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Skegness Silver Band

Also/previously known as: Skegness (Hawkins Electric), Skegness (Hawkins Electrical), Skegness Silver (Hawkins Electrical), Skegness Town, Skegness Town Band

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
Mar 2021 Midlands Area (Fourth Section)
8th Mar 2020 Midlands Area (Fourth Section) 16 Neverland 9 Steve Walker
10th Mar 2019 Midlands Area (Fourth Section) 5 Stantonbury Festival 19 Steve Walker
11th Mar 2018 Midlands Area (Fourth Section) 13 World Tour Steve Walker
12th Mar 2017 Midlands Area (Fourth Section) 9 St. Andrews Variations [Fernie] 12 Steve Walker
13th Mar 2016 Midlands Area (Fourth Section) 14 The Journal of Phileas Fogg 9 Steve Walker
8th Mar 2015 Midlands Area (Fourth Section) 5 An English Pastorale 15 Steve Walker
9th Mar 2014 Midlands Area (Fourth Section) 6 Three Spanish Impressions [Fernie] 5 Steve Walker
11th Mar 2012 Midlands Area (Fourth Section) 23 English Folk Song Suite 6 Stan Lippeatt
27th Nov 2011 Leicestershire BBA (Leicester) Contest (Fourth Section) 12 English Folk Song Suite 2 Steve Walker
12th Mar 2011 Midlands Area (Fourth Section) 9 Prelude, Song and Dance 19 Steve Walker
19th Jan 2008 Butlins Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 17 Lydian Pictures 14 Geoff Weeks
20th Jan 2007 Butlins Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 11 The Journeyman 4 Geoff Weeks
21st Jan 2006 Butlins Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 8 The Cavendish Suite 5 Geoff Weeks
22nd Jan 2005 Butlins Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 14 Stantonbury Festival 2 Geoff Weeks
21st Nov 2004 Leicestershire BBA (Leicester) Contest (Fourth Section) 1 Geoff Weeks
14th Mar 2004 Midlands Area (Fourth Section) W Partita [Gregson]
23rd Nov 2003 Leicestershire BBA (Leicester) Contest (Third Section) 3 Steve Walker
9th Mar 2003 Midlands Area (Fourth Section) 8 Lydian Pictures Steve Walker
24th Mar 2002 Lincolnshire BBA Contest 2 Unknown, do you know?
3rd Mar 2002 Midlands Area (Fourth Section) 17 Suite in Bb [Jacob] Steve Walker
4th Mar 2001 Midlands Area (Fourth Section) 24 Sinfonietta Pastorale 16 Steve Walker
5th Mar 2000 Midlands Area (Fourth Section) W The Haslemere Suite
7th Mar 1999 Midlands Area (Fourth Section) 22 Indian Summer 14 J. Lyon
6th Mar 1994 Midlands Area (Fourth Section) The Journeyman David Maplestone
28th Nov 1993 City of Leicester Brass Band Festival (4th Section) 1 Rêves d'Enfants David Maplestone
6th Mar 1993 Midlands (North) Area (Fourth Section) Impromptu David Maplestone
29th Nov 1992 City of Leicester Brass Band Festival (4th Section) Suite for Brass [Davis] David Maplestone
7th Mar 1992 Midlands (North) Area (Fourth Section) The Seafarers 5 David Maplestone
10th Mar 1990 Midlands (North) Area (Fourth Section) Summer Fantasy 23 David Gaylor
11th Mar 1989 Midlands (North) Area (Fourth Section) Suite for Brass [Davis] 3 David Gaylor
27th Nov 1988 City of Leicester Brass Band Festival (Fourth Section) Rufford Abbey 11 David Gaylor
18th Jun 1988 Skegness Entertainment Contest (Section B) 3 D. Gaylor
5th Mar 1988 Midlands (North) Area (Fourth Section) Stantonbury Festival D. Gaylor
5th May 1985 Buxton Festival (Section C) Voices of Youth D. French
24th Jun 1984 Bacchus Hotel Brass Band Entertainment Contest D. French
17th Mar 1984 Midlands Area (Fourth Section) 29 Divertimento [Ball] 16 D. French
8th Mar 1952 Midlands Area (Fourth Section) Wayside Scenes Unknown, do you know?
18th Feb 1950 Midlands Area (Fourth Section) May Day Unknown, do you know?
18th Apr 1949 City of Leicester Brass Band Festival (Fourth Section) The Mountain Chief W. Chappell
5th Feb 1949 Midlands Area (Fourth Section) Pride of the Forest Unknown, do you know?
17th Jun 1939 Butlins Holiday Camp Contest (Third Section) Recollections of Weber Unknown, do you know?
4th Mar 1939 City of Leicester Brass Band Festival (Third Section) 6 T. Evans
10th Sep 1938 Butlins Holiday Camp Contest (Fourth Section) Wayside Scenes Unknown, do you know?
5th Mar 1938 City of Leicester Brass Band Festival (3rd Section) Recollections of Balfe Unknown, do you know?
25th Sep 1937 Crystal Palace (Junior Shield - A) The Royal Water Music 31 T. Evans
6th Mar 1937 City of Leicester Brass Band Festival (4th Section) 1 The Call of Youth T. Evans
15th Jul 1936 Holbeach Contest 3 Happy Memories T. Evans
13th Apr 1936 Stamford Contest Unknown, do you know?
7th Mar 1936 City of Leicester Brass Band Festival (4th Section) Sunrise to Sunset N. Nichols
28th Sep 1935 Crystal Palace (Junior Shield - C) Songs of the Homeland 31 W. A. Keyworth
5th Sep 1935 Spalding Contest 3 A Village Pastoral Unknown, do you know?
15th Sep 1934 Butlins March Contest (Class D) March: Ever Ready G. Lamming
9th Sep 1933 Butlins Holiday Camp Contest (Fourth Section) Country Life Unknown, do you know?

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