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Portobello Town

Also/previously known as: Portobello, Portobello Town

This band no longer exists.
Years active: - 1914

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
4th Dec 1909 Scottish Championship (Championship Section) Der Fliegende Holländer (The Flying Dutchman) [arr. Godfrey] 2 R. Thorburn
9th Nov 1907 Scottish Championship (Championship Section) Memories of Bellini Unknown, do you know?
10th Nov 1906 Scottish Championship (Championship Section) Les Huguenots [unknown arranger] Friend Farrand
28th Oct 1905 Scottish Championship (Championship Section) Reminiscences of Tschaikowsky [arr. Godfrey] Unknown, do you know?
1st Oct 1904 Scottish Championship (Championship Section) Ivanhoe William Swingler
28th May 1904 Scotland vs. Durham and Northumberland Associations Contest (First Section) Unknown, do you know?
30th Jan 1904 Edinburgh Contest (First Section) 8 Reminiscences of Donizetti [arr. Smith] Unknown, do you know?
31st Oct 1903 Scottish Championship (Championship Section) 4 The Mastersingers (Die Meistersinger) [arr. Shipley] 9 Edward Sutton
16th May 1903 Bo'ness Contest 4 Le Domino Noir [unknown arranger] 2 Edward Sutton
29th Nov 1902 Scottish Associations Championship (First Class) Hiawatha [Coleridge-Taylor arr. Godfrey] Unknown, do you know?
25th Oct 1902 Scottish Championship (Championship Section) 3 Le Domino Noir [unknown arranger] Edward Sutton
16th Aug 1902 Kirkcaldy Contest W Gems of British Song [arr. Round]
31st May 1902 Clydebank Contest E. Sutton
26th Oct 1901 Scottish Championship (Championship Section) Memories of Meyerbeer [arr. W. Rimmer] Unknown, do you know?
22nd Jun 1901 Broxburn Contest 2 Faust [Gounod, unknown arranger] 4 E. Sutton
27th Oct 1900 Scottish Championship (Championship Section) 4 Memories of Britain Edward Sutton
8th Sep 1900 Dundee Contest Songs of Scotland 7 Edward Sutton
25th Aug 1900 Kirkcaldy Contest 8 Songs of Scotland 10 Walter Atkinson
16th Dec 1899 Scottish Championship (Championship Section) 10 Memories of Balfe Richard Marsden
3rd Dec 1898 Scottish Championship (Championship Section) 5 Memories of Rossini [arr. W. Rimmer] Richard Marsden
20th Aug 1898 Kirkcaldy Contest 8 Meyerbeer [unknown arranger] 13 Richard Marsden
14th May 1898 Bo'ness Contest 4 Meyerbeer's Works [unknown arranger] 5 Thomas Moore
9th Oct 1897 Scottish Championship (Championship Section) 6 Scotland 3 Richard Marsden
15th May 1897 Bo'ness Contest Unknown, do you know?
17th Oct 1896 Scottish Championship (Championship Section) 9 Atilla [arr. Round] 6 Thomas Moore
11th Jul 1896 Montrose Contest 4 1 Thomas Moore
11th Jul 1896 Montrose Quickstep Contest Unknown, do you know?
20th Jun 1896 Waverley Market (Edinburgh) Contest 1 Thomas Moore
30th May 1896 Alloa Contest 6 Unknown, do you know?
19th Oct 1895 Scottish Championship (Championship Section) 4 Eureka Thomas Moore
3rd Aug 1895 Galashiels Contest 4 Thomas Moore
25th May 1895 Alloa Contest 3 Thomas Moore
11th May 1895 Bo'ness Contest W
1st Sep 1894 Polmont Contest 3 Thomas Moore
11th Aug 1894 Dumfries Contest 3 Beethoven [arr. Round] 1 Thomas Moore
7th Jul 1894 Stirling Contest 1 Thomas Moore
23rd Jun 1894 Musselburgh Contest 3 Beethoven's Works [arr. Owen] Thomas Moore
26th May 1894 Alloa Contest 3 Beethoven Fantasia [arr. Gladney] 2 Thomas Moore
12th May 1894 Bo'ness Contest 3 Thomas Moore
23rd Sep 1893 Coatbridge Contest Unknown, do you know?
29th Jul 1893 Linlithgow Contest Friend Farrand
17th Jun 1893 Musselburgh Contest 5 Friend Farrand
27th May 1893 Alloa Contest 4 Beethoven [arr. Round] Friend Farrand
6th May 1893 Jedburgh Contest 5 Beethoven Fantasia [arr. Gladney] 4 Friend Farrand
14th May 1892 Bo'ness Contest W Lyric Garland
7th May 1892 Innerleithen Contest W
5th Sep 1891 Dunfermline Contest 4 Linda di Chamonix 8 Unknown, do you know?
22nd Aug 1891 Hawick Contest 4 Selection from Weber [arr. Round] 4 Friend Farrand
2nd May 1891 Innerleithen Contest 1 Nonpareil 3 Unknown, do you know?
11th Oct 1890 Galashiels Contest W Linda di Chamounix [unknown arranger]
16th Aug 1890 Hawick Contest 3 Selection from Weber [arr. Round] 7 Thomas Moore
7th Jun 1890 Edinburgh International Exhibition Contest (Scottish Section) 4 I Due Foscari 5 Thomas Moore
31st May 1890 Alloa Contest 3 Unknown, do you know?
17th May 1890 Kinneil Contest 2 2 Thomas Moore
17th Aug 1889 Kirkcaldy Contest 4 Heroic Unknown, do you know?
27th Jul 1889 Stirling Contest 4 Beauties of Weber 5 Thomas Moore
25th May 1889 Alloa Contest 5 Weber's Works 1 Thomas Moore
9th Jun 1888 Waverley Market (Edinburgh) Contest Auber's Works 4 R. Veneri
26th May 1888 Alloa Contest W
30th May 1885 Alloa Contest La Sonnambula [arr. Round] 5 J. Lilly
13th Sep 1884 Falkirk Contest 1 Joan of Arc [Round] 1 J. Lilly
2nd Aug 1884 Wemyss Castle Contest (Open Section) W
31st May 1884 Alloa Contest 4 La Sonnambula [arr. Round] 4 Unknown, do you know?
4th Aug 1883 Wemyss Castle Contest (Open Section) 3 Pride of Scotland 3 J. Lilly
26th May 1883 Alloa Contest 3 Unknown, do you know?
18th Jul 1881 Dunfermline Contest 2 J.P. Broadhurst

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Instruments and music library sold to 25th Edinburgh Boys Brigade band (Brass Band News January 1915).

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