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Denshaw (Whit Friday)

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Date Winner Conductor
5th Jun 2020 No Contest. CANCELLED DUE TO CORONA VIRUS OUTBREAK Statement from Chairman, Bob Rogers, on behalf of the Saddleworth Area Contests: “Following much soul searching and debate between the 11 Saddleworth and Oldham Whit Friday Contests, we have reluctantly decided that we must follow Government guidelines, and guidance from Brass Bands England, and not hold the contest in 2020. We know that this is one of the highlights of the calendar not only for local people, but also for Brass Bands nationally and internationally. We look forward to running a fantastic event on 28th May, 2021, and hope that everyone keeps safe throughout these unprecedented times.”
14th Jun 2019
25th May 2018
9th Jun 2017
20th May 2016
29th May 2015
13th Jun 2014
Unknown, do you know?
24th May 2013
1st Jun 2012
17th Jun 2011
28th May 2010
Unknown, do you know?
5th Jun 2009
16th May 2008
Unknown, do you know?
1st Jun 2007
9th Jun 2006
Unknown, do you know?
20th May 2005
4th Jun 2004
Unknown, do you know?
13th Jun 2003
24th May 2002
Unknown, do you know?
8th Jun 2001
Unknown, do you know?
16th Jun 2000
Unknown, do you know?
28th May 1999
Unknown, do you know?
5th Jun 1998
Unknown, do you know?
23rd May 1997
Unknown, do you know?
31st May 1996
Unknown, do you know?
9th Jun 1995
Unknown, do you know?
27th May 1994
Unknown, do you know?
4th Jun 1993
Unknown, do you know?

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Whit Friday

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Contest website:http://www.denshawcontest.co.uk/

Contest Group Notes

Friezland contest does not count for the open and local area prizes because it is restricted to 3rd section, 4th section and youth bands.

According to the British Bandsman 20/06/1992, - "The new Saddleworth area champion's award (highest marks from six contests) was won by Williams Fairey Engineering followed by Grimethorpe and Hammonds. Of the 19 contests, a few managed to play at 10, although Hammonds managed to squeeze in 12 contests. A total of 105 bands played at the nine contests in the Saddleworth area. The Tameside Championship had not been decided as we went to press". So 1992 is the 1st year of the overall Saddleworth Champion. 19 contests obviously refers to Tameside and Saddleworth/Oldham.

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