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Peel Park Contest (Bradford) - test piece

Sat 4th Aug 1860

Format: Own Choice Test Piece Contest
Adjudicators: G. Rungeling, G. A. Wielopolski Phillipps, J. Francis Cottier
Venue: Peel Park, Bradford, West Yorkshire

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Position Band Conductor Music Draw
1 Heckmondwike Unknown, do you know? Lucrezia Borgia [unknown arranger] 7
2 Dewsbury Unknown, do you know? Preciosa [unknown arranger] 2
3 Dodworth Unknown, do you know? Cavatina with variations [unknown arranger] 6
4 Cleckheaton Unknown, do you know? Lucrezia Borgia [unknown arranger] 10
5 Keighley (Marriner's) Unknown, do you know? Il Trovatore [unknown arranger] 8
Farnley Temperance Unknown, do you know? Martha [unknown arranger] 1
Bowling Unknown, do you know? Il Trovatore [unknown arranger] 3
Baildon Unknown, do you know? Lucia di Lammermoor [unknown arranger] 4
Wyke Independent Unknown, do you know? La Traviata [unknown arranger] 5
Scott's Operatic Unknown, do you know? Il Trovatore [unknown arranger] 9
Brighouse Unknown, do you know? Lucrezia Borgia [unknown arranger] 11
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The first of two separate contests in the same location on the same day. For this contest, the bands played their own choice of music, in contrast to the 1858 event, where there was a set test piece for the first contest.

4 August 1860
Band Contest - Peel Park, Bradford
A contest of brass bands took place in Peel Park, Bradford, on Saturday afternoon last. The day was fine, with the exception of a very high wind which prevailed during the greater part of the performance, and the assemblage of spectators was large, there being a great number of strangers present from the various neighbouring towns. There were two sets of prizes for competition, of equal value, the whole amounting to £60, and the arrangement was that each band should play one piece in competition for each series of prizes. There were eleven entries. The following are the bands which competed, the order in which they played, and the pieces which each played for the first sot of prizes: 1. Farnley Temperance Band, selections from "Martha"; 2. Dewsbury Band, selections from "Preciosa"; 3. Bowling Band, a selection from "Il Trovatore"; 4. Baildon Band, a selection from "Lucia di Lammermoor"; Wike Independent Band, a selection from "La Traviata"; 6. Dodworth Band, "Cavatina" with variations; 7. Heckmondwike Band, a selection from " Lucrezia Borgia"; 8. Keighley (Mariner's) Band, selections from "IlTrovatore"; 9. Scott's Operatic Band, grand selection from "II Trovatore"; 10. Cleckheaton Band, selections from "Lucrezia Borgia"; 11. Brighouse Band, selections from "Lucrezia Borgia".

The bands then assembled, and altogether, to the number of about 200, under the conductorship of Mr. J. W. Dodworth, performed "Rule Britannia," which had a grand effect, and was loudly applauded by the large concourse of spectators. The competition for the second series of prizes next commenced, and the following is the order of playing, with the pieces played by each band: 1. Bowling Band, "Hallelujah Chorus"; 2. Cleckheaton Band, "Maritana"; 3. Wyke (Independent) Band, a selection from "Lucretia Borgia"; 4. Scott's Operatic Band, selection from "Ernani"; 5. Baildon Band, selection from "La Sonnambula"; 6. Keighley (Mariner's) Band, selection from "Lucrezia Borgia"; 7. Farnley (Temperance) Band, selections from "Lucrezia Borgia"; 8, Heckmondwike Band, a selection from "Ernani"; 9. Dodworth Band, overture, "Italiana et Algeria"; 10. Brighouse Band, "Hallelujah Chorus"; 11. Dewsbury Band, selections from "Ernani."

The bands again assembled, and, under the leadership of Mr. J. W. Dodworth, performed "The National Anthem," which was loudly applauded, as were also the various pieces played by the several bands. The judges (G. A. Wielopolski Phillipps, of Liverpool ; G. A. Rungeling, of Liverpool ; and Francis Cottier) then came forward to the platform, and delivered to the Secretary, Mr. F. Tula), their decisions, which were as follow :-

2. Heckmondwike Band £12
3. Dewsbury Baud £8
4. Dodworth £5
5. Cleckheaton £3
1. Keighley (Mariner's) £2

1. Dewsbury Baud £12
2. Baildon £8
3. Cleckheaton £5
4. Keighley (Mariner's) £3
5. Heckmondwike Band £2

The announcement of the prizes was received with loud cheers. The immense crowd then quietly dispersed. Great credit is due to the committee for the excellent arrangements which they had instituted, and which were carried out in their entirety. The whole of the bands were listened to with the greatest attention, and the whole proceedings were marked throughout by the most perfect order and the greatest regularity. We understand the committee have it in contemplation to have another contest in the course of a week or two.

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