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Livingston Brass

Also/previously known as: Livingston Junior Brass

This band no longer exists.
Years active: - 2004
Descendants:Broxburn and Livingston Brass

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
14th Mar 2004 Scottish Championship (First Section) W Coventry Variations
30th Aug 2003 Brass in the Park - Open March & Hymn Tune 4 16 Alan Samson
8th Mar 2003 Scottish Championship (First Section) 7 Passacaglia on a Theme of Brahms 4 Alan Samson
3rd Nov 2002 Whitburn Invitation Contest 2 Alan Samson
22nd Sep 2002 National Championship of Great Britain (First Section Final) 17 Leonardo 7 Alan Samson
11th May 2002 Northern Counties Open Contest 3 Alan Samson
9th Mar 2002 Scottish Championship (First Section) 3 Royal Parks 5 Alan Samson
22nd Sep 2001 National Championship of Great Britain (Second Section Final) 8 Diversions - Variations on a Swiss Folk Song Alan Samson
1st Sep 2001 Brass in the Park - Open March & Hymn Tune 2 Alan Samson
21st Apr 2001 Carnegie Invitation Contest (Second Section) 1 Alan Samson
10th Mar 2001 Scottish Championship (Second Section) 1 The Moor of Venice 5 Alan Samson
18th Nov 2000 Forth Valley Championships 4 Alan Samson
21st Oct 2000 National Championship of Great Britain (Third Section Final) 2 Excelsior! [Snell] 10 Alan Samson
19th Aug 2000 Brass in the Park Section C 1 3 Alan Samson
28th May 2000 West of Scotland Band Association Open 5 11 Alan Samson
13th May 2000 Northern Counties Open Contest 7 Alan Samson
19th Mar 2000 Scottish Championship (Third Section) 1 Narnia Suite 5 Alan Samson
27th Feb 1999 Scottish Championship (Second Section) 11 Symphonic Suite for Brass 7 Alan Samson
21st Feb 1998 Scottish Championship (Second Section) 9 Culloden Moor 8 Alan Samson
30th Aug 1997 Land o' Burns W
1st Mar 1997 Scottish Championship (Second Section) 8 A New Buckenham Suite 2 Alan Samson
31st Aug 1996 Land o' Burns 9 The Shipbuilders 1 Alan Samson
24th Feb 1996 Scottish Championship (First Section) W Spectrum [Vinter]
26th Aug 1995 Land o' Burns 8 Triumphant Rhapsody 4 Jim Smith
25th Feb 1995 Scottish Championship (First Section) 8 The Land of the Long White Cloud - Aotearoa 8 Jim Smith
26th Feb 1994 Scottish Championship (First Section) 11 Maoriana 2 William Smith
27th Feb 1993 Scottish Championship (First Section) 3 The Forest of Dean 7 William Smith
21st Nov 1992 Forth Valley Championships 13 William Smith
7th Nov 1992 Whitburn Invitation Contest 1 8 William Smith
7th Mar 1992 Scottish Championship (Championship Section) 9 Frontier! 1 William Smith
2nd Nov 1991 Whitburn Invitation Contest 5 7 William Smith
21st Apr 1991 Carnegie Invitation Contest (Championship Section) 2 William Smith
2nd Mar 1991 Scottish Championship (Championship Section) 5 Journey into Freedom 10 William Smith
24th Nov 1990 Forth Valley Championships 3 Prisms 17 William Smith
3rd Nov 1990 Whitburn Invitation Contest 1 13 William Smith
3rd Mar 1990 Scottish Championship (Championship Section) 9 The Beacons 8 David Hirst
4th Nov 1989 Whitburn Invitation Contest 4 15 Alan Morrison
4th Mar 1989 Scottish Championship (Championship Section) 8 Prisms 11 David Hirst
5th Nov 1988 Whitburn Invitation Contest 2 Martin McHale
28th May 1988 Strathclyde Charities Unknown, do you know?
5th Mar 1988 Scottish Championship (Championship Section) 10 Ballet for Band 9 James McCafferty
7th Nov 1987 Whitburn Invitation Contest 1 James McCafferty
7th Mar 1987 Scottish Championship (Championship Section) 10 Diversions on a Bass Theme 7 Nigel Boddice
29th Nov 1986 Forth Valley Championships 19 Nigel Boddice
1st Nov 1986 Whitburn Invitation Contest 7 Nigel Boddice
4th Oct 1986 National Championship of Great Britain (Second Section Final) St. Paul's Suite 15 Nigel Boddice
2nd Mar 1986 Scottish Championship (Second Section) 2 California Legend 11 Nigel Boddice
30th Nov 1985 Forth Valley Championships (Open Section) 27 22 James McCafferty
30th Nov 1985 Forth Valley Championships (Second Section) 8 James McCafferty
2nd Mar 1985 Scottish Championship (Second Section) 9 Music for a Brass Band 3 James McCafferty
3rd Mar 1984 Scottish Championship (Second Section) 10 Dimensions 5 James McCafferty
12th Mar 1983 Scottish Championship (Second Section) 11 Caprice Brass Fair 7 James McCafferty
2nd Oct 1982 National Championship of Great Britain (Third Section Final) Music from the Elizabethan Court James McCafferty
13th Mar 1982 Scottish Championship (Third Section) 1 Land of the Ever Young 12 James McCafferty
5th Dec 1981 Edinburgh Charities Contest Unknown, do you know?
3rd Oct 1981 National Championship of Great Britain (Fourth Section Final) 6 Contest Day 9 James McCafferty
14th Mar 1981 Scottish Championship (Fourth Section) 2 Fantasy for Brass Bands [Wiggins] 2 James McCafferty
8th Nov 1980 Whitburn Invitation Contest Unknown, do you know?
8th Mar 1980 Scottish Championship (Fourth Section) 4 Overture to Youth 9 James McCafferty
10th Nov 1979 Whitburn Invitation Contest (Section 4) 4 James McCafferty
10th Mar 1979 Scottish Championship (Fourth Section) 11 The Winter's Tale 8 James McCafferty

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