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Vitae Aeternum (2008), Paul Lovatt-Cooper

Contest Test Pieces (2)

Date Contest Winner
2nd Feb 2014 Brass At The Guild (Preston) Contest (First Section) Oldham (Lees)
18th Jan 2014 Butlins Mineworkers (First Section) Sandhurst Silver


Own Choice Test Pieces (30)

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Date Contest Band Position
24th Nov 2019 Leicestershire BBA (Leicester) Contest (First Section) Oddfellows Brass 7
23rd Jun 2019 Graubünden Kantonales Musikfest (Second Section) Musica da Domat
4th Nov 2018 Yorkshire & Humberside BBA Contest (Section A) Dunston Silver 6
30th Sep 2018 SCABA Autumn Contest (B Section) Godalming 1
30th Jun 2018 Norwegian National School Band Championships (Division 1) Ravnanger Brass 5
16th Jun 2018 Amtsmusiktag Belp, BE Brass Band Gürbetal
7th May 2017 Buxton Festival (Championship/First Section) Harrogate 4
30th Apr 2017 SCABA Spring Contest (First Section) Horsham Borough Band 1
30th Apr 2017 SCABA Spring Contest (Third Section) Godalming 1
20th Nov 2016 Leicestershire BBA (Leicester) Contest (First Section) Silk Brass 13
23rd Oct 2016 Rochdale Contest (Second Section) Uppermill 3
23rd Oct 2016 Rochdale Contest - NWABB (First Section) Silk Brass 6
11th Jun 2016 Eidgenössisches Musikfest (Second Section) MG Fafleralp Blatten 13
4th Jun 2016 Oberwalliser Musikfest (Second Section) Fafleralp Blatten 6
16th Apr 2016 Brass Band League (NI) Spring Festival (Championship Section) Murley Silver Band 6
22nd Nov 2015 Leicestershire BBA (Leicester) Contest (Third Section) Crofton Silver 1
7th Nov 2015 Danish National Championship (Second Division) Danfoss Orkestret 3
25th Oct 2015 Rochdale Contest - NWABB (Third Section) Crofton Silver 7
30th Nov 2014 Milton Keynes Open (Section A) Ipswich & Norwich Co-op 9
29th Jun 2014 Norwegian National School Band Championships (Division 1) Sæbø Skulemusikklag 2
27th Apr 2014 Buxton Festival (Third Section) Old Hall Brass 4
12th May 2013 German Open (First Section) Brass Band Sachsen 1
25th Nov 2012 Leicestershire BBA (Leicester) Contest (Second Section) Raunds Temperance 8
13th May 2012 Deutscher Orchesterwettbewerb (Brass Band, B3c) Brass Band A7 1
7th Apr 2012 Australian Championships (B Grade) Canning City Brass (WA) 7
25th Jun 2011 Eidgenössisches Musikfest (First Section) MG BB A Band Rehetobel 22
22nd May 2010 Deutsche Brass Band Meisterschaft (Oberstufe) Brass Band München 5
3rd Apr 2009 North American Championships (Challenge Section) Natural State Brass Band 1
15th Nov 2008 Blue Lake Brass Band Contest (B Grade) Geelong West Brass 2
20th Nov 2016 Brass In Concert Dublin Silver 11

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