripon Contest 4 4 Andrew Whitaker
22nd May 2011 Mayor's Challenge 3 2 Andrew Whitaker
6th Mar 2011 Yorkshire Area (Third Section) 5 A Little Light Music 10 Andrew Whitaker
3rd Oct 2010 Bolsover Entertainment Contest (3rd Section) 4 2 Andrew Whitaker
29th May 2010 Ripon Contest 4 10 Andrew Whitaker
7th Mar 2010 Yorkshire Area (Third Section) 10 Labour and Love 5 Andrew Whitaker
7th Feb 2010 Brass At The Guild (Preston) Contest (Third Section) 9 8 Andrew Whitaker
13th Sep 2009 Hardraw Scar (Class A) 5 Andrew Whitaker
30th May 2009 Ripon Contest 2 Andrew Whitaker
5th Apr 2009 Pogson Bray (Section B) 2 Andrew Whitaker
7th Mar 2009 Yorkshire Area (Third Section) 6 The Once and Future King 7 Andrew Whitaker
8th Feb 2009 Brass At The Guild (Preston) Contest (Third Section) 16 Andrew Whitaker
27th Sep 2008 National Championship of Great Britain (Fourth Section Final) 12 The Shipbuilders 7 Andrew Whitaker
15th Jun 2008 Kirkby Lonsdale Contest 6 Andrew Whitaker
31st May 2008 Ripon Contest 1 Andrew Whitaker
1st Mar 2008 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 1 Four Cities Symphony 2 Andrew Whitaker
3rd Feb 2008 Brass At The Guild (Preston) Contest (Fourth Section) 3 Four Cities Symphony 7 Andrew Whitaker
3rd Nov 2007 Pontins (Fourth Section) W A Cambrian Suite
17th Jun 2007 Kirkby Lonsdale Contest 2 Andrew Whitaker
4th Mar 2007 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 7 The Seasons [Wilby] 8 Andrew Whitaker
4th Feb 2007 Brass At The Guild (Preston) Contest (Fourth Section) 1 The Seasons [Wilby] 3 Andrew Whitaker
18th Jun 2006 Kirkby Lonsdale Contest 5 Unknown, do you know?
4th Mar 2006 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 5 Anglian Dances 10 Andrew Whitaker
11th Sep 2005 Hardraw Scar 3 Andrew Whitaker
19th Jun 2005 Kirkby Lonsdale Contest Andrew Whitaker
6th Mar 2005 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 5 Divertimento [Kelly] 1 Andrew Whitaker
28th Nov 2004 Manchester District Contest (Fourth Section) Tony Whitaker
Jun 2004 Kirkby Lonsdale Contest 1 Unknown, do you know?
7th Mar 2004 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 5 Partita [Gregson] 3 Andrew Whitaker
16th Nov 2003 Wilkinson Northern Open (Section D) 8 3 Andrew Whitaker
2nd Mar 2003 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 6 Lydian Pictures 4 Andrew Whitaker
24th Nov 2002 Leicestershire BBA (Leicester) Contest (Third/Fourth Section) Triptych [Sparke] 8 Andrew Whitaker
3rd Mar 2002 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 5 Suite in Bb [Jacob] 3 Andrew Whitaker
29th Apr 2001 Yorkshire & Humberside BBA Contest (Fourth Section) 3 8 Andrew Whitaker

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