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Keith Hollinshead

Date Contest Band Position Points Draw
10th May 1998 Wigan Contest (Third Section) Eatons Farnworth 10
8th Mar 1998 North West Area (Third Section) Eaton's Farnworth 14 164
1st Feb 1998 NWABBA Contest (Third Section) Eaton's Farnworth 12
25th Oct 1997 Pontins (Third Section) Eaton's Farnworth 11
19th Nov 1995 Pilkington Northern Open (Section D) Pemberton Old 2 180 9
21st May 1995 Wigan Contest (Fourth Section) Pemberton Old Wigan 6 176 6
12th Mar 1995 North West Area (Third Section) Pemberton Old 5 180 4
24th Feb 1985 Wigan Contest (C Section) Eccleston 9 175 8
20th Nov 1983 Manchester District Contest (Third Section) North Ashton 1 191 9
Date Contest Winner
28th May 2010 Delph (Whit Friday) Marsden Silver Prize Band
13th Jun 2009 Marsden March Contest 2nd Section Middleton Band
13th Jun 2009 Marsden March Contest Rainford
5th Jun 2009 Delph (Whit Friday) Black Dyke Band
16th May 2008 Delph (Whit Friday) Rothwell Temperance
1st Jun 2007 Delph (Whit Friday) Black Dyke
9th Jun 2006 Delph (Whit Friday) Rothwell Temperance
20th May 2005 Delph (Whit Friday) Fodens Richardson
4th Jun 2004 Delph (Whit Friday) Fodens (Richardson)
13th Jun 2003 Delph (Whit Friday) Black Dyke
24th May 2002 Delph (Whit Friday) Marsden
8th Jun 2001 Delph (Whit Friday) Marsden Band
16th Jun 2000 Delph (Whit Friday) Brighouse & Rastrick
28th May 1999 Delph (Whit Friday) Navigation
5th Jun 1998 Delph (Whit Friday) Leyland
23rd May 1997 Delph (Whit Friday) Brighouse and Rastrick
31st May 1996 Delph (Whit Friday) Williams Fairey
8th Jun 1990 Delph (Whit Friday) Brighouse & Rastrick

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