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Scottish Championship (First Section)

Qualifying contest for National Championship of Great Britain (First Section Final)

Scottish Championship (Championship Section) Scottish Championship (Second Section)

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Date Winner Conductor Test Piece
9th Mar 2019
10th Mar 2018
11th Mar 2017
12th Mar 2016
15th Mar 2015
9th Mar 2014
10th Mar 2013
11th Mar 2012
27th Feb 2011
14th Mar 2010
22nd Mar 2009
9th Mar 2008
11th Mar 2007
12th Mar 2006
13th Mar 2005
14th Mar 2004
8th Mar 2003
9th Mar 2002
10th Mar 2001
18th Mar 2000
27th Feb 1999
21st Feb 1998
1st Mar 1997
24th Feb 1996
25th Feb 1995
26th Feb 1994
27th Feb 1993
7th Mar 1992

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Contest Group Notes

Prior to World War Two, this contest existed as a standalone Scottish Championship. From 1945 to 1950, Scottish entries to the National Championship of Great Britain were determined by the results of that year's Scottish Area (Daily Herald Qualifying) Contest. From 1951 to 1958, they were determined by the results of the previous year's Scottish Championships, and from 1959 onwards, they have been determined by the results of the same year's Scottish Championships, with the exception of 1965, 1969, and 1970, in which years separate regional qualifying contests were again run.

The first Scottish Championship was run in 1895, in two sections; the third section was added in 1905, and the fourth section in 1925. The contest has been run annually without interruption, barring the war years 1915-18 and 1939-44, and also 1958, which was omitted when the contest was moved from late in the year in 1957 to early in the year in 1959 in order to better mesh with the National Championship contesting structure.

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