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Moor Row Old

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
3rd Jul 1948 Seaton Contest 4 Maritana [unknown arranger] L. Wigham
5th Jul 1947 Seaton Contest Songs of England [Round] J. J. Fisher
19th Aug 1939 Dearham Contest (Section B) 1 Over the Hills George Hawkins
20th Aug 1938 Dearham Contest 4 La Regina di Golconda J. J. Fisher
18th Jul 1936 Bigrigg Contest 1 Minstrel Memories J. J. Fisher
21st Jul 1934 Bigrigg Contest 4 Echoes of Spring W. Kerr
18th Jul 1931 Cumberland Championship 4 La Favorita [arr. Godfrey] W. Kerr
30th Jun 1928 Workington Contest Class B 4 Sons-o'-the-Sea J. Williamson
12th Nov 1921 Workington Contest Class A 3 Unknown, do you know?
8th May 1920 Dearham Contest (Section A) 1 2 J. E. Fidler
4th Aug 1919 Keswick Contest 1 Unknown, do you know?
2nd Aug 1919 Workington Contest 1 The Jewess J. E. Fidler
12th May 1919 Aspatria Contest 5 Unknown, do you know?
24th Aug 1918 Maryport Contest 1 The Carnival of Flowers J. E. Fidler
17th Aug 1918 Cleator Moor Contest 1 The Carnival of Flowers 5 J. E. Fidler
3rd Aug 1918 Workington Contest 1 The Carnival of Flowers J. E. Fidler
27th Jul 1918 Egremont Contest I Puritani Unknown, do you know?
13th Jul 1918 Belle Vue July Contest W The Taming of the Shrew
18th May 1918 Dearham Contest 1 I Puritani [arr. Godfrey] 7 J. E. Fidler
29th Aug 1914 New Brighton Contest 4 Sons of the Sea 1 J. E. Fidler
22nd Aug 1914 Whitehaven Contest Sons of the Sea 7 J. C. Taylor
4th Jul 1914 Dearham Contest 1 Sons of the Sea 1 J. E. Fidler
30th Aug 1913 New Brighton Contest Songs of Sentiment 3 J. E. Fidler
5th Jul 1913 Dearham Contest 2 Songs of Sentiment 1 J. E. Fidler
14th Sep 1912 Cockermouth Contest 2 Bouquet of Ballads 7 J. E. Fidler
24th Aug 1912 Workington Contest 2 Bouquet of Ballads 4 J. E. Fidler
6th Jul 1912 Dearham Contest 2 3 J. E. Fidler
30th Sep 1911 Crystal Palace (Junior Cup) Maritana [unknown arranger] J. E. Fidler
8th Jul 1911 Dearham Contest 1 Land of the Shamrock 3 J. E. Fidler
3rd Sep 1910 Dearham Contest 2 Robin Hood [MacFarren arr. Godfrey] J. E. Fidler
1st Jun 1907 Workington Contest Il Trovatore - Selection [arr. Round] 5 G. Mudge
31st Jul 1905 Cleator Moor Contest 3 Rob Roy G. Mudge
7th Jul 1904 Penrith Contest 4 Songs of Other Days 1 W. Heap
23rd May 1904 Cockermouth Contest 3 Anna Bolena [arr. Round] 4 T. Firth
28th Aug 1899 Workington Contest (Second Section) 3 G. Mudge
31st Jul 1899 Workington Contest (Local Section) 4 Sunny Spain 2 G. Mudge
31st Jul 1899 Workington Contest Meyerbeer [arr. Round] 5 G. Mudge
3rd Sep 1898 Workington Contest (Second Section) 3 G. Mudge
1st Aug 1896 Cleator Moor Own Choice Contest 4 Verdi [arr. Round] 1 G. Mudge
30th May 1896 Frizington Contest (Second Section) 1 Light Cavalry [unknown arranger] Unknown, do you know?

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