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Burnage Manchester

Also/previously known as: Burnage and District, Burnage (Buxton), Burnage Manchester, Burnage (Manchester)

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
2nd May 1993 Buxton Festival (Fourth Section) 2 Andrew Holland
17th Nov 1991 Pilkington Northern Open (Section D) W A Malvern Suite
24th Mar 1991 North West Area (Fourth Section) Four Fors for Brass 12 Brian Lamb
24th Feb 1991 NWABBA Contest (Fourth Section) 13 5 Brian Lamb
25th Nov 1990 Manchester District Contest (Fourth Section) 6 3 Brian Lamb
18th Nov 1990 Pilkington Northern Open (Section D) 6 A Suite for Switzerland 6 Brian Lamb
27th Nov 1988 Manchester District Contest (Fourth Section) W 11
1st May 1988 Buxton Festival (Section B) W
3rd May 1987 Buxton Festival (Section B) W Scottish Festival Overture
29th Mar 1987 North West Area (Third Section) Scottish Festival Overture 8 Gary Newborough
1st Mar 1987 Oldham Contest (Section B) 7 Scottish Festival Overture 13 Gary Newborough
23rd Nov 1986 Manchester District Contest (Third Section) 7 Sinfonietta for Brass Band [Langford] 13 Gary Newborough
2nd Mar 1986 North West Area (Third Section) Suite in Bb [Jacob] 7 Gary Newborough
23rd Feb 1986 NWABBA Contest (Third Section) 9 5 Gary Newborough
9th Feb 1986 Oldham Contest (Section B) 6 Gary Newborough
24th Nov 1985 Manchester District Contest (Third Section) 6 Devon Fantasy 4 Gary Newborough
17th Feb 1985 NWABBA Contest (Third Section) 5 Owain Glyndwr 6 Gary Newborough
25th Nov 1984 Manchester District Contest (Third Section) 3 Suite in Bb [Jacob] 4 Gary Newborough
5th Feb 1984 NWABBA Contest (Third Section) 4 The Shipbuilders 10 Gary Newborough
25th Sep 1983 Burtonwood Brewery Brass Band Championships (Section 'B') Suite in Bb [Jacob] 12 Gary Newborough
6th Mar 1983 NWABBA Contest (Third Section) 3 Egmont [arr. Ball] 7 Gary Newborough
20th Jun 1982 Chatsworth House Contest 8 Gary Newborough
4th Apr 1982 Wilsons Top Brass Band Festival (Intermediate Contest) Excelsior [Hanmer] 8 Gary Newborough
4th May 1980 Buxton Festival (Section B) Main Street 9 Gary Newborough
18th Feb 1979 NWABBA Contest (Third Section) The Shipbuilders 8 Gary Newborough
14th Oct 1978 Whitchurch (Shropshire) Contest (Section B) 3 Four Little Maids 1 Gary Newborough
7th May 1978 Spring Festival (Junior Cup) 8 11 Gary Newborough
5th Mar 1978 Oldham Contest (Section B) 1 Unknown, do you know?
6th Nov 1977 Manchester District Contest (Third Section) 1 Gary Newborough
22nd May 1977 Spring Festival (Junior Cup) A Holiday Suite 9 Gary Newborough
13th Feb 1977 NWABBA Contest (Fourth Section) 4 First Suite in Eb 1 B. Gilbert
30th May 1976 Park Hall March Contest (Section B) W
2nd Nov 1975 Manchester District Contest (Fourth Section) 3 The Seasons [Carr] 1 B. Gilbert
20th Apr 1974 Pontins (Fourth Section) 1 B. Gilbert
10th Feb 1974 North West Association Contest (Fourth Section) Episodes for Brass [Hanmer] 6 B. Gilbert
14th Apr 1973 Wills Championships Grand Finals (4th Section) Episodes for Brass [Hanmer] 2 B. Gilbert
11th Feb 1973 North West Association Contest (Fourth Section) Mexican Fiesta 2 B. Gilbert
9th Apr 1972 NWABBA Contest (Fourth Section) 2 F. Rhodes
28th Mar 1971 Manchester District Contest (Third Section) 3 4 D. Pritchard
28th Mar 1971 Manchester District Contest (Fourth Section) 4 2 D. Pritchard
21st Feb 1971 NWABBA Contest (Fourth Section) Rufford Abbey 16 D. Pritchard
6th Dec 1970 Wills Regional Championships - Preston (Third Section) The Pacemakers Unknown, do you know?
9th May 1970 Senior Trophy W First Suite in Eb
7th Sep 1969 W.D. & H.O.Wills March Contest (Section C) 1 Kenneth Dennison
7th Sep 1969 W.D. & H.O.Wills March Contest (Section B) Kenneth Dennison
17th May 1969 Senior Trophy W City by the Sea
25th May 1968 Senior Trophy Snowdon Fantasy 18 Kenneth Dennison
29th Apr 1967 Senior Trophy English Folk Song Suite 9 Kenneth Dennison
28th May 1966 Senior Trophy Egmont [arr. Ball] Kenneth Dennison
15th May 1965 Senior Trophy 3 Overture: Rule Britannia 15 Kenneth Dennison
10th Apr 1965 North West Area (Third Section) Brass Triptych: Old Westminster Kenneth Dennison
9th May 1964 Spring Festival (Junior Cup) Salzburg Suite Unknown, do you know?
25th May 1963 Spring Festival (Junior Cup) Four Little Maids 13 N. Coglan
20th Apr 1963 North West Area (Fourth Section) Four Little Maids N. Coglan
17th Mar 1963 Manchester District Contest (Third Section) 3 Unknown, do you know?
26th May 1962 Spring Festival (Junior Shield) Three Characteristic Pieces 7 W. Stopford
26th Mar 1961 Manchester District Contest (Second Section) Salzburg Suite 5 W. Stopford
22nd Mar 1959 NWABBA Contest (Third Section) 1 W. Stopford
17th Mar 1957 Manchester District Contest (Fourth Section) The Black Prince 10 W. Stopford
26th May 1956 Spring Festival (Junior Cup) Three Songs without Words F. Rhodes
22nd May 1954 Spring Festival (Junior Shield) In Tudor Days 14 F. Rhodes
28th Apr 1951 North West Area (Third Section) Hinchingbrooke F. Rhodes
23rd Sep 1950 National Championship of Great Britain (Third Section Final) Indian Summer F. Rhodes
15th Jul 1950 Belle Vue July Contest (Class B) 2 Indian Summer F. Rhodes
4th Feb 1950 North West Area (Third Section) 2 Indian Summer F. Rhodes
5th Nov 1949 Wigan Contest Recollections of Beethoven [arr. Greenwood] 3 F. Rhodes
8th May 1948 Belle Vue May Contest (Class A) Overture for an Epic Occasion Elgar Clayton
13th Mar 1948 North West Area (Third Section) In Tudor Days Unknown, do you know?
10th May 1947 Belle Vue May Contest (Class A) 2 Normandy 16 Elgar Clayton
8th Feb 1947 North West Area (Second Section) Sinfonietta Pastorale Unknown, do you know?
2nd Nov 1946 Wigan Contest Gems of Old England 5 A. Leach
27th Jul 1946 Alexander Owen Brass Band Festival W Songs of England [Bath]
11th May 1946 Belle Vue May Contest (Class B & C) 1 Thanksgiving Elgar Clayton
27th Oct 1945 Wigan Contest 3 Songs of England (Scholes) 4 Elgar Clayton
20th Oct 1945 Rochdale Contest Songs of England (Scholes) Unknown, do you know?
5th May 1945 Belle Vue May Contest (Class B & C) Loving Cup Memories 6 J. Sherratt
10th Sep 1932 Pendleton Contest Beautiful Britain Unknown, do you know?
3rd Sep 1932 Gatley Contest Beautiful Britain Unknown, do you know?
7th May 1932 Belle Vue May Contest (Class C Group 1) A Summer Day J. Sherratt
5th Sep 1931 Gatley Contest The Golden Age 6 Unknown, do you know?
2nd May 1931 Belle Vue May Contest (Class C) The Spirit of Youth 13 T. Clarke
28th Jul 1928 Alderley Edge Contest Recollections of Verdi F. S. Leech
3rd May 1924 Belle Vue May Contest Joseph und seine Brüder [arr. Godfrey] J. Oldfield
19th Aug 1899 Fallowfield Contest Smiles and Tears 4 Unknown, do you know?
22nd Jan 1898 Stockport Contest Gems of Victorian Melody 1 Alfred Hulme
3rd Jul 1897 Cadishead Contest 3 Smiles and Tears 7 Alfred Hulme
8th May 1897 Prestwich Contest Smiles and Tears 22 Alfred Hulme
12th Sep 1896 Middleton Contest Love in a Mist 7 Alfred Hulme
27th Jun 1896 Levenshulme Contest Love in a Mist 10 Alfred Hulme
16th Aug 1890 Newton Heath Contest Unknown, do you know?

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