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Wychavon Contest (First Section)

Wychavon Contest (Championship Section) Wychavon Contest (Second Section)

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Past Results

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Date Winner Conductor
30th Oct 2021
2nd Nov 2019
3rd Nov 2018
28th Oct 2017
29th Oct 2016
31st Oct 2015
1st Nov 2014
14th Sep 2013
16th Sep 2012
17th Sep 2011
18th Sep 2010
20th Sep 2009
21st Sep 2008
16th Sep 2007
16th Sep 2006
2nd Oct 2005
26th Sep 2004
28th Sep 2003
29th Sep 2002
30th Sep 2001
24th Sep 2000
26th Sep 1999
13th Sep 1998
14th Sep 1997
28th Sep 1996
10th Sep 1995
18th Sep 1994
12th Sep 1993
13th Sep 1992

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Contest Web Site:http://www.festivalofbrass.co.uk/

Contest Group Notes

First contest 1990

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