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Whitehaven Brass Band

Also/previously known as: Borough Band, Copeland Borough Band, Copeland Borough Whitehaven, Whitehaven Borough, Whitehaven Town Band

This is a non-competing band.
Region:North of England
Years active:1856 -

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
11th May 2003 Cumbria Band Association Contest (4th Section) 4 Martin Beaumont
12th May 2002 Whitehaven Contest (Class E) 1 Martin Beaumont
13th May 2001 Whitehaven Contest (Class E) 1 Martin Beaumont
31st Oct 1999 Whitehaven Contest (Class E) 1 D. Proud
1st Nov 1998 Whitehaven Contest (Class E) 1 D. Proud
1st Nov 1986 Whitehaven Contest (Class C) 6 W. R. Davidson
1st Dec 1985 Tyne and Wear Contest (4th Section) 16 12 W. R. Davidson
2nd Nov 1985 Whitehaven Contest (Class C) 8 W. R. Davidson
2nd Dec 1984 Tyne and Wear Contest (4th Section) W. R. Davidson
25th Mar 1984 North West Area (Fourth Section) Divertimento [Ball] W. R. Davidson
8th May 1983 Hardraw Scar 16 J. Proud
6th May 1972 Spring Festival (Junior Trophy) The Rising Generation 25 T. Fitzsimons
6th Dec 1970 Wills Regional Championships - Preston (Fourth Section) Fancy Free T. Fitzsimons
9th May 1970 Spring Festival (Junior Shield) W London River
15th Mar 1969 North of England Area (Fourth Section) 9 Petite Suite de Ballet 6 T. Fitzsimons
20th Apr 1968 North West Area (Fourth Section) Threshold 5 R. C. Logan
29th May 1967 Spring Festival (Junior Trophy) 3 Thanksgiving 1 R. C. Logan
9th Jul 1949 Seaton Contest (Class C) 2 J. McKintyre
25th Aug 1934 Dearham Contest Sons-o'-the-Sea Unknown, do you know?
21st Jul 1934 Bigrigg Contest 3 Echoes of Spring G. Kirkby
27th Sep 1930 Crystal Palace (Junior Cup - A) Concert Suite [Cui] J. J. Fisher
24th May 1930 Frizington Contest 1 The Marriage of Figaro - selection J. J. Fisher
13th Jul 1929 Cumberland and Furness Championship (Class A) 1 Maritana [arr. Round] J. J. Fisher
22nd Jun 1929 Aspatria Contest (Class A) 1 Maritana [unknown arranger] J. J. Fisher
30th Jun 1928 Workington Contest Class B 1 Sons-o'-the-Sea J. J. Fisher
20th Aug 1927 Cockermouth Contest (Class B) 2 Il Flauto Magico [unknown arranger] Walter Halstead
30th Jul 1927 Whitehaven Contest 3 Maritana [arr. Round] Walter Halstead
30th Sep 1922 Maryport Contest (Class B) 2 Unknown, do you know?
8th May 1920 Dearham Contest (Section B) 2 4 Angus Holden
22nd Aug 1914 Whitehaven Contest 1 Sons of the Sea 5 Angus Holden
4th Jul 1914 Dearham Contest 4 Sons of the Sea 5 J. E. Fidler
6th Jul 1912 Dearham Contest 4 2 William Heap
3rd Sep 1910 Dearham Contest 3 Robin Hood [MacFarren arr. Godfrey] William Heap
30th Jul 1906 Egremont Contest 4 Donizetti [arr. Round] 5 William Heap
23rd May 1904 Cockermouth Contest 6 Anna Bolena [arr. Round] 1 W. Heap
14th May 1904 Workington Contest 4 Anna Bolena [arr. Round] 6 W. Heap
28th Jun 1875 Workington Contest Unknown, do you know?

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