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Peel Park Contest (Bradford) - Own Choice

Sat 28th Aug 1858

Format: Own Choice Test Piece Contest
Adjudicators: S. Tuckwell, William Jackson, M. Phillips
Venue: Peel Park, Bradford, West Yorkshire

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Position Band Conductor
1 Black Dyke Mills Frank Galloway
2 Baildon S. Bentley
3 Saltaire Band Joseph Rhodes
4 Cleckheaton Victoria Benjamin Robinson
Bradford Railway Foundry E. Woolar
Bramley Joseph Jackson
Heaton B. Bennett
Leeds Milburn's Herbert Milburn
Slaithwaite Union E. T. Dardsley
W Almondbury
W Dewsbury
W Morley
W Ossett Victoria
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The second of two separate contests in the same location on the same day. For this contest, the bands played their own choice of music.

28 August 1858
Band Contest - Peel Park, Bradford
On Saturday, there was a grand brass band contest in Peel-park, Bradford, and the event created no small amount of interest. The contest took place under the auspices of the Peel Park Committee, who offered £40 in prizes.

The following bands were entered to compete:

No. of Performers Leaders
Saltaire Band 20 Mr. Jos. Rhodes
Baildon 17 Mr. Bentley
Morley 18 Mr. John Peel
Cleckheaton Victoria 18 Mr. B Robinson
Bramley 18 Mr. Jos. Jackson
Slaithwaite Union 16 Mr. E. T. Dardsley
Bradford Railway Foundry 15 Mr. E. Woolar
Black Dyke Mills 16 Mr. F. Galloway
Ossett Victoria 16 Mr. W. Lofthouse
Dewsbury 18 Mr. Blackburn
Heaton 18 Mr. B. Bennett
Almondbury 12 Mr. J. Vickerman
Leeds Milburn's 15 Mr. H. Milburn.

In order to test the abilities of the bands, the committee had engaged Mr. W. Jackson, of Bradford, to compose a piece of music expressly for the occasion; and the umpires were empowered to award a prize of £10 to the band which should perform the new composition best, a second prize of
£5 to the next best performance, a third prize of £3, and a fourth prize of £2. It was also a regulation that after this contest had been decided each band should play a piece or selection of their own choosing, for which a similar series of prizes was offered. The umpires appointed were Mr. Tuckwell, of the band of the 5th Dragoon Guards, and Mr. Phillips, of Liverpool, with Mr. Jackson as referee. The performances took place in the large orchestra in the park. The playing altogether was very good, and the contests severe in several points, although the judges were quite unanimous in their decisions. For the performance of Mr. Jackson's new composition the first prize (£10) was awarded to the Bramley band; the second (£5) to the Baildon band; the third (£3) to the Black Dyke Mills band; and the fourth (£2) to the Cleckheaton Victoria band. In the second round of performances, in which each band played music of their own choosing, the prizes were awarded as follow ;-First (£10) to the Black Dyke Mills band; second (£5), Baildon; third (£3), Saltaire; and fourth (£2), Clockheaton Victoria. The introduction into the Saltaire band of three superior players who did not belong to that band, caused considerable commotion and disputation, the other bands objecting to the proceeding as being irregular, and contrary to the understood regulations. Ultimately, the members of the Saltaire band agreed to withdraw the three performers objected to. Then it appeared that the Saltaire band had with them a player who, though a native of that place or its vicinity, had been travelling for nearly twelve months as a professional player in connection with a public exhibition. He also was objected to by the other competing bands who, when it came to the turn of the Saltaire band to play, made all sorts of discordant noises, and refused the band a hearing. In the end the travelling performer was also withdrawn. Two or three other bands agreed to withdraw extra men they had obtained, and all the bands performed without any additions to their usual number. The excitement produced by the dispute which arose was calculated to impair the condition of the Saltaire band for competing, apart from the reduction in the number of men with whom they entered the field. A brilliant display of fireworks, by Professor Scott, succeeded the music. Upwards of 13,000 persons visited the park in the course of the afternoon and evening, and the receipts for admission amounted to £154 17s. It is estimated that the expenses win be about £80, so that a balance of something like £75 will remain for the benefit of the Peel park fund. Four of the bands entered did not engage in the contest, viz, the Ossett, Dewsbury, Morley, and Almondbury bands.

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