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Valaisia Brass Band

Contest Results

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Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
7th Sep 2019 British Open  
27th Apr 2019 European Championships
25th Nov 2018 Swiss National Championships (Excellence Division)   Concerto Grosso [Bourgeois] Arsène Duc
8th Sep 2018 British Open 2 A Brussels Requiem (amended version) 10 Arsène Duc
5th May 2018 European Championships 1   The Turing Test 4 Arsène Duc
26th Nov 2017 Swiss National Championships (Excellence Section) 1   The Turing Test 7 Arsène Duc
9th Sep 2017 British Open 1   Fraternity 12 Arsène Duc
29th Apr 2017 European Championships 2 Goldberg 2012 7 Arsène Duc
27th Nov 2016 Swiss National Championships (Excellence Section) 1   Goldberg 2012 3 Arsène Duc
24th Sep 2016 Swiss Open 5   Russian Easter Festival Overture [N. Rimski-Korsakov, arr. B. Moren] 2 Arsène Duc
30th Apr 2016 European Championships 3   Trance 10 Arsène Duc
29th Nov 2015 Swiss National Championships (Excellence Section) 1   Trance 2 Arsène Duc
26th Sep 2015 Swiss Open 3   Uranus & Jupiter (from The Planets Suite) [G. Holst, arr. Roberts] 4 Arsène Duc
30th Nov 2014 Swiss National Championships (Excellence Section) 2 Audivi Media Nocte 8 Arsène Duc
20th Sep 2014 Swiss Open 2   Age of Innocence Arsène Duc
24th Nov 2013 Swiss National Championships (Excellence Section) 2 Old Licks Bluesed Up 5 Arsène Duc
28th Sep 2013 Swiss Open 1 The Pines of Rome (Pini di Roma) [O. Respighi, arr. H. Snell] Arsène Duc
25th Nov 2012 Swiss National Championships (Excellence Section) 8 Music for Battle Creek 8 Arsène Duc
22nd Sep 2012 Swiss Open 2 Feste Romane (L'Ottobrata and La Befana) [O. Respighi, arr. H.Snell] 5 Arsène Duc
27th Nov 2011 Swiss National Championships (Excellence Section) 2 Masquerade [Wilby] 10 Arsène Duc
28th Nov 2010 Swiss National Championships (Excellence Section) 7 From Ancient Times 5 Arsène Duc
1st May 2010 European Championships 6 Vienna Nights 6 Arsène Duc
29th Nov 2009 Swiss National Championships (Excellence Section) 1 Vienna Nights 7 Arsène Duc
29th Nov 2008 Swiss National Championships (Excellence Section) 8 Titan's Progress 8 Arsène Duc

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