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Snibston - Desford

Also/previously known as: Snibston and Desford Colliery (NWLDC), Snibston & Desford Collys, Snibston District, South Leicester and Desford 'B' Band, South Leicester & Desford B, South Leicester & Desford B Miners Welfare, South Leicester & Desford 'B' Miners Welfare Band, South Leicester & Desford B Welfare Band, South Leicestershire & Desford B, Sth Leicester & Desford B

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
10th Mar 2007 Midlands Area (First Section) W Sinfonietta for Brass Band - The Wayfarer
12th Mar 2005 Midlands Area (Second Section) 6 Variations for Brass Band [Vaughan Williams] 8 Huw Thomas
22nd Jan 2005 Butlins Mineworkers (Second Section) W Verona Light
13th Mar 2004 Midlands Area (Second Section) 4 Kaleidoscope [Sparke] 10 Kevin Steward
29th Nov 2003 Butlins Mineworkers (Second Section) 1 Triptych [Sparke] 14 Kevin Steward
23rd Nov 2003 Leicestershire BBA (Leicester) Contest (Second Section) 1 Triptych [Sparke] 2 Kevin Steward
26th Oct 2003 Pontins (Second Section) 12 Oceans 4 Kevin Steward
18th May 2003 Weston-super-Mare (Second Section) W
4th May 2003 Buxton Festival (Second Section) W
8th Mar 2003 Midlands Area (Second Section) 8 Celestial Prospect Kevin Steward
2nd Feb 2003 North East Midlands Contest (Second Section) 3 Celestial Prospect 1 Kevin Steward
1st Dec 2002 West Midlands Brass Band Association Contest (Second Section) 2 2 Kevin Steward
24th Nov 2002 Leicestershire BBA (Leicester) Contest (Second Section) 1 Music from Kantara Kevin Steward
16th Nov 2002 National Mineworkers (Second Section) 7 Music from Kantara 7 Kevin Steward
19th May 2002 Weston-super-Mare (Second Section) W
2nd Mar 2002 Midlands Area (Second Section) 7 Symphony for Brass [arr. Hopkinson] Kevin Steward
2nd Dec 2001 West Midlands Brass Band Association Contest (Second Section) 3 Fantasia in F 1 Kevin Steward
24th Nov 2001 National Mineworkers (Second Section) 1 Fantasia in F 10 Kevin Steward
3rd Mar 2001 Midlands Area (Second Section) 16 The Moor of Venice Wayne Ruston
3rd Dec 2000 West Midlands Brass Band Association Contest (1st section) 7 Connotations 4 Wayne Ruston
28th Oct 2000 Pontins (First Section) 12 Blackfriars Wayne Ruston
4th Mar 2000 Midlands Area (First Section) 13 Music for the Common Man 4 Wayne Ruston
14th Nov 1998 National Mineworkers (First Section) 6 Trittico [Curnow] 4 Wayne Ruston
7th Mar 1998 Midlands Area (First Section) 11 Purcell Variations [Downie] 1 Wayne Ruston
4th May 1997 Buxton Festival (Championship - First Section) 7 Partita [Sparke] 17 David Holling
16th Nov 1996 National Mineworkers (Championship Section) 10 Of Men and Mountains Wayne Ruston
12th May 1996 Weston-super-Mare (Championship & First Section) 2 Diversions on a Bass Theme 3 Simon Platford
2nd Mar 1996 Midlands Area (Championship Section) 8 Sounds 12 Simon Platford
25th Nov 1995 National Mineworkers (Championship Section) King's Messenger 6 Barry Pope
12th Mar 1995 Midlands Area (Championship Section) Un Vie de Matelot (A Sailor's Life) 6 John Roberts
19th Nov 1994 National Mineworkers (Championship Section) The New Jerusalem 4 Kevin Steward
23rd Oct 1994 Pontins (Championship Section) 19 The Judges of the Secret Court (Les Francs Juges) 5 Kevin Steward
1st May 1994 Buxton Festival (Section A) Of Men and Mountains Kevin Steward
5th Mar 1994 Midlands Area (Championship Section) 4 Partita [Sparke] 14 Kevin Steward
5th Feb 1994 CISWO Nottinghamshire (Championship Section) 2 Partita [Sparke] Kevin Steward
20th Nov 1993 National Mineworkers (Championship Section) Benvenuto Cellini [arr. Wright] 7 Kevin Steward
24th Oct 1993 Pontins (Championship Section) W Diversions on a Bass Theme
2nd May 1993 Buxton Festival (Section A) 1 Kevin Steward
25th Apr 1993 Amber Valley Entertainments Contest 3 2nd Movement from Rhapsody in Brass 5 Kevin Steward
6th Mar 1993 Midlands (North) Area (Championship Section) 4 Of Men and Mountains 8 Kevin Steward
6th Feb 1993 CISWO Nottinghamshire (Championship Section) 2 Of Men and Mountains Kevin Steward
29th Nov 1992 City of Leicester Brass Band Festival (Championship and First Section) 7 High Peak 9 Kevin Steward
21st Nov 1992 National Mineworkers (Championship Section) James Cook, Circumnavigator 1 Kevin Steward
3rd May 1992 Buxton Festival (Section A) 1 Kevin Steward
20th Apr 1992 Pontins Hemsby (Championship Section) W Symphony of Marches
7th Mar 1992 Midlands (North) Area (Championship Section) 9 Frontier! 1 Kevin Steward
1st Feb 1992 CISWO Nottinghamshire (Championship Section) 3 Frontier! Kevin Steward
16th Nov 1991 National Mineworkers (Second Section) 5 Nottn'm Town 10 Kevin Steward
5th May 1991 Buxton Festival (Section A) 2 5 Kevin Steward
9th Mar 1991 Midlands (North) Area (Second Section) 6 Masque [Devreese] 16 Kevin Steward
2nd Feb 1991 CISWO Nottinghamshire (Second Section) 2 A Leadsman, a Lady and a Lord Kevin Steward
25th Nov 1990 City of Leicester Brass Band Festival (2nd Section) Les Preludes [arr. Rimmer] 7 Kevin Steward
17th Nov 1990 National Mineworkers (Second Section) 2 St. Paul's Suite 12 Kevin Steward
16th Sep 1990 Burtonwood Brewery Brass Band Championships (Second Section) 2 6 Kevin Steward
10th Mar 1990 Midlands (North) Area (Second Section) 5 Forth Suite 5 Unknown, do you know?
3rd Feb 1990 CISWO Nottinghamshire (Second Section) 1 Sunrise 7 Kevin Steward
26th Nov 1989 City of Leicester Brass Band Festival (2nd Section) Tournament for Brass 5 Murray Slater
21st Oct 1989 National Mineworkers (Second Section) 4 Entertainments 4 Murray Slater
11th Mar 1989 Midlands (North) Area (Second Section) 6 Orion [Bantock] 6 Mick Garratt
4th Feb 1989 CISWO Nottinghamshire (Second Section) 2 St. Paul's Suite 6 Mick Garratt
27th Nov 1988 City of Leicester Brass Band Festival (2nd Section) The Force of Destiny (La Forza del Destino) - Overture [arr. F. Wright] 14 Mick Garratt
22nd Oct 1988 National Mineworkers (Second Section) 1 Froissart Overture 14 Mick Garratt
12th Jun 1988 Skegness Entertainment Contest (Section A) 3 Mick Garratt
5th Mar 1988 Midlands (North) Area (Second Section) Royal Parks 12 Mick Garratt
6th Feb 1988 CISWO Nottinghamshire (Second Section) 3 Sunset Rhapsody 3 Mick Garratt
29th Nov 1987 City of Leicester Brass Band Festival (3rd Section) Second Rhapsody on Negro Spirituals 3 Mick Garratt
31st Oct 1987 National Mineworkers (Third Section) 2 The Pacemakers Mick Garratt
3rd Oct 1987 National Championship of Great Britain (Third Section Final) 2 Partita [Kelly] Mick Garratt
4th May 1987 Hemel Hempstead (Bucks & District BBA) (Section 3) 3 4 Mick Garratt
21st Mar 1987 Midlands (North) Area (Third Section) 1 Scottish Festival Overture Mick Garratt
7th Feb 1987 CISWO Nottinghamshire (Third Section) 2 Main Street 3 Mick Garratt
4th May 1986 LHCBBA May Day Band Contest: Third Section The Shipbuilders 4 Mick Garratt
8th Mar 1986 Midlands (North) Area (Third Section) 3 Suite in Bb [Jacob] 4 Mick Garratt
1st Feb 1986 CISWO Nottinghamshire (Third Section) 4 Hinemoa 10 Mick Garratt
24th Nov 1985 City of Leicester Brass Band Festival (4th Section) 1 Little Suite for Brass [Arnold] 1 Mick Garratt
9th Nov 1985 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 1 The Isle of Avalon 5 Mick Garratt
5th Oct 1985 National Championship of Great Britain (Fourth Section Final) A Saddleworth Festival Overture 17 Mick Garratt
5th May 1985 Buxton Festival (Section C) 2 Voices of Youth Mick Garratt
20th Apr 1985 Midlands (North) Area (Fourth Section) 1 A Malvern Suite 20 Robert Walker
2nd Feb 1985 CISWO Nottinghamshire (Fourth Section) 1 Music from the Greek Isles 3 Robert Walker
2nd Dec 1984 Best of Brass Entertainment Contest 2 9 Robert Walker
25th Nov 1984 City of Leicester Brass Band Festival (4th Section) 2 Voices of Youth 6 Robert Walker
20th Oct 1984 Leamington Spa (Warwick District Council) Contest (4th Section) 1 Mexican Fiesta 7 Robert Walker
17th Mar 1984 Midlands Area (Fourth Section) 8 Divertimento [Ball] 30 Robert Walker
27th Nov 1983 City of Leicester Brass Band Festival (4th Section) Petite Suite de Ballet Robert Walker
5th Nov 1983 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) The Seasons [Carr] 5 Robert Walker
24th Sep 1983 Leamington Spa (Warwick District Council) Contest (4th Section) 3 Alice in Wonderland [Hanmer] 2 Robert Walker
19th Mar 1983 Midlands Area (Fourth Section) 10 First Suite in Eb [arr. Herbert] 28 Robert Walker
28th Nov 1982 City of Leicester Brass Band Festival (4th Section) Rufford Abbey 8 Robert Walker
6th Nov 1982 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 9 Fancy Free 10 Robert Walker
8th May 1982 Midlands Area (Fourth Section) Excelsior [Hanmer] 21 Robert Walker
6th Feb 1982 CISWO Nottinghamshire (Fourth Section) 3 Impromptu Unknown, do you know?
7th Nov 1981 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) Devon Fantasy 6 Henry Shipley
2nd May 1981 Midlands Area (Fourth Section) Fantasy for Brass Bands [Wiggins] C. E. Partridge
30th Nov 1980 City of Leicester Brass Band Festival (4th Section) In Switzerland C. E. Partridge
8th Nov 1980 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) Rufford Abbey 5 C. E. Partridge
26th Apr 1980 Midlands Area (Fourth Section) Overture to Youth C. E. Partridge
25th Nov 1979 City of Leicester Brass Band Festival (4th Section) The Winter's Tale K. Shepperd
3rd Nov 1979 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) Passing Moods 11 C. E. Partridge
5th May 1979 Midlands Area (Fourth Section) The Winter's Tale 24 C. E. Partridge
26th Nov 1978 City of Leicester Brass Band Festival (4th Section) Passing Moods C. E. Partridge
14th Apr 1962 Leicestershire BBA Entertainment Contest (Section 1) 1 Fred Starkey
16th Dec 1961 Leicestershire BBA (Leicester) Contest (First Section) 3 Cavalleria Rusticana [arr. D. Wright] Fred Starkey

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