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Thurcroft Welfare

Also/previously known as: Thurcroft Colliery, Thurcroft Colliery Band, Thurcroft Main Colliery, Thurcroft Main Colliery Silver Prize, Thurcroft Welfare Band, Thurcroft Welfare Brass, Thurncroft Welfare

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
7th Mar 2020 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 8 Neverland 5 Mathew Wright
2nd Mar 2019 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 8 Stantonbury Festival 4 Mathew Wright
12th Jan 2019 Butlins Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 11 Overture to Youth 2 Mathew Wright
3rd Mar 2018 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 9 World Tour 11 Mathew Wright
13th Jan 2018 Butlins Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 7 Second Suite in F 1 Mathew Wright
4th Mar 2017 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 6 St. Andrews Variations [Fernie] 5 Mathew Wright
14th Jan 2017 Butlins Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 10 Saint-Saëns Variations 3 Mathew Wright
5th Mar 2016 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 3 The Journal of Phileas Fogg Mathew Wright
16th Jan 2016 Butlins Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 5 The Seafarers 6 Mathew Wright
8th Mar 2015 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 10 An English Pastorale 5 Mathew Wright
17th Jan 2015 Butlins Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 8 Five French Masters 5 Mathew Wright
23rd Nov 2014 Leicestershire BBA (Leicester) Contest (Fourth Section) W
19th Oct 2014 Pogson Bray Entertainment Contest 13 9 Mathew Wright
5th Oct 2014 Bolsover Entertainment Contest (Fourth Section) 3 3 Mathew Wright
2nd Mar 2014 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 5 Three Spanish Impressions [Fernie] 4 Garry Hallas
20th Oct 2013 Pogson Bray Entertainment Contest 7   3 Garry Hallas
23rd Jun 2013 Battle of the Bands   5 Garry Hallas
2nd Mar 2013 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 3 Devon Fantasy 1 Garry Hallas
19th Jan 2013 Butlins Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 15 A Saddleworth Festival Overture 14 Garry Hallas
25th Nov 2012 Leicestershire BBA (Leicester) Contest (Third Section) W
7th Oct 2012 Bolsover Entertainment Contest (3rd Section) 4 1 Garry Hallas
16th Sep 2012 Wychavon Contest (Third Section) 7 Garry Hallas
4th Mar 2012 Yorkshire Area (Third Section) 11 Olympus 10 Rob Deakin
26th Jun 2011 Battle of the Bands 6   7 Ken Vernon
6th Mar 2011 Yorkshire Area (Third Section) 10 A Little Light Music 11 Ken Vernon
22nd Jan 2011 Butlins Mineworkers (Third Section) 14 Hungerford Town 6 Ken Vernon
21st Nov 2010 West Midlands Brass Band Association Contest (4th section) 5 2 Ken Vernon
21st Nov 2010 West Midlands Brass Band Association Contest (Third Section) 5 6 Ken Vernon
23rd Oct 2010 Pontins (Fourth Section) 5 A Caledonian Journey 1 Ken Vernon
18th Jul 2010 Yorkshire and Humberside Kiveton Park Entertainment contest 7 Ken Vernon
7th Mar 2010 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 6   Saint-Saëns Variations 1 Ken Vernon
23rd Jan 2010 Butlins Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 3 Roman Triptych 5 Ken Vernon
26th Sep 2009 National Championship of Great Britain (Fourth Section Final) 17 Alta Vista 15 Ken Vernon
12th Jul 2009 Kiveton Community Woodland Brass Festival 2 Ken Vernon
8th Mar 2009 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 2   The Talisman [Hughes] 4 Ken Vernon
17th Jan 2009 Butlins Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 9 The Four Noble Truths 1 Ken Vernon
1st Mar 2008 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 6 Four Cities Symphony 3 Ken Vernon
19th Jan 2008 Butlins Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 4 Lydian Pictures 17 Ken Vernon
4th Mar 2007 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 10 The Seasons [Wilby] 9 A. White
20th Jan 2007 Butlins Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 6 The Journeyman 3 A. White
16th Jul 2006 Celebration Brass (NEMBBA Entertainment Contest) 3 A. White
26th Mar 2006 Tameside Open Championships (Fourth Section) 10 A. White
4th Mar 2006 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 9 Anglian Dances 7 A. White
19th Feb 2006 North East Midlands Contest (Fourth Section) 3 Anglian Dances 1 A. White
21st Jan 2006 Butlins Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 4 The Cavendish Suite 6 A. White
10th Jul 2005 Brass in Bloom (NEMBBA Entertainment Contest) A. White
1st May 2005 Buxton Festival (Fourth Section) 9 A Malvern Suite Simon Willis
6th Mar 2005 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 12 Divertimento [Kelly] 4 David Holling
22nd Jan 2005 Butlins Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 7 Stantonbury Festival 12 Ken Vernon
9th Oct 2004 Rotherham Contest Owen Wedgwood
7th Mar 2004 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 8 Partita [Gregson] 8 Owen Wedgwood
29th Nov 2003 Butlins Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 4 The Haslemere Suite 6 Owen Wedgwood
2nd Mar 2003 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 8 Lydian Pictures 3 Martin Battersby
14th Apr 2002 Yorkshire & Humberside BBA Contest (Fourth Section) 3 Philip Dickens
7th Apr 2002 Tameside Open Championships (Fourth Section) Suite in Bb [Jacob] Philip Dickens
3rd Mar 2002 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 7 Suite in Bb [Jacob] 8 Philip Dickens
24th Nov 2001 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 10 Stantonbury Festival 11 Philip Dickens
4th Nov 2001 Malton Entertainments Contest (Class B) 3 4 Philip Dickens
23rd Sep 2001 Buxton Entertainment Contest Unknown, do you know?
29th Apr 2001 Yorkshire & Humberside BBA Contest (Fourth Section) 10 Philip Chapman
4th Mar 2001 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 9 Sinfonietta Pastorale 4 Philip Chapman
4th Mar 2000 Yorkshire Area (Third Section) 12 Narnia Suite 9 Philip Chapman
30th Oct 1999 National Mineworkers (Third Section) 11 The Sicilian Vespers [unknown arranger] Philip Chapman
18th Apr 1999 Yorkshire & Humberside BBA Contest (Third Section) W
28th Feb 1999 Yorkshire Area (Third Section) 11 Main Street 4 David Holling
14th Nov 1998 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 8 Partita [Gregson] 10 David Holling
10th May 1998 Yorkshire & Humberside BBA Contest (Third Section) 2 5 David Holling
1st Mar 1998 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 4 Solemn Melody [arr. Gay] 1 David Holling
15th Nov 1997 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 9 Portrait of Brunel David Holling
10th May 1997 French Open (March) 3 David Holling
10th May 1997 French Open (Elite Division) David Holling
4th May 1997 Buxton Festival (Fourth Section) 9 David Holling
1st Mar 1997 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 3 Pennine Moors 1 David Holling
16th Nov 1996 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 1 A Malvern Suite Martin Battersby
16th Mar 1996 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 4 Mexican Fiesta 1 Martin Battersby
26th Feb 1995 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) W Little Suite for Brass [Arnold]
8th Oct 1994 Cleethorpes Entertainment Contest (Section B) Julie Holling
6th Mar 1994 CISWO Yorkshire (4th Section) 3 The Journeyman 1 Julie Holling
27th Feb 1994 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 13 The Journeyman 6 Julie Holling
20th Nov 1993 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) A Malvern Suite 12 Julie Holling
2nd May 1993 Yorkshire & Humberside BBA Contest (Third Section) 1 David Neil
7th Mar 1993 CISWO Yorkshire (4th Section) 4 Impromptu 4 David Neil
28th Feb 1993 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 9 Impromptu 16 David Neil
21st Nov 1992 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) Fantasia on 17th Century English Songs 1 Steve Johnson
1st Nov 1992 Malton Entertainments Contest (Class B) 2 David Neil
10th May 1992 North East Midlands Contest (Fourth Section) 2 Gordon McIlvenna
10th May 1992 North East Annual Brass Band Contest (Section 4) 2 Gordon McIlvenna
3rd May 1992 Yorkshire & Humberside BBA Contest (Third Section) 4 2 Gordon McIlvenna
8th Mar 1992 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 10 The Seafarers 7 Gordon McIlvenna
1st Mar 1992 National Mineworkers Yorkshire Qualifying Contest (Fourth Section) 2 The Seafarers 1 Gordon McIlvenna
26th Jan 1992 Rochdale Contest (Section B) W
16th Nov 1991 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) The Young in Heart 4 Keith Croft
5th May 1991 Buxton Festival (Section C) 11 12 Keith Croft
3rd Mar 1991 CISWO Yorkshire (4th Section) 5 Four Fors for Brass 2 Keith Croft
17th Nov 1990 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) The English Maiden 3 Keith Croft
20th May 1990 Rotherham Entertainment Contest 3 Keith Croft
4th Mar 1990 CISWO Yorkshire (4th Section) Summer Fantasy 4 Keith Croft
25th Feb 1990 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 21 Summer Fantasy 18 Keith Croft
12th Mar 1989 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 11 Suite for Brass [Davis] 12 Keith Croft
5th Mar 1989 CISWO Yorkshire (4th Section) Suite for Brass [Davis] 10 Keith Croft
27th Nov 1988 City of Leicester Brass Band Festival (Fourth Section) Rufford Abbey 18 Keith Croft
6th Oct 1988 Cleethorpes Entertainment Contest (Section B) 2 Keith Croft
15th May 1988 Joshua Tetley Leeds Open (Fourth Section) A Saddleworth Festival Overture 5 Keith Croft
6th Mar 1988 CISWO Yorkshire (4th Section) Stantonbury Festival 10 Keith Croft
28th Feb 1988 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 19 Stantonbury Festival 28 Keith Croft
5th Dec 1987 Clipstone Entertainment Contest (Second Section) Keith Croft
29th Nov 1987 City of Leicester Brass Band Festival (4th Section) Blenheim (Heroic Overture) Keith Croft
11th Oct 1987 Harborough Band Contest (Section A) 3 Keith Croft
11th Oct 1987 Harborough Band Contest (Section B) 11 Keith Croft
1st Mar 1987 CISWO Yorkshire (4th Section) Overture to Youth 9 David Holling
2nd Mar 1986 CISWO Yorkshire (4th Section) Four Impressions for Brass David Holling
4th Mar 1984 CISWO Yorkshire (4th Section) Divertimento [Ball] David Holling
6th Mar 1983 CISWO Yorkshire (4th Section) First Suite in Eb [arr. Herbert] 2 David Holling
9th May 1970 Senior Trophy First Suite in Eb [arr. Herbert] 13 Derek Johnston Snr
17th May 1969 Senior Cup Coriolanus 19 Derek Johnston Snr
1969 CISWO Yorkshire (4th Section) 4 Glastonbury Derek Johnston Snr
27th Oct 1968 Skelmersdale Contest (Section B) 1 Derek Johnston Snr
3rd Mar 1963 CISWO Yorkshire (4th Section) W Four Little Maids
13th May 1961 Spring Festival (Junior Cup) Suite in Bb [Purcell] 21 George W. Sykes
25th Mar 1961 North Eastern Area (Third Section) Salzburg Suite George W. Sykes
5th Mar 1961 CISWO Yorkshire (3rd Section) Call of the Sea 2 George W. Sykes
10th Dec 1960 West Riding Contest (3rd Section) 7 George W. Sykes
28th May 1960 Spring Festival (Junior Cup) The Princess and the Poet 17 George W. Sykes
12th Mar 1960 North Eastern Area (Fourth Section) The Princess and the Poet George W. Sykes
6th Mar 1960 CISWO Yorkshire (3rd Section ) 2 Indian Summer 2 George W. Sykes
9th May 1959 Spring Festival (Junior Cup) Thanksgiving 6 George W. Sykes
1st Mar 1959 CISWO Yorkshire (3rd Section ) 1 A Souvenir of Shakespeare George W. Sykes
17th May 1958 Spring Festival (Junior Trophy) 4 The Joy of Youth 14 George W. Sykes
5th Mar 1950 CISWO Yorkshire (2nd Section) Moses in Egypt (arr. J. A. Greenwood) Robert Moss
23rd Apr 1949 North Eastern Area (Fourth Section) Pride of the Forest C. Allison
25th Sep 1948 West Riding Contest (3rd Section) 2 C. Allison
8th May 1948 Belle Vue May Contest (Class C Group 2) 4 Three Songs without Words C. Allison
10th May 1947 Belle Vue May Contest (Class D Section 2) Wayside Scenes H. Moseley Snr.
11th May 1946 Belle Vue May Contest (Class D) H. Moseley Snr.
16th Jul 1938 Cottingham Contest Unknown, do you know?
23rd May 1925 Pleasley Contest Echoes of the Opera Unknown, do you know?
19th Jul 1924 Worksop Contest William Tell [arr. Round] Unknown, do you know?
7th Jun 1924 Pleasley Contest 5 William Tell [unknown arranger] T. Mossley

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