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Dinnington Colliery Band

Also/previously known as: Dinnington and Middleton, Dinnington Main Colliery Prize Band, Dinnington Main Colliery Welfare, Dinnington Main & Middleton, Dinnington (Middleton) Silver Brass Band, South Yorkshire Caravans Dinnington, Webster (Dinnington Colliery) Band, Websters Dinnington Colliery, Websters Dinnington Colliery

Years active:1904 -
Rehearsals:Sunday and Wednesday

Contest Results

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Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
2nd Mar 2019 Yorkshire Area (Third Section)
3rd Mar 2018 Yorkshire Area (Third Section) 8 Napoleon on the Alps 3 Lindon Bolt
13th Jan 2018 Butlins Mineworkers (Third Section) 13 Henry the Fifth [Vaughan Williams] 12 Lindon Bolt
19th Nov 2017 Leicestershire BBA (Leicester) Contest (Third Section) 7 Henry the Fifth [Vaughan Williams] Lindon Bolt
15th Oct 2017 Pogson Bray Entertainment Contest 5 Lindon Bolt
5th Mar 2017 Yorkshire Area (Third Section) 9 Darkwood 11 Lindon Bolt
14th Jan 2017 Butlins Mineworkers (Third Section) 11 The Lion and the Rose 7 Lindon Bolt
20th Nov 2016 Leicestershire BBA (Leicester) Contest (Second Section) 10 The Lion and the Rose 8 Lindon Bolt
16th Oct 2016 Pogson Bray Entertainment Contest 4 Lindon Bolt
5th Mar 2016 Yorkshire Area (Second Section) 11   The Mermaid of Zennor 8 Lindon Bolt
12th Jul 2015 Shirebrook - Brass in the Bandstand 8   1 Jonathan Beatty
14th Jun 2015 Battle of the Bands 1st & 2nd Section 3   1 Jonathan Beatty
3rd May 2015 Buxton Festival (Second Section) W  
8th Mar 2015 Yorkshire Area (Second Section) 7   Variations on Maccabeus 9 Jonathan Beatty
23rd Nov 2014 Leicestershire BBA (Leicester) Contest (Third Section) 2 Between the Two Rivers 2 Jonathan Beatty
8th Nov 2014 Brass Factor 2 Jonathan Beatty
26th Oct 2014 Rochdale Contest (Third Section) 2 Between the Two Rivers 2 Jonathan Beatty
5th Oct 2014 Bolsover Entertainment Contest (Third Section) 2   2 Jonathan Beatty
21st Sep 2014 National Championship of Great Britain (Third Section Final) 13 Symphony for Brass 2 Jonathan Beatty
15th Jun 2014 Battle of the Bands 1   2 Jonathan Beatty
27th Apr 2014 Buxton Festival (Third Section) 1 Between the Two Rivers 1 Jonathan Beatty
6th Apr 2014 Holme Valley Brass Band Contest (Section B) 2   Between the Two Rivers 1 Jonathan Beatty
1st Mar 2014 Yorkshire Area (Third Section) 1   Partita for Band - Postcards from Home 2 Jonathan Beatty
18th Jan 2014 Butlins Mineworkers (Third Section) 6 Music for a Festival 2 Jonathan Beatty
24th Nov 2013 Leicestershire BBA (Leicester) Contest (Third Section) 1   Between the Two Rivers 7 Jonathan Beatty
9th Nov 2013 Brass Factor 2 1 Jonathan Beatty
20th Oct 2013 Pogson Bray Entertainment Contest 6   12 Jonathan Beatty
6th Oct 2013 Bolsover Entertainment Contest (Third Section) 2   8 Jonathan Beatty
6th Jul 2013 Whiston Festival of Brass Contest 6   7 Jonathan Beatty
23rd Jun 2013 Battle of the Bands 2   3 Jonathan Beatty
9th Jun 2013 Holme Valley Brass Band Contest (Section B) 2   Between the Two Rivers 5 Jonathan Beatty
28th Apr 2013 Buxton Festival (Third Section) 1 Hollywood! 1 Jonathan Beatty
3rd Mar 2013 Yorkshire Area (Third Section) 6 Hollywood! 7 Jonathan Beatty
19th Jan 2013 Butlins Mineworkers (Third Section) 9 A Gallimaufry Suite 2 Jonathan Beatty
17th Jun 2012 Battle of the Bands 3 7 Jonathan Beatty
1st Apr 2012 Holme Valley Brass Band Contest (Section B) 3   Olympus 2 Jonathan Beatty
4th Mar 2012 Yorkshire Area (Third Section) 5 Olympus 2 Jonathan Beatty
21st Jan 2012 Butlins Mineworkers (Third Section) 11 Three Miniatures 11 Jonathan Beatty
27th Nov 2011 Leicestershire BBA (Leicester) Contest (Fourth Section) 1 Henry the Fifth [Vaughan Williams] 3 Jonathan Beatty
7th Nov 2011 Brass Factor Jonathan Beatty
24th Sep 2011 National Championship of Great Britain (Fourth Section Final) 6 Henry the Fifth [Vaughan Williams] 10 Jonathan Beatty
3rd Apr 2011 Holme Valley Brass Band Contest (Section B) 2 Prelude, Song and Dance 3 Jonathan Beatty
5th Mar 2011 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 1 Prelude, Song and Dance 8 Jonathan Beatty
22nd Jan 2011 Butlins Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 9 Contrasts (Barry) 12 Jonathan Beatty
26th Sep 2010 National Championship of Great Britain (Fourth Section Final) 9 A Royal Mile Suite 2 Jonathan Beatty
7th Mar 2010 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 2 Saint-Saëns Variations 11 Jonathan Beatty
13th Sep 2009 Hardraw Scar (Class B) 3 Graham Jacklin
4th Mar 2007 Yorkshire Area (Second Section) 11 Carnival [Perkin] 5 Ken Vernon
5th Mar 2006 Yorkshire Area (Second Section) 10 Images of the Millennium 10 Toby Bannan
21st Jan 2006 Butlins Mineworkers (Second Section) 14 Prometheus Unbound 2 Toby Bannan
29th Oct 2005 Pontins (Third Section) 9 Excelsior [Snell] 13 Toby Bannan
10th Jul 2005 Brass in Bloom (NEMBBA Entertainment Contest) 1 Toby Bannan
26th Jun 2005 Bands on Parade 3 Toby Bannan
26th Feb 2005 Yorkshire Area (Third Section) 3 Tam O'Shanter's Ride [Wright] 6 Toby Bannan
22nd Jan 2005 Butlins Mineworkers (Third Section) 4 The Shipbuilders 6 Toby Bannan
30th Oct 2004 Pontins (Third Section) 12 Prelude and Jubilate 18 Toby Bannan
9th Oct 2004 Rotherham Contest 1 2 Toby Bannan
7th Mar 2004 Yorkshire Area (Third Section) 3 Vizcaya 4 Toby Bannan
29th Nov 2003 Butlins Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 2 The Haslemere Suite 3 Toby Bannan
20th Sep 2003 National Championship of Great Britain (Fourth Section Final) 11 Call of the Sea 12 Toby Bannan
2nd Mar 2003 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 1 Lydian Pictures 8 Toby Bannan
16th Nov 2002 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 6 Sinfonietta Pastorale 10 Toby Bannan
3rd Nov 2002 Malton Entertainments Contest (Class B) 5 Toby Bannan
14th Apr 2002 Yorkshire & Humberside BBA Contest (Fourth Section) 2 Toby Bannan
3rd Mar 2002 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 4 Suite in Bb [Jacob] 6 Toby Bannan
24th Nov 2001 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 10 Stantonbury Festival 7 Toby Bannan
29th Apr 2001 Yorkshire & Humberside BBA Contest (Fourth Section) 4 Toby Bannan
4th Mar 2001 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 4 Sinfonietta Pastorale 2 Toby Bannan
7th Oct 2000 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 7 Diamond Heritage 9 Toby Bannan
4th Mar 2000 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 8 The Haslemere Suite 5 David Fretwell
30th Oct 1999 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 8 Four Impressions for Brass David Fretwell
28th Feb 1999 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 4 Indian Summer 10 David Fretwell
26th Feb 1995 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 4 Little Suite for Brass [Arnold] 14 Duncan Beckley
19th Nov 1994 National Mineworkers (Third Section) 3 A Saddleworth Festival Overture 4 Duncan Beckley
6th Mar 1994 CISWO Yorkshire (3rd Section) 3 Chorale and Toccata 4 David Fretwell
20th Nov 1993 National Mineworkers (Third Section) A Leadsman, a Lady and a Lord 12 David Fretwell
14th Mar 1993 Yorkshire Area (Third Section) 13 The Shipbuilders 15 David Fretwell
7th Mar 1993 CISWO Yorkshire ( 3rd Section ) 5 The Shipbuilders 1 David Fretwell
21st Nov 1992 National Mineworkers (Third Section) Divertimento [Kelly] 13 Alan Exley
11th Oct 1992 Cleethorpes Entertainment Contest (Section B) 6 Keith Wardle
3rd May 1992 Yorkshire & Humberside BBA Contest (Second Section) 8 5 Keith Wardle
1st Mar 1992 CISWO Yorkshire (3rd Section) 4 Suite for Brass [Segers] 6 Alan Exley
23rd Feb 1992 Yorkshire Area (Third Section) Suite for Brass [Segers] 9 Alan Exley
1st Feb 1992 CISWO Nottinghamshire (Third Section) 2 Suite for Brass [Segers] Keith Wardle
16th Nov 1991 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 1 The Young in Heart 14 Alan Exley
3rd Mar 1991 CISWO Yorkshire (4th Section) 1 Four Fors for Brass 1 Alan Exley
17th Feb 1991 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 17 Four Fors for Brass 19 Alan Exley
25th Nov 1990 Malton Entertainments Contest (Class B) W 8
17th Nov 1990 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 3 The English Maiden 9 Alan Exley
29th Sep 1990 North East Derbyshire District Council Annual Brass Band Festival (Grade Four) 3 5 Steve Johnson
20th May 1990 Rotherham Entertainment Contest 2 Steve Johnson
13th May 1990 North East Midlands Contest (Fourth Section) 1 Call of the Sea 4 Steve Johnson
4th Mar 1990 CISWO Yorkshire (4th Section) 3 Summer Fantasy 6 Alan Exley
25th Feb 1990 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 12 Summer Fantasy 13 Keith Wardle
21st Oct 1989 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 2 Call of the Sea 9 Alan Exley
12th Mar 1989 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 5 Suite for Brass [Davis] 11 Alan Exley
5th Mar 1989 CISWO Yorkshire (4th Section) 4 Suite for Brass [Davis] 4 Alan Exley
22nd Oct 1988 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) Homeward 10 Alan Exley
15th May 1988 Joshua Tetley Leeds Open (Fourth Section) A Saddleworth Festival Overture 7 Alan Exley
6th Mar 1988 CISWO Yorkshire (4th Section) 4 Stantonbury Festival 4 Alan Exley
28th Feb 1988 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 16 Stantonbury Festival 27 Alan Exley
5th Dec 1987 Clipstone Entertainment Contest (Second Section) 3 Alan Exley
31st Oct 1987 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 4 Sirius [Wright] Alan Exley
11th Oct 1987 Harborough Band Contest (Section A) 4 Alan Exley
11th Oct 1987 Harborough Band Contest (Section B) 9 Alan Exley
17th May 1987 Joshua Tetley Leeds Open (Fourth Section) Ballad for Band Alan Exley
1st Mar 1987 CISWO Yorkshire (4th Section) Overture to Youth 1 Alan Exley
22nd Feb 1987 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 15 Overture to Youth 24 Alan Exley
8th Nov 1986 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) Blenheim (Heroic Overture) 18 Alan Exley
2nd Mar 1986 CISWO Yorkshire (4th Section) Four Impressions for Brass Geoff Hawley
24th Feb 1985 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) A Malvern Suite 10 Francis Evans
25th Nov 1984 Horbury Victoria Prize Band Annual Brass Band Contest (Section C) 1 Ken Vernon
13th Oct 1984 North East Derbyshire District Council Annual Brass Band Festival (Grade Four) 3 Alan Exley
28th Apr 1984 West Yorkshire County Council Contest (Section B) 3 Alan Exley
20th Apr 1984 Pontins Southport (Fourth Section) W Second Suite in F
11th Mar 1984 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) Divertimento [Ball] 12 Alan Exley
4th Mar 1984 CISWO Yorkshire (4th Section) 2 Divertimento [Ball] Alan Exley
29th Jan 1984 Rochdale Contest (Section B) The Shipbuilders 8 Alan Exley
5th Nov 1983 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 4 The Seasons [Carr] 15 Ken Vernon
15th Oct 1983 North East Derbyshire District Council Annual Brass Band Festival (Grade Four) 3 Ken Vernon
13th Mar 1983 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 17 First Suite in Eb 26 Ken Vernon
6th Mar 1983 CISWO Yorkshire (4th Section) 3 First Suite in Eb 6 Keith Wardle
28th Feb 1982 Yorkshire Area (Third Section) 18 Land of the Ever Young 17 Keith Croft
29th Nov 1981 Barnsley Contest (Group B) 5 4 Alan Exley
8th Mar 1981 Yorkshire Area (Third Section) 13 Hinemoa 7 J. Kenworthy
1st Mar 1981 CISWO Yorkshire (3rd Section) Hinemoa 8 J. Kenworthy
2nd Mar 1980 CISWO Yorkshire (3rd Section) Main Street J. Kenworthy
29th Apr 1979 Buxton Festival (Section A) 13 Labour and Love 7 Keith Wardle
11th Mar 1979 Yorkshire Area (Third Section) 8 Introduction and Allegro 17 Keith Wardle
3rd Mar 1979 CISWO Yorkshire (3rd Section) 1 Introduction and Allegro Keith Wardle
30th Apr 1978 Buxton Festival (Section B) Call of the Sea 3 Keith Croft
16th Oct 1977 Sheffield & District BBA (Section A) W
27th Feb 1977 Yorkshire Area (Third Section) W Rococo Variations on a Theme of Tchaikovsky [Street]
21st Nov 1976 Sheffield & District BBA (Section A) 6 Maurice Thompson
30th Oct 1976 National Mineworkers (Third Section) Snowdon Fantasy 1 Maurice Thompson
7th Mar 1976 CISWO Yorkshire (3rd Section) 1 Promenade 4 Maurice Thompson
15th Feb 1976 Yorkshire Area (Third Section) Promenade 10 Maurice Thompson
23rd Nov 1975 Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Annual Contest (Group B) W 1
16th Feb 1975 Yorkshire Area (Third Section) Partita [Gregson] 1 Maurice Thompson
1975 CISWO Yorkshire (3rd Section) Indian Summer Maurice Thompson
1974 CISWO Yorkshire (2nd Section) Academic Festival Overture Eric Wadsworth
3rd Nov 1973 National Mineworkers (Third Section) Peter Schmoll 3 Eric Wadsworth
14th Apr 1973 Wills Championships Grand Finals (3rd Section) Swiss Festival Overture [Ball] 6 Eric Wadsworth
1973 CISWO Yorkshire (3rd Section) 1 Snowdon Fantasy Eric Wadsworth
10th Dec 1972 Wills Regional Championships - Barnsley (3rd Section) 4 Nottn'm Town Eric Wadsworth
22nd Apr 1972 Wills Championships Grand Finals (3rd Section) Nottn'm Town 24 Eric Wadsworth
11th Dec 1971 Wills Regional Championships - Bradford (3rd Section) 1 Mexican Fiesta Eric Wadsworth
13th Nov 1971 National Mineworkers (Third Section) Mexican Fiesta 4 Eric Wadsworth
8th May 1971 Senior Trophy Mexican Fiesta Eric Wadsworth
7th Mar 1971 CISWO Yorkshire (3rd Section) 2 Glastonbury Eric Wadsworth
27th Feb 1971 City of Nottingham - Third Section Peter Schmoll 7 A. Titmarsh
21st Feb 1970 Nottingham Championship (Third Section) 2 Eric Wadsworth
1st Nov 1969 South Yorkshire BBA Contest (Section 2) 1 Eric Wadsworth
17th May 1969 Senior Trophy City by the Sea 9 George W. Sykes
1969 CISWO Yorkshire (3rd Section) Call of the Sea George W. Sykes
29th Apr 1967 Senior Cup Rhapsody on Negro Spirituals 3 Derek Johnston Snr
28th May 1966 Grand Shield Main Street Derek Johnston Snr
15th May 1966 Buxton Festival (Section B) Egmont [arr. Ball] Derek Johnston Snr
12th Mar 1966 Yorkshire Brass Band Championships (Second Section) Main Street 2 Derek Johnston Snr
6th Mar 1966 CISWO Yorkshire (2nd Section) 4 Main Street 1 Derek Johnston Snr
19th Feb 1966 Nottingham Championship (Second Section) Quo Vadis? Eric Wadsworth
13th Feb 1966 Council of Brass Band Associations (Section B) 4 Quo Vadis? Derek Johnston Snr
15th May 1965 Senior Cup William Tell [arr. Rimmer] Eric Wadsworth
9th May 1964 Grand Shield Jodrell Bank Joe Armstrong
14th Mar 1964 North Eastern Area (Second Section) W The Great City
16th Mar 1963 North Eastern Area (Second Section) Spring Song Joe Armstrong
3rd Mar 1963 CISWO Yorkshire (2nd Section) Spring Song 9 Joe Armstrong
18th Nov 1962 Yorkshire v. Lancashire Contest (Class A) 2 Unknown, do you know?
20th Oct 1962 National Championship of Great Britain (Second Section Final) 5 Tchaikovsky [arr. W. Rimmer] 13 Joe Armstrong
26th May 1962 Grand Shield Carnival [Perkin] 7 Joe Armstrong
17th Mar 1962 North Eastern Area (Second Section) 3 Peter Schmoll 13 Joe Armstrong
4th Mar 1962 CISWO Yorkshire (Championship Section) Salute to Youth 1 Joe Armstrong
28th Oct 1961 National Championship of Great Britain (Second Section Final) Eroica Symphony 4 Joe Armstrong
1st Jul 1961 Nottinghamshire Miners Welfare Music Festival Second Section Unknown, do you know?
13th May 1961 Grand Shield 4 Symphonic Suite for Brass 11 Joe Armstrong
5th Mar 1961 CISWO Yorkshire (Championship Section) 4 The Three Musketeers 4 Joe Armstrong
4th Mar 1961 North Eastern Area (Second Section) 2 Symphonic Suite for Brass 9 Joe Armstrong
10th Dec 1960 West Riding Contest (1st Section) 1 Joe Armstrong
6th Nov 1960 Yorkshire v Lancashire Contest (Class A) 2 Carnival [Perkin] 5 Joe Armstrong
23rd Oct 1960 Yorkshire Transport Contest (Section 1) 2 Joe Armstrong
10th Sep 1960 Chesterfield Rural District Council Invitation Contest (Grade Two) 1 Snowdon Fantasy Joe Armstrong
28th May 1960 Grand Shield The Tempest Joe Armstrong
12th Mar 1960 North Eastern Area (Second Section) Gallions Reach Joe Armstrong
6th Mar 1960 CISWO Yorkshire (Championship Section) 6 Joe Armstrong
19th Dec 1959 West Riding Contest (1st Section) 1 The Three Musketeers Joe Armstrong
29th Aug 1959 Yorkshire v. Midlands Contest (Section 1) Yorkshire Ridings Suite Unknown, do you know?
28th Jun 1959 Yorkshire Transport Contest 2 Joe Armstrong
9th May 1959 Grand Shield Cordell Suite Joe Armstrong
26th Apr 1959 Blackpool Contest (A Section) 4 Joe Armstrong
7th Mar 1959 North Eastern Area (Second Section) 5 Yorkshire Ridings Suite 8 Joe Armstrong
17th May 1958 Senior Trophy 3 Die Feen Joe Armstrong
27th Apr 1958 Blackpool Contest (A Section) 2 Snowdon Fantasy 8 Joe Armstrong
29th Mar 1958 North Eastern Area (Third Section) Devon Fantasy 15 Joe Armstrong
12th Jan 1958 West Riding Contest (2nd Section) 1 Unknown, do you know?
1958 CISWO Yorkshire (2nd Section) 2 Recollections of Schubert Unknown, do you know?
22nd Jun 1957 Darton Contest Recollections of Weber Joe Armstrong
18th May 1957 Senior Trophy 4 L'Arlesienne Joe Armstrong
4th May 1957 Daily Herald Midlands Festival (Third Section) 2 Snowdon Fantasy 2 Joe Armstrong
6th Apr 1957 North Eastern Area (Third Section) Spirit of Progress Joe Armstrong
3rd Mar 1957 CISWO Yorkshire (2nd Section) 3 Recollections of Meyerbeer [arr. Greenwood] Joe Armstrong
2nd Dec 1956 West Riding Contest (2nd Section) 2 Joe Armstrong
25th Nov 1956 Yorkshire Invitation Contest (Class B) A Garland of Classics Joe Armstrong
27th Oct 1956 National Championship of Great Britain (Fourth Section Final) 3 Three Songs without Words 16 Joe Armstrong
26th May 1956 Senior Trophy 3 Snowdon Fantasy 20 Joe Armstrong
14th Apr 1956 North Eastern Area (Fourth Section) 3 A Summer Day Joe Armstrong
4th Mar 1956 CISWO Yorkshire (3rd Section ) 1 Echoes of Spring Joe Armstrong
4th Dec 1955 West Riding Contest (2nd Section) 2 Call of the Sea Joe Armstrong
21st May 1955 Spring Festival (Junior Shield) 1 Indian Summer 4 Joe Armstrong
19th Mar 1955 North Eastern Area (Fourth Section) Midsummer Eve 5 Joe Armstrong
22nd May 1954 Spring Festival (Junior Shield) 2 In Tudor Days 10 George W. Sykes
13th Mar 1954 North Eastern Area (Fourth Section) Beautiful Britain George W. Sykes
16th May 1953 Spring Festival (Junior Cup) 4 Tales of Hoffmann George W. Sykes
14th Mar 1953 North Eastern Area (Fourth Section) 5 Country Sketches George W. Sykes
4th Oct 1952 West Riding Contest (3rd Section) 6 George W. Sykes
17th May 1952 Spring Festival (Junior Cup) Mignonne 2 George W. Sykes
15th Mar 1952 North Eastern Area (Fourth Section) 3 Wayside Scenes 3 George W. Sykes
26th May 1951 Belle Vue May Contest (Class D) 5 Divertimento [Ball] George W. Sykes
6th May 1950 North Eastern Area (Fourth Section) 3 May Day George W. Sykes
5th Mar 1950 CISWO Yorkshire (3rd Section) 2 Songs of Wales George W. Sykes
7th May 1949 Belle Vue May Contest (Class B) Mirella [arr. Godfrey] 17 George W. Sykes
1st May 1948 Worksop May Day Festival 2 George W. Sykes
10th May 1947 Belle Vue May Contest (Class D Section 2) 4 Wayside Scenes George W. Sykes
5th May 1945 Belle Vue May Contest (Class D) A Souvenir of Shakespeare M. Lewis
10th May 1941 Belle Vue May Contest (Class D) May Day M. Lewis
24th Sep 1938 Crystal Palace (Junior Shield - A (1)) Carmen No 2 Peter Fearnley
13th Aug 1938 Rotherham Contest Peter Fearnley
5th Dec 1936 Sheffield (City Hall) Contest Echoes of the Opera J. A. Wadsworth
11th Jul 1936 Belle Vue July Contest (Class B) Ernani [unknown arranger] J. A. Wadsworth
9th May 1936 Belle Vue May Contest (Class C) 3 Songs of the Homeland 15 J. A. Wadsworth
18th Nov 1933 Sheffield & District (Open Section) Unknown, do you know?
29th Jul 1933 Ollerton Contest I Capuleti [unknown arranger] Unknown, do you know?
18th Feb 1933 Sheffield & District (Class C) Unknown, do you know?
7th May 1932 Belle Vue May Contest (Class C Group 1) A Summer Day J. A. Wadsworth
21st May 1929 Huddersfield Contest Der Freischütz [arr. Round] Unknown, do you know?
30th Jul 1927 Worksop Contest Il Flauto Magico [unknown arranger] Unknown, do you know?
15th Jul 1922 Cleethorpes Contest 3 Unknown, do you know?
3rd Dec 1921 Sheffield Hospitals Contest Senior Cup 3 J. A. Wadsworth
24th May 1920 Rotherham Contest Unknown, do you know?
16th Aug 1919 Barnsley Contest 1 Unknown, do you know?
28th Jun 1919 Lincoln Temperance Fete and Gala Brass Band Contest 3 Zampa [arr. Ord Hume] Joseph Crawford Dyson
13th Jul 1918 Belle Vue July Contest W The Taming of the Shrew
14th Jul 1917 Belle Vue July Contest 5 A Souvenir of Gounod [arr. Godfrey] 9 George Hawkins
8th Jul 1916 Belle Vue July Contest The Merry Wives of Windsor [Nicolai] 11 J. A. Greenwood
27th Sep 1913 Crystal Palace (Grand Shield) Classic Gems 1 William Lerigo
31st May 1913 Worksop Contest The Bohemian Girl [unknown arranger] Unknown, do you know?
28th Sep 1912 Crystal Palace (Junior Cup) Emilia 22 William Lerigo
25th May 1912 Lincoln Contest Apollo 6 William Lerigo
11th May 1912 Worksop Contest Apollo 7 William Lerigo
30th Sep 1911 Crystal Palace (Junior Cup) 3 Maritana [unknown arranger] William Lerigo
9th Sep 1911 Woodhouse Contest 4 William Lerigo
1st Oct 1910 Crystal Palace (Junior Cup) Crispino [arr. Round] William Lerigo
25th Jun 1910 South Elmsall Contest Unknown, do you know?
25th Sep 1909 Crystal Palace (Consolation Cup) 3 Memories of the Past William Lerigo
24th Jul 1909 Bulwell Contest 3 Old Favourites William Lerigo
10th Jul 1909 Clowne Contest 4 Old Favourites William Lerigo
26th Sep 1908 Crystal Palace (Preliminary Cup) 2 Old Favourites John Martin
18th Jul 1908 Shirebrook Contest (Second Section) 2 Fernando Cortez 4 Unknown, do you know?
28th Sep 1907 Crystal Palace (Preliminary Cup) 3 Old Memories 14 William Wilson
17th Aug 1907 Woodhouse Contest Gems of Haydn [arr. W. Rimmer] 1 William Wilson
27th Jul 1907 Bulwell Contest 3 Daughter of the Regiment [unknown arranger] 7 William Wilson
6th Jul 1907 Clowne Contest Daughter of the Regiment [arr. Greenwood] 7 William Wilson
18th May 1907 Shirebrook Contest 2 Gems of Haydn [arr. W. Rimmer] William Wilson
21st Jul 1906 Shirebrook Contest (Junior Section) Don Quixote 4 William Wilson

Whit Friday

Whit Friday results are not included in the statistics and charts above.

Date Contest Position Conductor March
9th Jun 2017 Uppermill (Whit Friday) 41 Unknown, do you know?
9th Jun 2017 Diggle (Whit Friday) 49 Lindon Bolt March: Castell Coch
9th Jun 2017 Denshaw (Whit Friday) 52 Lindon Bolt
9th Jun 2017 Scouthead (Whit Friday) 60 Unknown, do you know?
9th Jun 2017 Greenfield (Whit Friday) 67 Lindon Bolt March: Castell Coch
28th May 2010 Uppermill (Whit Friday) 36 Jonathan Beatty
28th May 2010 Friezland (Whit Friday) 42 Jonathan Beatty
28th May 2010 Dobcross (Whit Friday) 52 Jonathan Beatty
28th May 2010 Scouthead (Whit Friday) 61 Jonathan Beatty
5th Jun 2009 Mossley (Whit Friday) 32 Joanne Brookes-Wright
5th Jun 2009 Hurst (Ashton United) (Whit Friday) 39 Joanne Brookes-Wright
5th Jun 2009 Stalybridge Labour Club (Whit Friday) 41 Joanne Brookes-Wright
5th Jun 2009 Stalybridge Celtic (Whit Friday) 48 Joanne Brookes-Wright
5th Jun 2009 Tame Valley (Dukinfield) (Whit Friday) 49 Joanne Brookes-Wright

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