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Northern Open (Fourth Section)

Wilkinson Northern Open (Section D)

Northern Open (Third Section)

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Contest Group Notes

First contest 1981.
Known 1981-1998 as "Pilkington Northern Open", after sponsors.
Known 1999-2009 as "Wilkinson Northern Open", after sponsors.
Known 2010-2013 as "Northern Open" [N.B. Sponsored 2010-2012 by R. Banks & Son, proprietor Brian Halliwell, but was not named for this sponsor].

Section names were given by letters until 2010.
From 2011 they have followed national section labels.

Set test piece 1981-2002.
Own choice from works of Eric Ball 2003.
Set test 2004.
Own choice 2005-2013.

Discontinued in announcement by Lancashire Contests August 2014.

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