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Burslem Band

Also/previously known as: Burslem and District Co op, Burslem Coop, Burslem Co-op, Burslem Co-operative, Burslem Co-operative Society Band, Co-operative Society (Burslem & District) Prize Silver, Co-operative Society Silver

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
3rd Mar 1956 Midlands Area (Second Section) Snowdon Fantasy F. C. Thompson
26th Nov 1955 Wigan Contest Moments with Mozart 22 F. C. Thompson
5th Mar 1955 Midlands Area (Second Section) Thames Valley Suite 13 George Thorpe
8th May 1954 Rhyl Festival of Brass (Second Section) Call of the Sea 4 George Thorpe
4th Apr 1954 North East Midlands Contest (First Section) 4 George Thorpe
6th Mar 1954 Midlands Area (Second Section) Call of the Sea 13 George Thorpe
15th Nov 1953 North East Midlands Contest (First Section) 2 Labour and Love 3 George Thorpe
19th Sep 1953 National Championship of Great Britain (Second Section Final) King Lear 14 George Thorpe
9th May 1953 Rhyl Contest (Second Section) 3 Rhapsody on Negro Spirituals George Thorpe
21st Feb 1953 Midlands Area (Second Section) 1 King Lear 14 George Thorpe
23rd Mar 1952 North East Midlands Contest (First Section) 1 Springtime Roland Davis
16th Feb 1952 Midlands Area (Second Section) Springtime Unknown, do you know?
17th Feb 1951 Midlands Area (Second Section) The English Maiden Roland Davis
23rd Sep 1950 National Championship of Great Britain (Fourth Section Final) 2 May Day 9 Roland Davis
8th Jul 1950 Tideswell Contest 1 May Day Roland Davis
1st Jul 1950 Wellington Contest (Open Section) 2 Songs of Wales Roland Davis
10th Apr 1950 Leicester Brass Band Festival (4th Section) 2 The Viking [Greenwood] Roland Davis
18th Feb 1950 Midlands Area (Fourth Section) 1 May Day Roland Davis
23rd Oct 1949 Morecambe Contest (Section 4) 4   Pride of the Forest 5 Roland Davis
23rd Jul 1949 Morecambe Contest (Section 4) 1 Pride of the Forest Roland Davies
23rd Oct 1948 Rochdale Contest Cosi Fan Tutte [arr. Godfrey] James Thorpe
4th Sep 1948 West Bromwich Contest (Section 2) 1 Knights of Old James Thorpe
8th May 1948 Belle Vue May Contest (Class D) 3 Knights of Old A. Bissell
21st Nov 1903 Kidsgrove Contest 1 Casket of Gems 6 Angus Holden
12th Nov 1900 Hanley Contest 2 Songs of England [Round] 3 Unknown, do you know?
6th Apr 1896 Clough Hall Contest Halevy [arr. Round] 7 Richard Sourbutts
9th Sep 1895 Wednesbury Contest 1 Torquato Tasso [unknown arranger] Richard Sourbutts
28th Nov 1893 Crewe Contest 1 Il Giuramento [arr. Round] George F. Birkinshaw
10th Jul 1893 Hanley Contest 1 Fallen Leaves 4 George F. Birkinshaw
7th Oct 1889 Longton Contest 4 Maritana [arr. Round] 6 Richard Sourbutts
10th Aug 1889 Hyde Contest 4 Romeo et Juliette [Gounod arr. Godfrey] 5 Richard Sourbutts
3rd Aug 1889 Hyde Contest Excelsior [Round] 7 Richard Sourbutts
4th Aug 1888 Crewe Contest 3 Maritana [arr. Round] 11 Unknown, do you know?
3rd Oct 1887 Longton Contest 2 Joan of Arc [Round] Richard Sourbutts
13th Sep 1886 Longton Contest 2 Rossini's Works 6 Richard Sourbutts
7th Sep 1885 Belle Vue Brass Band Contest Nabucodonosor [arr. Godfrey] 20 Richard Sourbutts
6th Jul 1885 Kettering Contest 3 Lyric Garland 2 Richard Sourbutts
29th Nov 1884 Derby Contest 3   Un Ballo in Maschera [unknown arranger] 5 Richard Sourbutts
20th Sep 1884 Royal National Eisteddfod W Rienzi [arr. Round]
1st Sep 1884 Belle Vue Brass Band Contest La Gazza Ladra [arr. Godfrey] 4 Richard Sourbutts
8th Aug 1884 Newcastle-Under-Lyme Contest 2 Richard Sourbutts
7th Jul 1884 Kettering Contest 3 Un Ballo in Maschera [unknown arranger] 3 Richard Sourbutts
5th Jul 1884 Belper Contest W
5th Nov 1883 Hanley Contest 1 Il Giuramento [unknown arranger] 1 Unknown, do you know?
24th Sep 1883 Sandbach Contest 2 Il Giuramento [unknown arranger] 4 Unknown, do you know?
22nd Sep 1883 Belper Contest   Il Giuramento [arr. Smith] 1 Richard Sourbutts
2nd Jul 1883 Kettering Contest 2 Honoria 4 Richard Sourbutts

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We have two bands here. The original Burslem band, which Gavin believes folded in the 1st World War, and Burslem Co-op founded after the 2nd World War. Now to further complicate matters, I think all results prior to 1914 should be recorded on Burslem Borough, and I also think that Burslem Port Vale is the same band. The conductors where recorded seem to tally, and on no occasion do any two bands appear on the same date. Am going to recheck Brass Band News 1881 to 1891 to see if there is any confirmation of this.

Am currently reading The Bandsman's Everything Within (published 1950) states Burslem Co-op started life as Longton Town band in the 1920's., becoming Burslem Co-op in 1946. This would seem to be backed by the results above because between 1883 and 1903 the record is for 'Burslem' and then a gap of 43 years when the Co-op results commence. When we check the results for 'Longton' we have Longton, Longton Borough and Longton Rifles up to 1899. Longton Town then appear on 4 occassions between 1931 and 1937, have we an easy way to correct these results and place Longton Town and Burslem co-op together as well as seperate 'Burslem' from the Co-op ?

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