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Standish Band

Also/previously known as: Crooke and Kirkless, Crooke and Kirkless Welfare, Crooke Band, Crooke & Kirkless Welfare, Crooke Miners Welfare, Kirkless Brass, Kirkless NCB, Kirkless (NCB), Kirkless N.C.B, Kirkless N.C.B., Kirkless NCB., Kirkless (NCB) Band, Quaker House Colliery, Quaker House Colls.

This band no longer exists.
Region:North West
Years active:1955 - 2005
Descendants:Coppull and Standish Band

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
21st Nov 2004 Wilkinson Northern Open (Section D) W
30th Oct 2004 Pontins (Fourth Section) 14 Attleborough Suite 6 John Roberts
3rd Oct 2004 Fleetwood Contest (Fourth Section) 3 The Four Noble Truths 1 John Roberts
11th Sep 2004 National Championship of Great Britain (Fourth Section Final) 13 The Four Noble Truths 9 John Roberts
14th Mar 2004 North West Area (Fourth Section) 3 Partita [Gregson] 1 John Roberts
8th Feb 2004 Brass At The Guild (Preston) Contest (Fourth Section) 7 Sunset Rhapsody John Roberts
16th Nov 2003 Wilkinson Northern Open (Section D) 5 Sunset Rhapsody 6 John Roberts
25th Oct 2003 Pontins (Fourth Section) 15 The Seasons [Wilby] 10 John Roberts
5th Oct 2003 Fleetwood Contest (Fourth Section) 2 John Roberts
6th Apr 2003 Tameside Open Championships (Fourth Section) 6 3 John Roberts
9th Mar 2003 North West Area (Fourth Section) 10 Lydian Pictures 3 John Roberts
9th Feb 2003 Brass At The Guild (Preston) Contest (Fourth Section) Unknown, do you know?
16th Nov 2002 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 11 Sinfonietta Pastorale 9 John Roberts
26th Oct 2002 Pontins (Fourth Section) 9 Pennine Moors 8 John Roberts
6th Oct 2002 Fleetwood Contest (Fourth Section) 2 John Roberts
10th Mar 2002 North West Area (Fourth Section) 13 Suite in Bb [Jacob] John Roberts
10th Feb 2002 Brass At The Guild (Preston) Contest (Fourth Section) 2 John Roberts
24th Nov 2001 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 4 Stantonbury Festival 1 John Roberts
28th Oct 2001 Pontins (Fourth Section) 13 Sirius [Wright] 1 John Roberts
7th Oct 2001 Fleetwood Contest (Fourth Section) 3 4 John Roberts
11th Mar 2001 North West Area (Fourth Section) 12 Sinfonietta Pastorale John Roberts
11th Feb 2001 Brass At The Guild (Preston) Contest (Fourth Section) 7 John Roberts
28th Oct 2000 Pontins (Fourth Section) 4 Dunwich Sinfonietta John Roberts
7th Oct 2000 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 4 Diamond Heritage 1 John Roberts
12th Mar 2000 North West Area (Fourth Section) 11 The Haslemere Suite 24 John Roberts
6th Feb 2000 NWABBA Contest (Fourth Section) 6 5 John Roberts
30th Oct 1999 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 4 Four Impressions for Brass John Roberts
23rd Oct 1999 Pontins (Fourth Section) 7 Little Suite for Brass [Arnold] 8 John Roberts
14th Mar 1999 North West Area (Fourth Section) 18 Indian Summer John Roberts
7th Feb 1999 NWABBA Contest (Third Section) 3 John Roberts
14th Nov 1998 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 2 Partita [Gregson] 6 John Roberts
24th Oct 1998 Pontins (Fourth Section) 2 Partita [Gregson] 1 Kenneth Rollins
3rd May 1998 Buxton Festival (Third Section) 6 1 Kenneth Rollins
5th Apr 1998 Tameside Open Championships (Third Section) 11 Kenneth Rollins
8th Mar 1998 North West Area (Fourth Section) 5 Solemn Melody [arr. Gay] 7 Kenneth Rollins
15th Nov 1997 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 8 Portrait of Brunel Kenneth Rollins
25th Oct 1997 Pontins (Fourth Section) 3 Prelude, Song and Dance Kenneth Rollins
4th May 1997 Buxton Festival (Fourth Section) 1 1 Kenneth Rollins
9th Feb 1997 NWABBA Contest (Fourth Section) 3 Kenneth Rollins
26th Oct 1996 Pontins (Fourth Section) 6 Stantonbury Festival 4 Kenneth Rollins
13th Oct 1996 NWABBA Preston District Contest (Section 4) 1 Kenneth Rollins
19th May 1996 Wigan Contest (Fourth Section) 7 Kenneth Rollins
4th Feb 1996 NWABBA Contest (Fourth Section) 1 Kenneth Rollins
25th Nov 1995 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 1 The Shipbuilders 3 Kenneth Rollins
28th Oct 1995 Pontins (Fourth Section) A Saddleworth Festival Overture Kenneth Rollins
8th Oct 1995 NWABBA Preston District Contest (Section 4) 2 4 Kenneth Rollins
21st May 1995 Wigan Contest (Fourth Section) 5 4 Kenneth Rollins
5th Feb 1995 NWABBA Contest (Fourth Section) 2 4 Kenneth Rollins
19th Nov 1994 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) Voices of Youth 13 Kenneth Rollins
22nd Oct 1994 Pontins (Fourth Section) 4 Excelsior [Hanmer] 7 Kenneth Rollins
8th Oct 1994 NWABBA Preston District Contest (Section 4) 1 Kenneth Rollins
1st May 1994 Buxton Festival (Section D) Kenneth Rollins
1st May 1994 Buxton Festival (Fourth Section) 5 Kenneth Rollins
1st Apr 1994 Pontins Southport (Fourth Section) 3 English Folk Song Suite Kenneth Rollins
20th Nov 1993 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) A Malvern Suite 13 Kenneth Rollins
10th Oct 1993 NWABBA Preston District Contest (Section 4) 2 Kenneth Rollins
9th Apr 1993 Pontins Southport (Fourth Section) Overture to Youth 1 Kenneth Rollins
21st Nov 1992 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 2 Fantasia on 17th Century English Songs 2 Kenneth Rollins
15th Nov 1992 Pilkington Northern Open (Section D) Snowdon Fantasy 6 Kenneth Rollins
17th Apr 1992 Pontins Southport (Fourth Section) Rhapsody on Negro Spirituals 11 Kenneth Rollins
22nd Mar 1992 North West Area (Fourth Section) W The Seafarers
16th Nov 1991 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) The Young in Heart 8 Kenneth Rollins
29th Mar 1991 Pontins Southport (Fourth Section) Stantonbury Festival 14 Douglas Blackledge
17th Nov 1990 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) The English Maiden 15 Paul Johnson
13th Apr 1990 Pontins Southport (Fourth Section) 7 Devon Fantasy 9 D. Smith
4th Feb 1990 Wigan Contest (Third Section) 2 D. Smith
21st Oct 1989 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) Call of the Sea 4 Unknown, do you know?
23rd Apr 1989 Wigan Contest (Third Section) 6 J. Tomlins
24th Mar 1989 Pontins Southport (Fourth Section) 20 Partita [Gregson] 19 J. Tomlins
19th Feb 1989 NWABBA Contest (Third Section) 18 3 J. Tomlins
4th Dec 1988 Tyldesley Contest (Section B) 9 1 J. Tomlins
20th Nov 1988 Pilkington Northern Open (Section B) W Music for a Festival [Sparke]
22nd Oct 1988 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) Homeward 13 J. Tomlins
16th Oct 1988 NWABBA Preston District Contest (Third Section) J. Tomlins
18th Sep 1988 Burtonwood Brewery Brass Band Championships (Third Section) 12 J. Tomlins
1st May 1988 Buxton Festival (Section B) W
1st Apr 1988 Pontins Brean Sands (Fourth Section) W Stantonbury Festival
27th Mar 1988 North West Area (Fourth Section) Stantonbury Festival 7 J. Tomlins
7th Feb 1988 Wigan Contest (Third Section) 10 2 J. Tomlins
15th Nov 1987 Pilkington Northern Open (Section B) W Simon called Peter
17th Apr 1987 Pontins Southport (Fourth Section) 13 Simon called Peter 6 Paul Johnson
22nd Feb 1987 NWABBA Contest (Third Section) W 7
8th Feb 1987 Wigan Contest (Third Section) 10 Paul Johnson
8th Nov 1986 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) Blenheim (Heroic Overture) 8 Alan Marsh
21st Sep 1986 Burtonwood Brewery Brass Band Championships (Section 'B') W
28th Mar 1986 Pontins Southport (Fourth Section) A Suite for Switzerland 5 Alan Marsh
16th Mar 1986 Wigan Contest (B Section) The Shipbuilders 13 Alan Marsh
9th Nov 1985 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) The Isle of Avalon 6 Alan Marsh
20th Oct 1985 NWABBA Preston District Contest (Section C) Entertainments 3 Alan Marsh
15th Sep 1985 Burtonwood Brewery Brass Band Championships (Section 'B') W
19th May 1985 Joshua Tetley Leeds Open (Fourth Section) 13 Four Little Maids Alan Marsh
5th Apr 1985 Pontins Southport (Fourth Section) A Barchester Suite 1 Alan Marsh
24th Feb 1985 Wigan Contest (B Section) 6 Alan Marsh
18th Nov 1984 Pilkington Northern Open (Section B) Sinfonietta for Brass Band [Langford] 9 Alan Marsh
14th Oct 1984 NWABBA Preston District Contest (Section C) 2 Henry V [Maldwyn Price] 2 Alan Marsh
23rd Sep 1984 Burtonwood Brewery Brass Band Championships (Section 'B') 8 Alan Marsh
20th Apr 1984 Pontins Southport (Fourth Section) Second Suite in F 13 Alan Marsh
25th Mar 1984 North West Area (Fourth Section) Divertimento [Ball] Alan Marsh
26th Feb 1984 Wigan Contest (A Section) Variations on a Ninth 7 Alan Marsh
5th Nov 1983 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) The Seasons [Carr] 9 Alan Marsh
16th Oct 1983 NWABBA Preston District Contest (Section B) Main Street 2 Alan Marsh
25th Sep 1983 Burtonwood Brewery Brass Band Championships (Section 'A') 1 Alan Marsh
1st Apr 1983 Pontins Southport (Fourth Section) Suite Gothique 17 Alan Marsh
20th Mar 1983 North West Area (Fourth Section) First Suite in Eb [arr. Herbert] 16 Alan Marsh
20th Feb 1983 Oldham Contest (Section 3) 8 Coriolanus 12 Alan Marsh
6th Feb 1983 Wigan Contest (B Section) Alan Marsh
21st Nov 1982 Pilkington Northern Open (Section B) 3 Land of the Mountain and the Flood 9 Brian Tollitt
6th Nov 1982 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 11 Fancy Free 14 A. Southworth
26th Sep 1982 Burtonwood Brewery Brass Band Championships (Section 'B') 2 1 Alan Marsh
22nd Aug 1982 Park Hall Contest (Section A) 4 The Shipbuilders 3 Alan Marsh
7th Feb 1982 Wigan Contest (B Section) 6 Brian Tollitt
7th Nov 1981 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) Snowdon Fantasy 4 Brian Tollitt
9th May 1981 Senior Trophy Doon Valley 8 Colin Moore
22nd Mar 1981 North West Area (Fourth Section) W Fantasy for Brass Bands [Wiggins]
15th Feb 1981 NWABBA Contest (Third Section) W Coriolanus 12
1st Feb 1981 Wigan Contest (B Section) Sinfonietta [Horovitz] 2 Colin Moore
7th Dec 1980 Tyldesley Contest (Section B) 7 Unknown, do you know?
8th Nov 1980 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 4 Owain Glyndwr 12 Colin Moore
1st Nov 1980 Pontins (Fourth Section) 4 Devon Fantasy 16 Colin Moore
26th Oct 1980 Manchester District Contest (Third Section) 1 Unknown, do you know?
21st Sep 1980 Skelmersdale Contest (Section B) 3 Call of the Sea 20 C. Moore
21st Sep 1980 Skelmersdale Contest (Section A) Colin Moore
13th Sep 1980 Whitchurch (Shropshire) Contest (Third Section) 3 Devon Fantasy Colin Moore
17th May 1980 Senior Trophy Music for the Royal Fireworks 11 Colin Moore
4th May 1980 Buxton Festival (Section C) W Overture to Youth
4th Apr 1980 Pontins Southport (Fourth Section) 4 Overture to Youth 12 Colin Moore
30th Mar 1980 North West Area (Fourth Section) Overture to Youth 11 Colin Moore
24th Feb 1980 Chorley Arts Entertainment Contest Colin Moore
17th Feb 1980 NWABBA Contest (Fourth Section) 4 Overture to Youth 13 Colin Moore
3rd Feb 1980 Wigan Contest (C Section) 1 The Princess and the Poet 1 C. Moore
27th Jan 1980 Rochdale Contest (Section B) Heroic 7 Colin Moore
2nd Dec 1979 Tyldesley Contest (Section B) 4 Unknown, do you know?
3rd Nov 1979 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 2 Springtime 5 C. Moore
28th Oct 1979 NWABBA Preston District Contest (Section D) 1 Unknown, do you know?
23rd Sep 1979 Skelmersdale Contest (Section B) 4 Springtime 10 Colin Moore
15th Sep 1979 Whitchurch (Shropshire) Contest (Fourth Section) The Seasons [Carr] Colin Moore
13th Apr 1979 Pontins Southport (Fourth Section) The Winter's Tale 4 C. Moore
1st Apr 1979 North West Area (Fourth Section) The Winter's Tale 10 Colin Moore
25th Feb 1979 Chorley Arts Entertainment Contest 3 Unknown, do you know?
11th Nov 1978 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 4 The Princess and the Poet Colin Moore
4th Nov 1978 Pontins (Fourth Section) 6 American Sketches 3 Colin Moore
30th Apr 1978 Buxton Festival (Section C) Mexican Fiesta Unknown, do you know?
24th Mar 1978 Pontins Prestatyn (Fourth Section) 2 Three Days Colin Moore
19th Feb 1978 NWABBA Contest (Fourth Section) Mexican Fiesta 12 Colin Moore
5th Nov 1977 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) Contest Day 8 Colin Moore
1st May 1977 Buxton Festival (Section C) 7 A Holiday Suite 2 Colin Moore
13th Feb 1977 NWABBA Contest (Fourth Section) First Suite in Eb [arr. Herbert] 3 Colin Moore
2nd May 1976 Buxton Festival (Section B) Three Inventions 6 W. Moss
17th Apr 1976 Pontins Southport (Fourth Section) Indian Summer W. Moss
1st Nov 1975 National Mineworkers (Third Section) Three Inventions 1 W. Moss
27th Apr 1975 Buxton Festival (Section C) Four Little Maids 5 W. Moss
2nd Nov 1974 National Mineworkers (Third Section) Chorale and Variations [Lucas] 10 W. Moss
3rd Nov 1973 National Mineworkers (Third Section) Peter Schmoll 8 W. Moss
4th Nov 1972 National Mineworkers (Third Section) Promenade 6 A. W. Hindmarsh
6th May 1972 Spring Festival (Junior Trophy) The Rising Generation 2 Phillip McCann
5th Dec 1971 Wills Regional Championships - Preston (Third Section) Mexican Fiesta Phillip McCann
13th Nov 1971 National Mineworkers (Third Section) W Mexican Fiesta
18th Apr 1971 North West Area (Fourth Section) The Ancient Temple 3 Phillip McCann
17th Oct 1970 National Mineworkers (Third Section) Music for a Brass Band 11 W. Moss
12th Apr 1970 North West Area (Fourth Section) 4 London River 2 W. Moss
18th Oct 1969 National Mineworkers (Third Section) Sirius [Wright] 1 W. Moss
20th Apr 1969 North West Area (Fourth Section) Petite Suite de Ballet 5 W. Moss
8th Dec 1968 NWABBA Contest (Fourth Section) 3 W. Moss
19th Oct 1968 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 2 Indian Summer 14 W. Moss
20th Apr 1968 North West Area (Third Section) W Fowey River Suite
21st Oct 1967 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) Glastonbury 10 W. Moss
10th Oct 1964 National Mineworkers (Third Section) Three Days 4 Fred Moss
18th Apr 1964 North West Area (Third Section) Old Palace Yard 8 Fred Moss
20th Apr 1963 North West Area (Third Section) The Rivals 2 Harry Bentham
24th Nov 1962 Wigan Contest Recollections of Verdi [arr. Rimmer] 5 Harry Bentham
13th Oct 1962 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 3 The Merry Monarch Harry Bentham
3rd Mar 1962 North West Area (Fourth Section) Contest Day 4 Harry Bentham
4th Nov 1961 Wigan Contest Recollections of Rossini 7 Harry Bentham
22nd Apr 1961 North West Area (Fourth Section) Suite in Bb [Purcell] 3 Harry Bentham
19th Nov 1960 Wigan Contest 8 Harry Bentham
9th Apr 1960 North West Area (Fourth Section) The Princess and the Poet Fred Moss
28th Feb 1960 Darwen Contest English Folk Song Suite Unknown, do you know?
21st Nov 1959 Wigan Contest English Folk Song Suite 19 Fred Moss
7th Nov 1959 Leigh Contest English Folk Song Suite 1 Fred Moss
17th Oct 1959 Bury Contest 5 English Folk Song Suite Fred Moss
14th Mar 1959 North West Area (Fourth Section) The Merry Monarch Fred Moss
8th Feb 1959 Darwen Contest Recollections of Mendelssohn 10 Fred Moss
22nd Nov 1958 Wigan Contest Recollections of Mendelssohn 11 Fred Moss
18th Oct 1958 Bury Contest Recollections of Mendelssohn 8 Fred Moss
12th Oct 1957 Bury Contest W A Garland of Classics

Whit Friday

Whit Friday results are not included in the statistics and charts above.

Date Contest Position Conductor March
13th Jun 2003 Scouthead (Whit Friday) 25 Unknown, do you know?
13th Jun 2003 Lees (Whit Friday) 31 Unknown, do you know?
13th Jun 2003 Friezland (Whit Friday) 32 Unknown, do you know?
13th Jun 2003 Grotton (Whit Friday) 43 Unknown, do you know?
28th May 1999 Friezland (Whit Friday) Unknown, do you know?
31st May 1996 Friezland (Whit Friday) 3 Unknown, do you know?
31st May 1996 Lees (Whit Friday) Unknown, do you know?
27th May 1994 Grotton (Whit Friday) 28 Unknown, do you know?
4th Jun 1993 Lees (Whit Friday) Unknown, do you know?

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Crooke Welfare formed in 1955, (conductor H.Moss) and there was a Standish band at the same time (Conductor W.Haydock) (Brass Band News June 1955) This band ceased around 1960.

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