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Silverdale Town

Also/previously known as: Silverdale Prize, Silverdale Temperance

This band no longer exists.

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
2nd Jun 1925 Longton Contest Der Wildschütz [arr. Godfrey Jr.] Unknown, do you know?
12th Jul 1919 Belle Vue July Contest Lucia di Lammermoor [arr. Godfrey] 2 Roland E. Smith
13th Jul 1918 Belle Vue July Contest The Taming of the Shrew 8 Roland E. Smith
10th May 1913 Hanley Contest 1 Bright Gems of Melody 2 Roland E. Smith
1st Jan 1912 Colwyn Bay Contest Land of the Shamrock 6 Edward Booth
22nd Nov 1911 Middlewich Contest 3 Unknown, do you know?
30th Sep 1911 Crystal Palace (Grand Shield) Maritana [unknown arranger] 27 Roland E. Smith
13th Aug 1910 Haslington Contest 1 Unknown, do you know?
28th Aug 1909 Nantwich Contest 3 The Amber Witch [arr. W. Rimmer] Roland E. Smith
14th Aug 1909 Haslington Contest 1 The Amber Witch [arr. W. Rimmer] Roland E. Smith
12th Sep 1908 Matlock Contest Rossini [arr. Round] 1 Edward Booth
15th Aug 1908 Haslington Contest 3 Songs of Handel 2 Roland E. Smith
30th Jun 1906 Derby Contest 7 Satanella [unknown arranger] 5 A. Gray
2nd Jun 1906 Tutbury Contest 1 Don Sebastiano [arr. Godfrey] Alfred Gray
2nd Jun 1906 Tutbury Contest (Waltz Contest) Alfred Gray
16th Apr 1906 Clough Hall Contest 5 Satanella [unknown arranger] 3 Roland E. Smith
24th Apr 1905 Clough Hall Contest Donizetti [arr. Round] 7 Roland E. Smith
15th Aug 1904 Cannock Contest 3 Unknown, do you know?
14th May 1904 Smethwick Contest Lortzing 6 Roland E. Smith
4th Apr 1904 Kidsgrove Contest 7 Lortzing 5 Roland E. Smith
21st Nov 1903 Kidsgrove Contest 3 Songs of Scotland 7 Roland E. Smith
6th Jun 1903 New Brighton Contest Mercadante 10 Alexander Owen
13th Apr 1903 Kidsgrove Contest 6 Mercadante 17 William Rimmer
13th Apr 1903 Kidsgrove Contest Mercadante 1 Alexander Owen
31st Mar 1902 Kidsgrove Contest 5 Rose of Castille 4 Alexander Owen
13th Jul 1901 Belle Vue July Contest 14 Lucia di Lammermoor [arr. Godfrey] 2 George Turner
12th Nov 1900 Hanley Contest 2 Songs of England [Round] 1 Unknown, do you know?
1st Sep 1900 Bollington Contest Songs of England [Round] 7 George Turner
7th Jul 1900 New Brighton Contest W Songs of England [Round]
13th Nov 1899 Hanley Contest 2 Songs of the Sea 6 George Turner
5th Sep 1898 Belle Vue September Contest 22 Grand Selection: Mendelssohn's Works [arr. Godfrey] 1 George Turner
28th Jul 1898 Shrewsbury Contest La Favorita [arr. Round] Unknown, do you know?
11th Apr 1898 Kidsgrove Contest Meyerbeer [arr. Round] 5 George Turner
6th Sep 1897 Belle Vue September Contest 17 Moses in Egypt [arr. Godfrey] 11 George Turner
25th Jun 1897 Earl's Court Exhibition Contest 4 I Puritani 2 George Turner
19th Apr 1897 Kidsgrove Contest 2 Tannhäuser [unknown arranger] 6 George Turner
7th Sep 1896 Belle Vue September Contest 18 Gabriella 17 George Turner
1st Sep 1896 Hawarden Contest 4 Halevy [arr. Round] George Turner
25th May 1896 Keele Contest 1 Torquato Tasso [unknown arranger] George Turner
6th Apr 1896 Clough Hall Contest 2 Halevy [arr. Round] 6 George Turner
12th Nov 1895 Hanley Contest 2 Verdi [arr. Round] Unknown, do you know?
23rd Sep 1895 Sandbach Contest 3 George Turner
9th Sep 1895 Wednesbury Contest 3 Torquato Tasso [unknown arranger] George Turner
2nd Sep 1895 Wellington Contest Torquato Tasso [unknown arranger] 5 Joseph Lewis
26th Aug 1895 Keele Contest 3 Schubert [arr. Round] Unknown, do you know?
15th Jun 1895 Agricultural Hall, London, Contest 7 Halevy [arr. Round] 15 George Turner
15th Apr 1895 Clough Hall Contest Schubert [arr. Round] 6 George Turner
1st Oct 1894 Longton Contest 3 Tannhäuser [unknown arranger] 6 George Turner
10th Sep 1894 Wednesbury Contest W Elixir of Love
8th Sep 1894 Blackpool Contest W Schubert [arr. Round]
6th Sep 1894 Newtown Contest 1 Elixir of Love 5 George Turner
3rd Sep 1894 Oakengates Contest 2 L'Elisir d'Amore [unknown arranger] Unknown, do you know?
3rd Sep 1894 Wellington Contest 2 Elixir of Love 4 George Turner
16th Aug 1894 Shifnal Contest 3 Elixir of Love 2 George Turner
28th Jul 1894 Crewe Contest 1 Elixir of Love George Turner
18th Jun 1894 Silverdale Contest 1 Elixir of Love George Turner
14th May 1894 Llangollen Contest W The Forest Queen
7th Apr 1894 Runcorn Contest Elixir of Love 5 George Turner
26th Mar 1894 Hanley Contest 1 1 George Turner
14th Nov 1893 Hanley Contest 1 The Bohemian Girl [arr. Round] 5 George Turner
25th Sep 1893 Sandbach Contest 1 Marino Faliero [arr. Round] George Turner
11th Sep 1893 Wednesbury Contest 2 Maritana [unknown arranger] 3 George Turner
4th Sep 1893 St.George's (Wellington) Contest Marino Faliero [arr. Round] 1 George Turner
1st Jul 1893 Leek Contest Marino Faliero [arr. Round] Unknown, do you know?
24th Jun 1893 Macclesfield Contest 4 Joseph Lewis
28th Nov 1892 Crewe Contest Il Giuramento [unknown arranger] 7 George Turner
13th Aug 1892 Bollington Contest 9 Il Giuramento [arr. Godfrey] 6 George Turner
18th Apr 1892 Clough Hall Contest Mozart [arr. Round] 16 George Turner
24th Aug 1891 Willenhall Contest 2 Rossini [arr. Round] George Turner
20th Oct 1890 Longton Contest 3 Linda di Chamonix 1 George Turner
21st Jul 1890 Kidsgrove Contest 6 Maritana [arr. Round] George Turner
11th Nov 1889 Hanley Contest 2 7 Fred Durham
7th Oct 1889 Longton Contest 2 Il Flauto Magico [arr. Jones] 3 Joseph Lewis
23rd Jul 1889 Kidsgrove Contest 6 Romeo and Juliet [Tchaikovsky, unknown arranger] 3 Joseph Lewis
22nd Apr 1889 Hanley Contest 3 Lyric Garland 1 Joseph Lewis
12th Nov 1888 Hanley Contest 5 Great Britain 6 Joseph Lewis
10th Sep 1888 Longton Contest Excelsior [Round] 4 Joseph Lewis
3rd Sep 1888 Belle Vue September Contest Der Fliegende Holländer (The Flying Dutchman) [arr. Godfrey] 14 Alexander Owen
4th Aug 1888 Crewe Contest 4 Maritana [arr. Round] 9 Unknown, do you know?
26th Jul 1888 Market Drayton Contest Maritana [unknown arranger] 4 Unknown, do you know?
16th Jul 1888 Newcastle under Lyme Contest 3 Hail Apollo 2 Joseph Lewis
14th Jul 1888 Congleton Contest W Hail Apollo
2nd Apr 1888 Hanley Contest 3 Maritana [arr. Round] 4 Alexander Owen
14th Nov 1887 Hanley Contest Poet & Peasant 6 Unknown, do you know?
6th Aug 1887 Crewe Contest 3 Fantasia on Irish Airs 4 Joseph Lewis
10th Aug 1883 Newcastle under Lyme Contest 5 Unknown, do you know?

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