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Burbage Buxton Band

Also/previously known as: Burbage, Burbage Band (Buxton), Burbage (Buxton), Burbage Silver (Buxton)

Years active:1861 -
Rehearsals:Tuesday and Friday

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
25th Feb 2023 Midlands Area (First Section)
26th Feb 2022 Midlands Area (First Section) 5 Spectrum [Vinter] 12 Steve Critchlow
Mar 2021 Midlands Area (First Section) Steve Critchlow
7th Mar 2020 Midlands Area (First Section) 4 Legacy 6 Steve Critchlow
9th Mar 2019 Midlands Area (First Section) 10 Symphony of Marches 4 Steve Critchlow
10th Mar 2018 Midlands Area (First Section) 7 Brass Metamorphosis 11 Steve Critchlow
12th Mar 2017 Midlands Area (Second Section) 3 Rhapsody in Brass 1 Steve Critchlow
13th Mar 2016 Midlands Area (Second Section) 8 The Mermaid of Zennor 6 Steve Critchlow
8th Mar 2015 Midlands Area (Second Section) 4 Variations on Maccabeus 3 Steve Critchlow
8th Mar 2014 Midlands Area (Third Section) 6 Partita for Band - Postcards from Home 2 Steve Critchlow
9th Mar 2013 Midlands Area (Third Section) 6 Hollywood! 14 Steve Critchlow
22nd Sep 2012 National Championship of Great Britain (Fourth Section Final) 20 A British Isles Suite 2 Steve Critchlow
29th Apr 2012 Buxton Festival (Fourth Section) 6 Labour and Love 2 Steve Critchlow
11th Mar 2012 Midlands Area (Fourth Section) 1 English Folk Song Suite 19 Steve Critchlow
24th Sep 2011 National Championship of Great Britain (Fourth Section Final) 14 Henry the Fifth [Vaughan Williams] 9 Steve Critchlow
12th Mar 2011 Midlands Area (Fourth Section) 1 Prelude, Song and Dance 14 Steve Critchlow
22nd Jan 2011 Butlins Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 5 Contrasts (Barry) 9 Steve Critchlow
2nd May 2010 Buxton Festival (Third Section) 6 Steve Critchlow
13th Mar 2010 Midlands Area (Third Section) 15 Labour and Love 7 Steve Critchlow
23rd Jan 2010 Butlins Mineworkers (Third Section) 4 Diamonds 9 Steve Critchlow
3rd May 2009 Buxton Festival (Third Section) 4 3 Alan Wycherley
14th Mar 2009 Midlands Area (Third Section) 13 The Once and Future King 9 Steve Critchlow
4th May 2008 Buxton Festival (Fourth Section) 4 Triptych [Sparke] Steve Critchlow
9th Mar 2008 Midlands Area (Fourth Section) 5 Four Cities Symphony 23 Steve Critchlow
6th May 2007 Buxton Festival (Fourth Section) 2 The Seasons [Wilby] Steve Critchlow
11th Mar 2007 Midlands Area (Fourth Section) 9 The Seasons [Wilby] 2 Steve Critchlow
30th Apr 2006 Buxton Festival (Fourth Section) 5 Dimensions M. Jones
12th Mar 2006 Midlands Area (Fourth Section) 6 Anglian Dances 5 Steve Critchlow
1st May 2005 Buxton Festival (Fourth Section) 4 Steve Critchlow
2nd May 2004 Buxton Festival (Fourth Section) 4 Partita [Gregson] 3 Steve Critchlow
15th Feb 2004 Oxfordshire & District Brass Band Association Winter Contest (Section A March) 1 3 Steve Critchlow
15th Feb 2004 Oxfordshire & District Brass Band Association Winter Contest (Section A) 1 3 Steve Critchlow
4th May 2003 Buxton Festival (Fourth Section) 3 3 Steve Critchlow
26th Nov 2000 Manchester District Contest (Fourth Section) Steve Critchlow
30th Apr 2000 Buxton Festival (Fourth Section) 5 2 Steve Critchlow
2nd May 1999 Buxton Festival (Fourth Section) 3 Steve Critchlow
7th Mar 1999 Midlands Area (Fourth Section) 8 Indian Summer 17 Steve Critchlow
3rd May 1998 Buxton Festival (Fourth Section) 4 6 Steve Critchlow
8th Mar 1998 Midlands Area (Fourth Section) 5 Solemn Melody [arr. Gay] Steve Critchlow
4th May 1997 Buxton Festival (Fourth Section) 3 3 Steve Critchlow
2nd Mar 1997 Midlands Area (Fourth Section) 7 Pennine Moors 15 Steve Critchlow
5th May 1996 Buxton Festival (Fourth Section) 4 4 Steve Critchlow
1st May 1994 Buxton Festival (Section D) 4 Barry Thompson
1st May 1994 Buxton Festival (Fourth Section) 1 Barry Thompson
6th Mar 1994 Midlands Area (Third Section) Chorale and Toccata 4 Barry Thompson
2nd May 1993 Buxton Festival (Section D) Barry Thompson
2nd May 1993 Buxton Festival (Fourth Section) 9 Barry Thompson
6th Mar 1993 Midlands (North) Area (Third Section) The Shipbuilders Barry Thompson
7th Feb 1993 NWABBA Contest (Fourth Section) The Shipbuilders Barry Thompson
3rd May 1992 Buxton Festival (Fourth Section) 14 Barry Thompson
8th Mar 1992 Midlands (North) Area (Third Section) Suite for Brass [Segers] 9 Barry Thompson
5th May 1991 Buxton Festival (Section C) 2 14 Barry Thompson
9th Mar 1991 Midlands (North) Area (Third Section) Triptych [Sparke] 12 Barry Thompson
24th Feb 1991 NWABBA Contest (Fourth Section) 5 2 Barry Thompson
6th Oct 1990 National Championship of Great Britain (Fourth Section Final) Pantheon [Amos] 20 Barry Thompson
10th Mar 1990 Midlands (North) Area (Fourth Section) 3 Summer Fantasy 20 Barry Thompson
11th Feb 1990 NWABBA Contest (Fourth Section) 8 14 Barry Thompson
7th Oct 1989 National Championship of Great Britain (Fourth Section Final) Contrasten Barry Thompson
11th Mar 1989 Midlands (North) Area (Fourth Section) 2 Suite for Brass [Davis] 16 Barry Thompson
1st May 1988 Buxton Festival (Section C) 15 Stantonbury Festival Barry Thompson
5th Mar 1988 Midlands (North) Area (Fourth Section) Stantonbury Festival Barry Thompson
14th Feb 1988 NWABBA Contest (Fourth Section) Egmont [arr. Ball] 5 Barry Thompson
3rd May 1987 Buxton Festival (Section B) 11 Scottish Festival Overture 12 R. C. Bailey
21st Sep 1986 Buxton Entertainment Contest 5 R. C. Bailey
20th Apr 1985 Midlands (North) Area (Fourth Section) 3 A Malvern Suite 21 Don Redfern
25th Nov 1984 City of Leicester Brass Band Festival (4th Section) Voices of Youth 9 Don Redfern
6th May 1984 Buxton Festival (Section A) 4 A French Suite Don Redfern
25th Mar 1984 North West Area (Fourth Section) Divertimento [Ball] Don Redfern
1st May 1983 Buxton Festival (Section A) 3 Prince Igor Overture 7 Don Redfern
20th Mar 1983 North West Area (Fourth Section) First Suite in Eb [arr. Herbert] 11 Don Redfern
2nd May 1982 Buxton Festival (Section A) North West Passage [Newsome] Unknown, do you know?
14th Feb 1982 NWABBA Contest (Second Section) 12 North West Passage [Newsome] 7 Don Redfern
20th Jun 1981 Chatsworth House Contest 2 Don Redfern
3rd May 1981 Buxton Festival (Section A) Don Redfern
14th Jun 1980 Chatsworth House Contest 14 14 Don Redfern
1st Sep 1979 Lewis's Entertainment Contest Final 2 Unknown, do you know?
19th May 1979 Senior Cup Sinfonietta [Horovitz] 9 Don Redfern
18th Feb 1979 NWABBA Contest (Second Section) Labour and Love 4 Don Redfern
1st Oct 1978 Glossop Contest (Section A) Suite Gothique 2 Don Redfern
7th May 1978 Senior Cup 6 Little Suite for Brass Band No. 2 1 Don Redfern
30th Apr 1978 Buxton Festival (Section A) 1 Little Suite for Brass Band No. 2 Don Redfern
22nd May 1977 Spring Festival (Senior Cup) Promenade Don Redfern
9th May 1976 Senior Cup Suite Gothique 13 Don Redfern
10th May 1975 Senior Cup Scheherazade 18 Don Redfern
4th May 1974 Senior Trophy Othello 15 George Jacobs
28th Apr 1974 Buxton Festival (Section A) Othello 10 Don Redfern
5th May 1973 Senior Trophy W Swedish Rhapsody
30th Apr 1972 Blackpool Contest, 'B' Section George Jacobs
8th May 1971 Senior Trophy Mexican Fiesta George Jacobs
17th May 1969 Senior Trophy 5 City by the Sea 4 George Jacobs
25th May 1968 Senior Trophy Snowdon Fantasy 11 George Jacobs
29th May 1967 Spring Festival (Junior Shield) Petite Suite de Ballet 13 Unknown, do you know?
22nd Apr 1967 Midlands Area (Third Section) W Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
15th Oct 1966 National Championship of Great Britain (Third Section Final) 4 Land of the Ever Young Bernard Bygrave
26th Mar 1966 North West Area (Third Section) 1 The English Maiden Bernard Bygrave
16th Oct 1965 National Championship of Great Britain (Third Section Final) Music for a Brass Band Bernard Bygrave
15th May 1965 Spring Festival (Junior Shield) 2 The Princess and the Poet 12 Bernard Bygrave
10th Apr 1965 North West Area (Third Section) 3 Brass Triptych: Old Westminster 7 Bernard Bygrave
9th May 1964 Spring Festival (Junior Shield) Everybody's Child Unknown, do you know?
25th Apr 1964 Midlands Area (Third Section) Old Palace Yard Charlie Brindley
25th May 1963 Spring Festival (Junior Cup) Four Little Maids 2 Charlie Brindley
27th Apr 1963 Midlands Area (Third Section) The Rivals 2 Charlie Brindley
26th May 1962 Spring Festival (Junior Shield) Three Characteristic Pieces 8 Charlie Brindley
28th Apr 1962 Midlands Area (Third Section) Three Characteristic Pieces Charlie Brindley
13th May 1961 Spring Festival (Junior Shield) 2 Petite Suite de Ballet 6 George Hill
28th May 1960 Spring Festival (Junior Shield) 4 Neapolitan Suite 20 George Hill
30th Apr 1960 Midlands Area (Third Section) Neapolitan Suite George Hill
24th Oct 1959 National Championship of Great Britain (Third Section Final) 4 Three Brass Band Studies George Hill
9th May 1959 Spring Festival (Junior Shield) 3 English Folk Song Suite 1 George Hill
18th Apr 1959 Midlands Area (Third Section) 3 English Folk Song Suite George Hill
17th May 1958 Spring Festival (Junior Shield) Devon Fantasy 11 George Hill
15th Mar 1958 Midlands Area (Third Section) Devon Fantasy George Hill
18th May 1957 Spring Festival (Junior Shield) James Hook George Hill
16th Mar 1957 Midlands Area (Third Section) Spirit of Progress George Hill
26th May 1956 Spring Festival (Junior Shield) Kubla Khan Harry Fletcher
29th Oct 1955 National Championship of Great Britain (Fourth Section Final) 3 The Merry Monarch Harry Fletcher
21st May 1955 Spring Festival (Junior Shield) Indian Summer 7 Harry Fletcher
5th Mar 1955 Midlands Area (Fourth Section) 1 Midsummer Eve Harry Fletcher
16th Oct 1954 National Championship of Great Britain (Fourth Section Final) 3 Beautiful Britain Harry Fletcher
22nd May 1954 Spring Festival (Junior Cup) 1 Suite Ancienne 5 Harry Fletcher
20th Mar 1954 Midlands Area (Fourth Section) 2 Beautiful Britain Harry Fletcher
16th May 1953 Spring Festival (Junior Trophy) 1 The Golden Dawn 6 Harry Fletcher
14th Aug 1937 Tideswell Contest 2 The Call of Youth 3 J. A. Greenwood
6th May 1933 Belle Vue May Contest (Class C Group 1) 1 Gems of Harmony Harry Mortimer
10th Sep 1932 Pendleton Contest 5 Beautiful Britain Harry Mortimer
11th Aug 1923 Chapel-en-le-Frith Contest Sailor Songs [W. Rimmer] Unknown, do you know?
5th May 1923 Belle Vue May Contest Don Giovanni [arranged Godfrey] Unknown, do you know?
12th Jul 1913 Belle Vue July Contest (Second Division) Don Giovanni [arranged Godfrey] Unknown, do you know?
7th Sep 1912 Chapel-en-le-Frith Contest 3 Apollo 4 J. Aked Haley
31st Aug 1912 Whaley Bridge Contest 3 Apollo 4 Unknown, do you know?
7th Aug 1912 Bakewell Contest 3 Maritana [arr. Smith] 3 J. Aked Haley
23rd Sep 1911 Bugsworth Contest 2 Unknown, do you know?
26th Aug 1911 Whaley Bridge Contest 5 Land of the Shamrock 1 Unknown, do you know?
2nd Aug 1911 Bakewell Contest 2 Land of the Shamrock 4 J. Aked Haley
15th Jul 1911 Stalybridge Quickstep Contest Unknown, do you know?
27th May 1911 Manchester (White City) Contest Land of the Shamrock 7 J. Aked Haley
15th Apr 1911 Compstall Contest Land of the Shamrock 8 J. Aked Haley
21st Jan 1911 Oldham Contest 3 Unknown, do you know?
17th Sep 1910 Bugsworth Contest 2 J. Aked Haley
20th Aug 1910 Disley Contest 2 Lohengrin [arr. Round] J. Aked Haley
8th Aug 1896 Buxton Contest 3 Operatic Selection [unknown arranger] 1 Fred Goddard
21st Sep 1895 Buxton Contest Unknown, do you know?
28th Aug 1894 Hinckley Contest Unknown, do you know?
13th May 1893 Ibstock Contest Balmoral Unknown, do you know?

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