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Earlestown Viaduct

Also/previously known as: Earlestown Viaduct Institute, Earlstown, Earlstown Viaduct

Contest Results

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Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
8th Feb 1959 Darwen Contest Recollections of Mendelssohn 20 Charles Fradley
29th Nov 1947 Lancashire B.B.Association Contest (Section 2) 3 C. S. Jones
15th Nov 1947 Wigan Contest Recollections of Mendelssohn 11 C. S. Jones
14th Sep 1935 Wigan Contest 8 C. S. Jones
20th Oct 1934 Atherton Contest 5 Echoes of Spring C. S. Jones
15th Sep 1934 Wigan Contest Echoes of Spring Unknown, do you know?
1st Sep 1934 Standish Contest 3 Echoes of Spring C. S. Jones
20th Jan 1934 Bolton Royal Infirmary Contest 5 Echoes of Spring 8 C. S. Jones
28th Oct 1933 Atherton Contest 5 Happy Memories C. S. Jones
30th Sep 1933 Crystal Palace (Junior Cup - A) 3 The Crusaders 13 C. S. Jones
6th May 1933 Belle Vue May Contest (Class A) Coriolanus 9 William Halliwell
15th Oct 1932 Atherton Contest Beautiful Britain Unknown, do you know?
18th Aug 1928 Widnes Contest Recollections of Verdi Unknown, do you know?
1st Aug 1925 High Lane Contest 3 Echoes of the Opera Unknown, do you know?
20th Sep 1919 Chorley Contest 4 Violets and Pansies Unknown, do you know?
29th Sep 1906 National Championship of Great Britain (Crystal Palace) W Gems of Chopin [arr. Short]
14th Jul 1906 Belle Vue July Contest Fernando Cortez 8 William Rimmer
4th Sep 1905 Belle Vue September Contest Cosi Fan Tutte [arr. Godfrey] 6 William Rimmer
5th Aug 1905 Kirkham Contest 2 Donizetti [arr. Round] 3 William Rimmer
8th Jul 1905 Belle Vue July Contest 2 L'Elisir d'Amore [arr. Godfrey] 3 William Rimmer
17th Jun 1905 New Brighton Contest Donizetti [arr. Round] 15 William Rimmer
13th May 1905 Warrington Contest 5 La Cenerentola William Rimmer
5th Sep 1904 Belle Vue September Contest Semiramide [arr. Godfrey] 14 William Rimmer
9th Jul 1904 Belle Vue July Contest 2 The Creation [arr. C. Godfrey] 17 William Rimmer
18th Jun 1904 New Brighton Contest Songs of Ireland 19 William Rimmer
28th May 1904 Earlestown Contest 1 Tannhäuser [unknown arranger] 1 J. Appleton
11th Jul 1903 Belle Vue July Contest 15 Idomeneo 15 Christopher Smith
13th Dec 1902 Manchester Industrial Exhibition Contest 5 Songs of Scotland 8 Christopher Smith
15th Nov 1902 Liverpool Exhibition Contest 2 Unknown, do you know?
3rd Sep 1902 Whitchurch Contest 1 Songs of Other Days 2 Christopher Smith
23rd Aug 1902 Westhoughton Contest 3 Songs of Other Days 10 Christopher Smith
12th Jul 1902 Belle Vue July Contest 6 Tutti in Maschera [arr. Godfrey] Christopher Smith
21st Jun 1902 Hawarden Contest 5 Songs of Other Days 3 Christopher Smith
10th May 1902 New Mills Contest Songs of Shakespeare 1 William Rimmer
2nd Sep 1901 Belle Vue September Contest Mirella [arr. Godfrey] 3 William Rimmer
13th Jul 1901 Belle Vue July Contest 3 Lucia di Lammermoor [arr. Godfrey] 11 William Rimmer
1st Sep 1900 Bollington Contest Songs of England [Round] 12 William Rimmer
11th Aug 1900 Eastham Contest 3 Songs of England [Round] 11 William Rimmer
14th Jul 1900 Belle Vue July Contest 15 Der Wildschütz [arr. Godfrey Jr.] 19 William Rimmer
12th May 1900 Bamber Bridge Contest 3 Beautiful Switzerland 6 William Rimmer
5th Dec 1899 Northwich Contest 3 Unknown, do you know?
12th Aug 1899 Ashton-in-Makerfield Contest 2 Lucia di Lammermoor - Selection [arr. Round] 5 William Rimmer
5th Aug 1899 St. Helens Contest 1 Beautiful Switzerland 7 William Rimmer
20th Jul 1899 Shaw Contest 2 Sunny Spain William Rimmer
24th Jun 1899 Parr (St Helens) Contest 1 Sunny Spain William Rimmer
27th May 1899 Southport Contest Lucia di Lammermoor - Selection [arr. Round] Unknown, do you know?
3rd Apr 1899 St. Helens Contest 1 Sunny Spain William Rimmer
1st Apr 1899 Compstall Contest Lucia di Lammermoor - Selection [arr. Round] Unknown, do you know?
30th May 1898 Colwyn Bay Contest Victorian Melodies Unknown, do you know?
7th May 1898 Radcliffe Contest 3 Bed of Roses William Rimmer
30th Apr 1898 Parr (St Helens) Contest Bed of Roses Unknown, do you know?
21st Jun 1897 Aintree Contest 3 William Rimmer
12th Jun 1897 Heywood Contest 2 Unknown, do you know?
22nd May 1897 Bamber Bridge Contest Smiles and Tears Unknown, do you know?
15th May 1897 Shaw Contest 4 Germania William Rimmer
17th Apr 1897 Middleton Contest 1 Germania William Rimmer
30th May 1896 Southport Contest Eureka Unknown, do you know?
4th Apr 1896 Blackrod Contest 3 Titania Unknown, do you know?
4th May 1895 Abbey Lakes Contest Aurora [Round] Unknown, do you know?
27th Apr 1895 Wigan Contest 2 Aurora [Round] 5 William Rimmer
20th Apr 1895 Crooke Contest Aurora [Round] Unknown, do you know?
13th Apr 1895 Blackrod Contest 4 Aurora [Round] William Rimmer
2nd Mar 1895 Earlestown Contest 1 Night and Morning J. Appleton
11th Aug 1894 Hindley Contest Pomona 7 Unknown, do you know?
28th Jul 1894 Ashton Contest 2 Night and Morning 13 William Rimmer
10th Feb 1894 St. Helens Contest 1 La Enchanteresse William Rimmer
12th Aug 1893 Ashton Contest Theodora 1 William Rimmer
29th Jul 1893 Widnes Contest 3 Theodora William Rimmer
24th Jun 1893 St. Helens Contest 5 Theodora William Rimmer
22nd May 1893 Warrington Contest 3 Theodora J. Makin
20th May 1893 Leigh Contest Theodora 13 William Rimmer
6th May 1893 Platt Bridge Contest W Theodora
2nd Jan 1893 St. Helens Contest J. Makin
13th Aug 1892 Ashton-in-Makerfield Contest 5 Medusa 5 J. Makin
1st Jan 1892 St. Helens Contest Unknown, do you know?
18th Jul 1891 Platt Bridge Contest Galatea Quadrilles 2 J. Makin
22nd May 1891 Rochdale (Rope & Anchor) Contest Unknown, do you know?
2nd May 1891 Leyland Contest 9 Galatea Quadrilles 10 Unknown, do you know?
17th Nov 1888 Leigh Contest Hail Apollo 1 Unknown, do you know?

Whit Friday

Whit Friday results are not included in the statistics and charts above.

Date Contest Position Conductor March
5th Jun 1936 Mossley (Whit Friday) Unknown, do you know?
14th Jun 1935 Mossley (Whit Friday) 3 Unknown, do you know?

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