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Cwmbran Youth

This band no longer exists.
Years active:1974 - 2006

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
29th Jan 2000 Greater Gwent Youth Brass Band Festival (Section 3) 3 Andrew Lucas
23rd Apr 1995 Welsh Area (Fourth Section) 10 Little Suite for Brass [Arnold] 3 E. Ingham
19th Mar 1994 Welsh Area (Fourth Section) 14 The Journeyman 13 E. Cunningham
13th Mar 1993 Welsh Area (Fourth Section) 7 Impromptu 5 R. Ingham
15th Mar 1992 Welsh Area (Fourth Section) 10 The Seafarers 3 E. Cunningham
16th Mar 1991 Welsh Area (Fourth Section) 5 Four Fors for Brass 8 S. Bartram
2nd Dec 1990 SEWBBA (Treorchy) Contest (Fourth Section) 1 Indian Summer S. Bartram
17th Mar 1990 Welsh Area (Fourth Section) Summer Fantasy 1 S. Bartram
25th Nov 1989 SEWBBA (Treorchy) Contest (Fourth Section) Land of the Ever Young 5 S. Bartram
18th Mar 1989 Welsh Area (Fourth Section) 3 Suite for Brass [Davis] S. Bartram
1st Apr 1988 Pontins Brean Sands (Fourth Section) Stantonbury Festival 2 S. Bartram
19th Mar 1988 Welsh Area (Fourth Section) Stantonbury Festival S. Bartram
17th Apr 1987 Pontins Brean Sands (Fourth Section) Simon called Peter 11 S. Bartram
21st Mar 1987 Welsh Area (Fourth Section) 7 Overture to Youth 5 S. Bartram
29th Nov 1986 SEWBBA (Treorchy) Contest (Fourth Section) 2 Ceramic City Festival S. Barrett
22nd Feb 1986 Welsh Area (Fourth Section) 8 Four Impressions for Brass 7 S. Bartram
26th Mar 1983 Welsh Area (Third Section) 11 Wheatlands 9 S. Bartram
28th Nov 1982 SEWBBA (Porthcawl) Contest (Fourth Section) 1 Shakespearean Rhapsody S. Bartram
2nd Oct 1982 National Championship of Great Britain (Fourth Section Final) Tuba Mirum S. Bartram
22nd May 1982 SEWBBA (Treorchy) Contest (Fourth Section) 2 Gwent Rhapsody Unknown, do you know?
27th Feb 1982 Welsh Area (Fourth Section) 2 Excelsior [Hanmer] 2 S. Bartram
3rd Oct 1981 National Championship of Great Britain (Fourth Section Final) Contest Day S. Bartram
16th May 1981 SEWBBA (Treorchy) Contest (Fourth Section) 3 Petite Suite de Ballet S. Bartram
17th Apr 1981 Pontins Brean Sands (Fourth Section) Doon Valley 4 S. Bartram
11th Apr 1981 South Wales & Monmouthshire Brass Band Association (D Section) 2 Indian Summer Unknown, do you know?
21st Mar 1981 Welsh Area (Fourth Section) 3 Fantasy for Brass Bands [Wiggins] 6 S. Bartram
29th Mar 1980 Welsh Area Championship (Third Section) Main Street Unknown, do you know?
21st Apr 1979 Welsh Area (Third Section) Introduction and Allegro 5 Brian Howard
10th Mar 1979 SEWBBA (Ebbw Vale) Contest (Third Section) 3 S. Bartram
4th Nov 1978 Pontins (Fourth Section) 9 American Sketches 13 S. Bartram
10th Jun 1978 Welsh Miners Gala (Third Section) 8 11 S. Bartram
24th Mar 1978 Pontins Brean Sands (Fourth Section) 5 Three Days 13 S. Bartram
Jan 1978 West Wales BBA Contest (Class D) 3 Unknown, do you know?
3rd Dec 1977 South Wales & Monmouthshire Brass Band Association (D Section) 2 S. Bartram
8th Oct 1977 National Championship of Great Britain (Fourth Section Final) Little Suite for Brass Band [Platts] S. Bartram
23rd Apr 1977 Welsh Area (Fourth Section) 2 Hungarian Fantasy 4 Brian Howard
19th Mar 1977 SEWBBA (Ebbw Vale) Contest (Fourth Section) 2 S. Bartram
10th Apr 1976 Welsh Area (Fourth Section) Voices of Youth 6 S. Bartram

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