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Reading Contest (Championship Section)

Reading Contest (First Section)

Past Results

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Date Winner Conductor Test Piece
10th Nov 2001
18th Nov 2000
Nov 1999
21st Nov 1998
15th Nov 1997
16th Nov 1996
18th Nov 1995
19th Nov 1994
20th Nov 1993
21st Nov 1992
16th Nov 1991
17th Nov 1990
18th Nov 1989
19th Nov 1988
14th Nov 1987
15th Nov 1986
16th Nov 1985
17th Nov 1984
19th Nov 1983
20th Nov 1982
21st Nov 1981
15th Nov 1980
17th Nov 1979
18th Nov 1978
19th Nov 1977
20th Nov 1976
15th Nov 1975
16th Nov 1974
17th Nov 1973
18th Nov 1972
20th Nov 1971
14th Nov 1970
15th Nov 1969
16th Nov 1968
18th Nov 1967
12th Nov 1966
20th Nov 1965
21st Nov 1964
Years Band
1982 1983 1984 Aldbourne
1965 1966 1967 1968 Hanwell

Contest Group Notes

First contest in this series 1930. Prior to WW2, known as the "Reading Band Festival", and after the war as the "Berkshire & Neighbouring Counties Band Festival Guild Annual Festival". In 1964, this reverted back to "Reading Band Festival", which is the style that it retained until the contest closed after the 2001 event, the 65th festival.

Other contests have taken place with similar titles over the years. One that is easily confused is the Reading and District Band League contest, which began in 1926. This was held in the first half of the year, whereas the Reading Band Festival was always held in October or November. Earlier contests belong to the series of Reading contests that were run prior to WW1.

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