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RNVR (Clyde Division)

Also/previously known as: Glasgow Naval Reserves, R.N.V.R. Clyde Division, R.N.V.R. Headquarters (Glasgow), R.N.V.R. (Scottish Division), Royal Naval Reserve, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, Royal Navy V.R.

This band no longer exists.

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
21st May 1955 Glasgow Charities Contest Mr. Yates
13th Nov 1954 Scottish Championship (Fourth Section) 8 Midsummer Eve Mr. Yates
22nd May 1954 Glasgow Charities Contest Mr. Yates
24th May 1952 Glasgow Charities Contest Tchaikovsky [arr. W. Rimmer] 5 M. Siddle
16th Sep 1950 Scottish Championship (Fourth Section) 14 The New Age Unknown, do you know?
25th Mar 1950 Scottish Area (Daily Herald Qualifying) Contest, Fourth Section May Day M. Siddle
24th Sep 1949 Scottish Championship (Fourth Section) 12 The Unknown Warrior Unknown, do you know?
11th Mar 1933 Glasgow Contest Unknown, do you know?
5th Mar 1932 Glasgow Contest Unknown, do you know?
7th Mar 1931 Glasgow Contest 3 Hamlet 2 W. J. McNay
17th Mar 1928 Glasgow Contest The Mountain Sylph Unknown, do you know?
9th Apr 1927 Glasgow Contest 4 Unknown, do you know?
17th Apr 1926 Glasgow Contest 4 Oberon [arr. Round] W. J. McNay
26th Sep 1925 Crystal Palace (Junior Shield - A) Faust [Berlioz, unknown arranger] E. Rimmer
26th Mar 1921 Kelvin Hall Contest Memories of Beethoven [arr. Greenwood] Unknown, do you know?
16th May 1914 Laurieston Contest Songs of Scotland 3 Unknown, do you know?
17th Aug 1912 Kirkcaldy Contest The Beauties of Scotland 9 James Dow
13th Nov 1909 Glasgow Contest (Third Section) Operatic Melodies Unknown, do you know?
15th May 1909 Kilsyth Contest (Third Section) 3 J. McDade
7th Nov 1908 Scottish Central Association (Third Section) 5 Recollections of Handel 5 J. McDade
30th Nov 1907 Alexandria Contest 4 Rossini [arr. Round] 6 J. McDade

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