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Guisborough Priory

This band no longer exists.
Region:North of England

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
22nd Aug 1925 Skelton Castle Contest 2 D. Clements
23rd May 1925 Redcar Contest (First Section) 4 Unknown, do you know?
24th Jun 1923 Redcar Contest (First Section) Jessonda Unknown, do you know?
5th Jun 1920 Redcar Contest (First Section) 1 Unknown, do you know?
1st May 1920 Brotton Contest 2 Euryanthe [unknown arranger] 6 T. Hunter
27th Sep 1913 Crystal Palace (Grand Shield) 2 Classic Gems 17 J. A. Greenwood
9th Aug 1913 Middlesbrough Contest 2 Unknown, do you know?
28th Sep 1912 Crystal Palace (Grand Shield) 9 Emelia 4 Angus Holden
30th Sep 1911 Crystal Palace (Grand Shield) 3 Maritana [unknown arranger] 14 William Holdsworth
2nd Sep 1911 Redcar Contest (First Section) 1 William Holdsworth
8th Aug 1911 Harrogate Contest 3 Unknown, do you know?
25th Sep 1909 Crystal Palace (Grand Shield) Robert Devereux T. Hunter
1st Jun 1909 Whitby Contest 2 Old Favourites T. Hunter
31st May 1909 Saltburn Contest Unknown, do you know?
1st May 1909 Guisborough Contest (First Section) 1 Rienzi [arr. Rimmer] T. Hunter
29th Aug 1908 North Skelton Contest (First Section) 4 Tannhäuser [unknown arranger] 3 C. E. Stewart
30th May 1908 Brotton Contest (First Section) 1 Truth in Marchera Unknown, do you know?
18th Apr 1908 Guisborough Contest (First Section) 2 5 C. E. Stewart
10th Aug 1907 Grangetown Contest 3 Il Trovatore [unknown arranger] 2 William Holdsworth
7th Aug 1907 Pickering Own Choice Contest 1 William Holdsworth
5th Aug 1907 Whitby Contest 2 Faust [Berlioz, unknown arranger] 5 William Holdsworth
20th Jul 1907 York Contest Saffo 6 William Holdsworth
20th May 1907 Saltburn Contest Unknown, do you know?
29th Sep 1906 Crystal Palace (Grand Shield) 2 Saffo William Holdsworth
18th Aug 1906 Shildon Contest 1 Unknown, do you know?
8th Aug 1906 Pickering Own Choice Contest 1 William Holdsworth
28th Jul 1906 Ripon Contest 1 William Holdsworth
23rd Jun 1906 Grangetown Contest 1 Carmelite T. Hunter
4th Jun 1906 Howden-le-Wear 1 Satanella [unknown arranger] 3 William Holdsworth
2nd Dec 1905 Guisborough Contest (First Section) 1 Donizetti [arr. Round] 1 William Holdsworth
23rd Sep 1905 Reeth Contest 1 Faust [Berlioz, unknown arranger] 1 Unknown, do you know?
23rd Sep 1905 Loftus Contest 3 Irish Songs 1 William Holdsworth
2nd Sep 1905 Guisborough Contest 2 William Holdsworth
31st Aug 1905 Castleton (Yorkshire) Contest 1 Irish Melodies William Holdsworth
7th Aug 1905 Marske-by-the-Sea Contest 3 Echoes of Scotland William Holdsworth
2nd Aug 1905 Pickering Own Choice Contest 1 William Holdsworth
12th Jun 1905 Saltburn Contest 1 William Holdsworth
10th Jun 1905 Redcar Contest (First Section) 1 Gemma di Vergy [unknown arranger] 3 William Holdsworth
29th Apr 1905 Brotton Contest (First Section) 1 La Cenerentola Unknown, do you know?
8th Oct 1904 Tynemouth Contest 5 Marco Spada William Holdsworth
17th Aug 1904 Great Ayton Contest 2 1 William Holdsworth
13th Aug 1904 Beverley Contest 1 Unknown, do you know?
21st May 1904 Saltburn Contest 1 Unknown, do you know?
9th Apr 1904 Skinningrove Contest 1 Unknown, do you know?
13th Feb 1904 Guisborough Contest 3 Gems of Scotch Melody Unknown, do you know?
12th Sep 1903 Langley Park Contest 3 William Holdsworth
29th Aug 1903 Guisborough Contest 2 Le Domino Noir [unknown arranger] 2 William Holdsworth
11th Jul 1903 Waterhouses Contest 5 William Holdsworth
27th Jun 1903 Grangetown Contest Scottish Memories Unknown, do you know?
20th Jun 1903 Sacriston Contest 1 Il Seraglio (arr. Rimmer) 3 Unknown, do you know?
1st Jun 1903 Saltburn Contest 1 Scottish Memories William Holdsworth
Years Contest
1905 1906 1907 Pickering Own Choice Contest
1903 1904 1905 Saltburn Contest

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