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Belgian Nationals (Second Division)

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Past Results

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Date Winner Conductor Test Piece
28th Nov 2021 No Contest. Again cancelled due to COVID-19. Message vlamo.be: Met veel pijn in ons muzikaal hart namen we de moeilijke beslissing om het Brassbandkampioenschap + BE BRASS Festival te annuleren. (We had to take the hard Decision to cancel the Brass Band Festival)
28th Nov 2020 No Contest. Finally canceled due to Corona Virus- Pandemic: https://www.vlamo.be/evenement/geannuleerd-brassbandfestival-2020
30th Nov 2019
24th Nov 2018
25th Nov 2017
26th Nov 2016
28th Nov 2015
29th Nov 2014
23rd Nov 2013
24th Nov 2012
26th Nov 2011
28th Nov 2010
29th Nov 2009
30th Nov 2008
25th Nov 2007
26th Nov 2006
27th Nov 2005
28th Nov 2004
30th Nov 2003
24th Nov 2002
2nd Dec 2001
28th Nov 1999
29th Nov 1998
30th Nov 1997
1st Dec 1996
3rd Dec 1995
27th Nov 1994
6th Nov 1993
1992 No Contest.
2nd Dec 1990
3rd Dec 1989
29th Nov 1987
29th Nov 1986
7th Dec 1985
2nd Dec 1984
17th Apr 1983
28th Nov 1982
29th Nov 1981
15th Nov 1980

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