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Bands starting with I

Showing 154 of 12888 bands. This is a list of current or last known names, previous band names can be found by searching.

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Name Region Contest Results
Ibstock Brick Brass [1971-] Midlands 215
Ibstock Excelsior Midlands 20
Ibstock Town Midlands 2
Ibstock Welfare Midlands 71
Ibstock Youth Midlands 2
Ichihasama Primary School Brass Band Japan 0
ICI (Alkali) North West 39
I.C.I. Ltd Works North West 1
ICI Recreation Club Silver [1919-] Scotland 8
I.C.I. Salt Group (Winsford) North West 2
Ickford London and Southern Counties 2
Ickleton London and Southern Counties 1
Ideal Boilers & Radiator Works North of England 6
Idle Airedale Yorkshire 1
Idle and Thackley Yorkshire 11
Ieuenctid Trefor Wales 4
Ifton Colliery Band [1916-] Wales 202
Ifton Colliery Youth Wales 2
Ifton Heath Silver Midlands 1
Iganga Schools Band Uganda 0
Ikuna Youth Brass New Zealand 1
Ila Brass Band Norway 58
Ilford Horns Temperance London and Southern Counties 38
Ilford Silver London and Southern Counties 33
Ilfracombe Silver West of England 1
Ilkeston Borough Midlands 13
Ilkeston Brass [1920-] Midlands 245
Ilkeston Church Army Midlands 1
Ilkeston National Midlands 1
Ilkeston Rifles Midlands 5
Ilkeston Temperance Midlands 2
Illawarra District Australia 1
Illawong Public School Australia 0
Illhorn Susten Switzerland 1
Illinois Brass Band [1991-] United States of America 32
Illogan Reed and Brass West of England 6
Illogan Sparnon Silver Band [1976-] West of England 33
Illrawong Public School Australia 0
Ilsley United Brass Band London and Southern Counties 2
IMI Brass [1938-] Norway 55
Immanuel Brass - Enköping [1963-] Sweden 4
Immanuel Brass - Jönköping Sweden 2
Immanuel Brass - Stockholm Sweden 9
Immanuel Eemsmond [1986-] Netherlands 16
Immanuel Minibrass - Enköping Sweden 6
Immanuel Youth Brass Band Sweden 1
Immortal Brass Eternally Japan 1
Immortal Brass Eternally (Japan) Australia 1
Imola Brass Band Italy 1
Imperial Brass [1991-] United States of America 3
Imperial Brass Band France 0
Ince Public North West 1
Inchicore Republic of Ireland 1
Ind Coope & Allsopp Band Club Midlands 9
Ind Coope Burton Brewery [1981-1996] Midlands 66
Indépendante Charrat Switzerland 4
India Eastern Territorial Staff Band (IET) India 0
Indian Queens Silver [1856-] West of England 175
Indian Queens Youth West of England 5
Indre Torungen Brass Ensemble Norway 27
Ingatestone Brotherhood London and Southern Counties 5
Ingham Municipal Australia 2
Ingleby Saxhorn North of England 1
Ingledew's (Leeds) Yorkshire 5
Inkpen Imperial London and Southern Counties 4
Inkpen Village Band London and Southern Counties 32
Innesfail Town (NSW) Australia 3
Innisfail Citizens Australia 26
Innisfail Town (Qld) Australia 4
Institute Red Ribbon Army West of England 1
International Staff Band of the Salvation Army [1891-] London and Southern Counties 0
Intrada Brass of Oakville [1995-] Canada 0
Invercargill CIty New Zealand 3
Inverclyde District Scotland 37
Inverclyde Schools Band Scotland 2
Inverell Australia 1
Inverkeithing Scotland 18
Inverkeithing & Burntisland Scotland 1
Inverleithen Scotland 1
Inverness Scotland 1
Inverness Silver Band [1920-1936] Scotland 0
I.O.R. Band (Geelong) [1891-1911] Australia 1
I.O.R. Bolton North West 25
I.O.R. Rescue Tent [Northern Ireland] Northern Ireland 24
Ipswich Citadel Band London and Southern Counties 0
Ipswich Citizens & Boys Australia 7
Ipswich City & Boys Australia 1
Ipswich City Excelsior Australia 1
Ipswich City Model Concert (Qld) Unknown, do you know? 1
Ipswich City Vice Regal Australia 11
Ipswich City Vice-regal Band [1890-1972] Australia 59
Ipswich City Vice Regal Juniors Australia 1
Ipswich City Vice Regal (Qld) Australia 1
Ipswich City Vice Regal (Qld) Australia 2
Ipswich City Vice Regals Australia 2
Ipswich Excelsior Australia 6
Ipswich Excelsior & Boys Australia 2
Ipswich Gas Company [1865-] London and Southern Counties 1
Ipswich Hospital Band London and Southern Counties 0
Ipswich Model [1906-] Australia 83
Ipswich Model Juniors Australia 6
Ipswich Model (Qld) Australia 9
Ipswich Over 50's Brass Band London and Southern Counties 0
Ipswich Public London and Southern Counties 1
Ipswich Railways Australia 16
Ipswich Town [1961-1985] London and Southern Counties 28
Ipswich Vice Regal Excelsior Australia 5
Ipswich Vice Regal Model Australia 11
Ipswich Vice Regal (Qld) Australia 5
Ireland Colliery 'B' Midlands 18
Ireland Colliery Band [1980-1990] Midlands 71
Ireland Colliery Chesterfield Band [1990-] Midlands 145
Ireland Colliery Chesterfield Youth Midlands 3
Ireland Colliery Silver Prize [-1965] Midlands 7
Ireland Colliery Training Band Midlands 0
Irish National Foresters [1979-] Republic of Ireland 2
Irish Rifles Australia 3
Irish Transport & General Workers Union Unknown, do you know? 1
Irlam and Cadishead North West 1
Irlam o' th' Heights North West 3
Irlam Silver Band [1882-] North West 101
Irlam Village North West 21
Iron Acton Cocoa Works [2000-] West of England 1
Ironbridge Volunteer Midlands 1
Irrawang High School Brass Australia 7
Irrawong Public School Australia 1
Irthlingborough Town Midlands 75
Irvine and Dreghorn Band [1988-] Scotland 88
Irvine Band [1975-] Scotland 24
Irvine Burgh Scotland 1
Irvine & Dreghorn Youth Scotland 5
Irvine Valley Brass Scotland 36
Irwell Bank [1875-1929] North West 191
Irwell Brass Band (Crossley) North West 0
Irwell Old Prize Band North West 29
Irwell Springs [1864-1960] North West 242
Irwell Street Mission (Salford) North West 12
Irymple Brass Band [1907-1909] Australia 0
Isak Hård Unknown, do you know? 1
Isfjorden Hornmusikk Norway 1
Isis District Band [1936-] Australia 0
Isis Town Australia 3
Isleham Jubilee London and Southern Counties 5
Isle of Ely College (Wisbech) Silver Midlands 9
Isle of Man Artillery Corps Band North West 1
Isley and Crompton London and Southern Counties 1
Islington Prize [1934-] London and Southern Counties 15
Islington (St Mary) School London and Southern Counties 2
Islip Brass Band London and Southern Counties 0
Ispwich Citizens & Boys Band (Qld) Australia 1
Italian Brass Band [2014-] Italy 8
Ithaca District Australia 1
Ithaca Municipal Concert Australia 2
Ithaca Town (Qld) Australia 2

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