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Swinton Town [Lancs.]

Also/previously known as: Swinton, Swinton Prize, Swinton Town, Swinton Town Band, Swinton Town (Lancs)

This band no longer exists.
Region:North West

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
9th May 1936 Belle Vue May Contest (Class D) O'er Hill and Dale 7 H. Morton
4th May 1935 Belle Vue May Contest (Class D) Happy Memories Unknown, do you know?
5th May 1934 Belle Vue May Contest (Class D) Poetic Fancies Unknown, do you know?
27th Sep 1930 Crystal Palace (Junior Shield - B) In Old Vienna H. Morton
22nd Aug 1914 Sale Contest Sons of the Sea 3 T. Jones
11th Apr 1914 Westhoughton Contest Sons of the Sea 25 T. Jones
5th Sep 1908 Crawshawbooth Contest 5 Unknown, do you know?
22nd Aug 1908 Heaton Mersey Contest 3 The Lily of Killarney [arr. Godfrey] 8 W. H. Ellwood
30th Mar 1907 Westhoughton Contest Cassandra 19 W. H. Ellwood
29th Sep 1906 Crystal Palace (Junior Cup) Gems of Haydn [arr. W. Rimmer] W. H. Ellwood
11th Nov 1905 Ashton-under-Lyne Contest Gemma di Vergy [unknown arranger] 2 W. H. Ellwood
30th Sep 1905 Crystal Palace (Junior Cup) Irish Melodies W. H. Ellwood
19th Aug 1905 Chorlton-cum-Hardy Contest 3 W. H. Ellwood
17th Sep 1904 Leigh Contest Perdita Quadrilles 13 W. H. Ellwood
3rd Sep 1904 Walkden Contest 12 Perdita Quadrilles 11 W. H. Ellwood
13th Aug 1904 Platt Bridge Contest 13 Perdita Quadrilles 1 W. H. Ellwood
2nd Sep 1901 Belle Vue September Contest W Mirella [arr. Godfrey]
11th May 1901 Southport Contest Woodland Whispers 12 W. H. Ellwood
13th Oct 1900 Altrincham Contest Songs of England [Round] 2 W. H. Ellwood
7th May 1898 Radcliffe Contest Bed of Roses Unknown, do you know?
8th May 1897 Prestwich Contest Smiles and Tears Unknown, do you know?
16th Apr 1897 Wrexham Contest 1 Macbeth [unknown composer, unknown arranger] W. H. Ellwood
10th Aug 1895 Failsworth Contest 3 Buttercups & Daisies W. H. Ellwood
15th Sep 1894 Cadishead Contest 3 Night and Morning W. H. Ellwood
21st Jul 1894 Eccles Contest 3 Elixir of Love W. H. Ellwood
20th May 1893 Leigh Contest Theodora 1 Fred Durham
9th Jul 1892 Bury Contest Medusa Unknown, do you know?
16th Apr 1892 Standish Contest 23 Medusa Unknown, do you know?
5th Sep 1891 Swinton Contest 1 Nonpareil 1 Unknown, do you know?
20th Jun 1891 Southport Contest 12 Don Pedro 13 Unknown, do you know?
15th Sep 1888 Sale Contest W Maritana [unknown arranger]
17th Jul 1886 Irlam Contest 7 1 Unknown, do you know?
28th Jul 1883 Southport Contest 4 Honoria 1 Thomas Goodier
21st Apr 1883 Kearsley Contest Hallelujah Chorus [unknown arranger] 12 Thomas Goodier
2nd Sep 1882 Manchester Contest Unknown, do you know?
8th Aug 1881 Pendlebury Contest Unknown, do you know?
19th Aug 1876 Pendlebury Contest 3 Thomas Goodier
17th Jul 1876 Chowbent Contest 4 Unknown, do you know?

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