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Isaiah 40 (1996), Robert Redhead

Contest Test Pieces (20)

Date Contest Winner
16th Jun 2018 West of England Bandsmen's Festival (Championship Section) St Dennis Band
23rd Nov 2013 Swiss National Championships (First Division) Ensemble de Cuivres AMBITUS
29th Jan 2012 French National Brass Band Championship (Excellence Division) Brassage Brass Band
18th Mar 2007 London and Southern Counties (Championship Section) Redbridge Brass
18th Mar 2007 North of England Area (Championship Section) Reg Vardy
18th Mar 2007 Welsh Area (Championship Section) Buy As You View
11th Mar 2007 Midlands Area (Championship Section) The Staffordshire Band
11th Mar 2007 North West Area (Championship Section) Fodens Richardson
11th Mar 2007 Scottish Championship (Championship Section) Kirkintilloch
11th Mar 2007 West of England Area (Championship Section) PolySteel
4th Mar 2007 Yorkshire Area (Championship Section) Brighouse & Rastrick
24th Nov 2001 National Mineworkers (Championship Section) Grimethorpe Colliery Band
24th Apr 1999 North American Championships (Championship Section) Brass Band of Columbus
11th Apr 1998 Australian Championships (A Grade) Kew Band (Vic)
15th Nov 1997 Reading Contest S.W.T. Woodfalls
25th Oct 1997 NIBA Championship of Ireland (Championship Brass) C.W.A. Brass
8th Feb 1997 Norwegian National Championships (Elite Section) Manger Musikklag
30th Nov 1996 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) De Bazuin
30th Nov 1996 Swiss National Championships (Excellence Section) Brass Band Berner Oberland
19th Oct 1996 National Championship of Great Britain (Championship Section Final) CWS (Glasgow)


Own Choice Test Pieces (27)

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Date Contest Band Position
8th Feb 2019 Norwegian National Championships (Elite Division) Musikkorpset Gjallarhorn
14th Jul 2018 New Zealand National Championships (A Grade) Hamilton City Brass 8
25th Nov 2017 Wessex BBA Contest Verwood Concert Brass 1
19th Nov 2017 Leicestershire BBA (Leicester) Contest (First Section) Langley Band 3
4th Nov 2017 SWBBA Contest (Open Section) Verwood Concert Brass 9
4th Feb 2017 Norwegian National Championships (Division 1) Musikkorpset Gjallarhorn 2
15th Jan 2017 Butlins Mineworkers (Championship Section) Haverhill Silver 8
29th Nov 2015 Milton Keynes Open (Section A) Thundersley Brass 2
25th Jan 2015 French National Brass Band Championship (Excellence Division) Brass Band des Hauts de Flandres 5
28th Sep 2013 Fife Charities Band Association Contest Bon Accord 4
31st Mar 2013 Australian Championships (A Grade) Brisbane Brass No.1 (Qld) 6
26th Sep 2010 NSW State Championships (A Grade) Warringah Concert Brass 4
15th Nov 2009 Wilkinson Northern Open (Section A) Wrexham Brass 3
12th Apr 2009 Australian Championships (A Grade) Kew Band Melbourne (Vic) 2
14th Apr 2007 North American Championships (Honors Section) New England Brass Band 5
8th Apr 2007 Australian Championships (B Grade) Hall Village Brass (ACT) 3
4th Feb 2007 Brass At The Guild (Preston) Contest (Championship Section) Pemberton Old Wigan JJB 3
4th Feb 2007 Brass At The Guild (Preston) Contest (Championship Section) Bactiguard Wire Brass 5
11th Nov 2006 Swedish National Championship (A Class) Stockholm Brass band 3
2nd Oct 2005 SCABA Autumn Contest (Championship Section) KM Medway 6
28th Nov 2004 Belgian Nationals (Championship Division) Festival Brass Band 4
1st Jun 2003 Aargau Kantonales Musikfest (Championship Section) Brass Band Imperial Lenzburg 1
29th Mar 2002 Australian Championships (A Grade) South Brisbane Federal (Qld) 11
5th May 2001 European Championships The Ransome Band 8
19th Sep 1998 NSW State Championships (A Grade) Warringah Concert Brass 7
7th Dec 1997 West Midlands Brass Band Association Contest (Championship Section) Woolley Pritchard Sovereign Brass 1
7th Dec 1997 West Midlands Brass Band Association Contest (Championship Section) City of Oxford 6

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