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Name Region Contest Results
Fagernes Skolemusikk Norway 2
Failsworth St. John's North West 47
Failsworth Youth Band North West 14
Fairbairns (Leeds) Yorkshire 2
Fairey Band [1937-] North West 571
Fairfax Salvation Army Corps Band United States of America 0
Fairfield (Buxton) Band [1865-] Midlands 201
Fairfield Citizens Australia 5
Fairfield Govan Scotland 1
Fairford Silver [-2009] West of England 39
Fairlop Brass London and Southern Counties 119
Fairwarp Silver [1911-1982] London and Southern Counties 15
Fairy Brass Band Kobe Japan 0
Fakenham Town Band London and Southern Counties 64
Falkirk Aluminium Scotland 0
Falkirk Aluminium Works Scotland 5
Falkirk and District Scotland 6
Falkirk Iron Works Band Scotland 1
Falkirk Trades Scotland 70
Falmouth Oddfellows Band West of England 4
Falmouth Rifle Volunteers West of England 1
Falmouth Town [1919-] West of England 86
Falmouth Town Junior West of England 2
Falsgrave (Scarborough) North of England 9
Fana Brass Norway 1
Fana Sør Skolekorps Norway 1
Fanfare Ancienne Cécilia de Chermignon [1883-] Switzerland 18
Fanfare Cheseaux [1977-] Switzerland 1
Fanfare Concordia Vétroz [1907-] Switzerland 29
Fanfare de Courtételle Switzerland 0
Fanfare de Crissier Switzerland 11
Fanfare de Gland Switzerland 8
Fanfare de Montsevelier [1894-] Switzerland 7
Fanfare de Mont-sur-Rolle Switzerland 12
Fanfare des Posses Switzerland 1
Fanfare du Jorat Mézières [1896-] Switzerland 6
Fanfare Echo des Alpes Les Posses Switzerland 3
Fanfare Edelweiss Lens [1876-] Switzerland 2
Fanfare Fontenais-Villars [1863-] Switzerland 5
Fanfare Gilly-Bursins Switzerland 6
Fanfare Gimel Switzerland 9
Fanfare Gryon [1903-] Switzerland 4
Fanfare Harmonie Prêles Switzerland 7
Fanfare Harmonie Vendlincourt Switzerland 4
Fanfare La Liberté Fully Switzerland 4
Fanfare La Lyre de Conthey [1922-] Switzerland 11
Fanfare La Lyre de Rue Switzerland 2
Fanfare La Lyre Saillon Switzerland 2
Fanfare la Mauritia Remaufens Switzerland 4
Fanfare L'Amitié Les Monts de Corsier Switzerland 10
Fanfare L'Amitié Saulcy Switzerland 1
Fanfare La Montagnarde Epauvillers Switzerland 3
Fanfare l'Ancienne de Courgenay Switzerland 0
Fanfare La Persévérance Grandval Switzerland 5
Fanfare La Persévérante de Conthey [1910-] Switzerland 14
Fanfare L'Avenir de Chamoson [1904-] Switzerland 5
Fanfare l'Echo de Corjon de Rossinière Switzerland 9
Fanfare L'Edelweiss Semsales [1920-] Switzerland 9
Fanfare L'Espérance Chevenez Switzerland 12
Fanfare L'Espérance Courfaivre Switzerland 0
Fanfare L'Esperance Lamboing Switzerland 3
Fanfare Malleray [1858-] Switzerland 2
Fanfare Municipale Chardonne-Jongny Switzerland 7
Fanfare Municipale de Courrendlin Switzerland 0
Fanfare Municipale Etoy Switzerland 4
Fanfare Paroissiale de Porsel Switzerland 4
Fanfare Paroissiale de Siviriez [1906-] Switzerland 12
Fanfare paroissiale Entente musicale Promasens - Rue Switzerland 1
Fanfare paroissiale La Mauritia Autigny Switzerland 9
Fanfare paroissiale L'Avenir de St.-Martin [1957-] Switzerland 4
Fanfare paroissiale l'Echo des Roches de Châtonnaye [1950-] Switzerland 5
Fanfare paroissiale L'Espérance Orsonnes [1946-] Switzerland 10
Fanfare Paroissiale l'Union de Cugy-Vesin Switzerland 7
Fanfare Paroissiale Ursy [1965-] Switzerland 8
Fanfare Saint-Livres Switzerland 3
Fanfares Réunies Courtemaîche Switzerland 0
Fanfare Union Buix [1920-] Switzerland 2
Fanfare Union Instrumental Boncourt Switzerland 0
Fanfare Union Instrumentale Courroux Switzerland 4
Fanfare Union Péry-Reuchenette Switzerland 0
Fanfare Union Vétroz Band [1889-] Switzerland 34
F. A. Norris Works Wales 1
Farcet London and Southern Counties 5
Farington Mills North West 1
Farington Mills North West 25
Farington Subscription North West 2
Farnborough Youth West of England 6
Farndale North of England 7
Farndon and District Brass North West 57
Farndon and District Juniors North West 1
Farnham Brass Band London and Southern Counties 0
Farnley Ironworks Yorkshire 35
Farnley Old Band Yorkshire 2
Far Northern Brass Australia 2
Farnworth Amateur North West 7
Farnworth and Walkden Band [2004-] North West 155
Farnworth Old [1848-1990] North West 210
Farnworth Public North West 5
Farnworth Subscription North West 1
Farragut Brass Band United States of America 0
Farrington Mills North West 0
Farsley Yorkshire 16
Father Berry's Homes Unknown, do you know? 1
Fauldhouse Scotland 1
Fauldhouse Miners' Brass Scotland 46
Faversham Mission Brass London and Southern Counties 2
FDF Aalborgs Musikkreds Denmark 0
FDF Århus Musikkreds Brass Band Denmark 14
FDF Bjerringbro Brass Band Denmark 5
FDF Christianshavn Musikkreds Denmark 21
FDF Frederikshavn Junior og Talent Band Unknown, do you know? 1
FDF Gladsaxe Brass Band Denmark 15
FDF Grenaa Brass Band Denmark 2
FDF Grenaa's Brassband Denmark 2
FDF Horsens Musik Denmark 1
FDF Kgs Lyndby Denmark 1
FDF Lyngbye Denmark 1
FDF Nordals Brass Band Unknown, do you know? 1
FDF Odense Musikkreds Denmark 3
FDF Seniorblæsere Aalborg Denmark 0
FDF Tønder Denmark 1
FDF Vejle Brass Band Denmark 6
FDF Viborg Denmark 1
Featherstone Brass London and Southern Counties 14
Featherstone Main Brass Band Yorkshire 0
Featherstone Model Yorkshire 3
Featherstone Silver Yorkshire 7
Fechney Industrial School (Perth) Scotland 2
Federated Brass North West 5
Fedje Musikkorps Norway 2
FEG Brass Band Sulgen [1960-] Switzerland 3
Feilding Brass New Zealand 9
Feldmusik Adligenswil Switzerland 5
Feldmusik Gunzwil [1891-] Switzerland 16
Feldmusik Knutwil [1920-] Switzerland 42
Feldmusik Udligenswil Switzerland 7
Feldmusik Uffikon [1871-] Switzerland 29
Felison Brass [1999-] Netherlands 16
Felleskorpset Askøy Norway 32
Felleskorpset Askøy Aspirantkorps Norway 7
Felleskorpset Askøy Juniorkorps Norway 9
Felleskorpset Erdal-Kleppe Norway 1
Felleskorpset Hanøy Haugland Tveit Norway 6
Felleskorpset HHT Aspirant Norway 3
Felleskorpset HHT Junior Norway 2
Felling Band [1873-] North of England 266
Felling Chemical Works North of England 13
Felling Colliery Silver North of England 78
Felling Saxhorn North of England 1
Felling Temperance North of England 4
Feltham London and Southern Counties 10
Feltham Industrial School London and Southern Counties 1
Feltham Volunteers London and Southern Counties 1
Fenland Music Centre Midlands 1
Fenny Compton Midlands 1
Fenny Stratford Town Midlands 19
Fergus Brass Band [1855-] Canada 0
Fermoy Concert Band [2000-] Republic of Ireland 4
Ferndale [1881-] Wales 181
Ferndale Juniors Wales 1
Ferndown Brass West of England 11
Ferndown Concert Brass [1990-] West of England 5
Ferodo Works Band [1951-] Midlands 24
Ferranti Home Guard (Hollinwood Works) North West 7
Ferranti's Works North West 12
Ferryhill Town [1909-] North of England 202
Festival Brass Band Belgium 28
Festival Brass Band Quart Italy 4
Festive Brass of Myrtle Beach [1998-] United States of America 0
Ffestiniog Village Wales 12
Ffestiniog Youth Wales 2
Ffrwd Wales 4
Ffynnongroew Excelsior Wales 11
Field Lane Industrial School London and Southern Counties 1
Fife and Forfar Yeomanry Scotland 3
Fife Youth New Generation Scotland 1
Figgjo Skolekorps Norway 6
Filadelfia Hornorkester Norway 16
Filey Silver North of England 9
Fillingham Rectory Midlands 1
Fillmore Philharmonic Brass [2014-] United States of America 9
Filton West of England 2
Filton Concert Brass Band West of England 84
Findneralp Eggerberg Switzerland 9
Finedon Dolben Brass Midlands 4
Finedon New Midlands 4
Finedon Old Prize Band Midlands 122
Finedon Temperance Midlands 4
Finstock Brass Band London and Southern Counties 0
Firbeck Colliery Yorkshire 37
Firs Lane North West 23
First City Brass [1997-2002] London and Southern Counties 25
Fishburn Band [1954-] North of England 363
Fishers PS Works Midlands 2
Fishponds Argyle Band West of England 13
Fitjar Musikklag Norway 19
Fitjar Skulekorps [1960-] Norway 28
Fitzroy Citizens (Vic) Australia 1
Fitzroy Citizen (Vic) Unknown, do you know? 3
Fitzroy Vice Regal (Vic) Unknown, do you know? 1
Fitzroy Vice Regal (Vic) Unknown, do you know? 1
Five Dock Citizens Australia 3
Five Dock District Australia 2
Five Lakes Silver Band [2006-] United States of America 11
Five Star Brass Unknown, do you know? 10
Fjell Brass Norway 35
Fjon Musikklag Norway 11
Fjordbrass Lavik Norway 10
Flackwell Heath London and Southern Counties 25
Flackwell Heath Concert and Youth London and Southern Counties 1
Flamborough Artillery Yorkshire 3
Flame Brass Band Japan 0
Flå Musikkorps Norway 16
Flax and Cotton Mill North of England 3
Fleckney Silver Midlands 72
Fleet West of England 6
Fleet Air Arm Volunteer Scotland 6
Fleet No 2 West of England 1
Fleets Colliery Scotland 9
Fleetwood North West 2
Fleetwood British Legion North West 4
Fleetwood Subscription North West 1
Flesland Musikklag Norway 69
Fletton Victoria [-1914] London and Southern Counties 7
Fleur de Lis Wales 14
Fleur des Neiges Verbier [1958-] Switzerland 9
Flevo Brass Netherlands 1
Flimby Saxhorn North of England 115
Flinders Brass of Wirrabara Australia 1
Flinsby North of England 1
Flint Choral Societies Wales 4
Flint Citadel Band [1905-] United States of America 0
Flintshire Engineers Wales 1
Flint Town Silver Wales 62
Flint Volunteers Wales 3
Flixton Band [1967-] North West 240
Flixton Volunteers [1872-1935] North West 6
Flockton United Yorkshire 79
Flookburgh Band North of England 126
Flookburgh & Ulverston Brass North of England 7
Flora Brass Netherlands 2
Flora-Bremanger Bassband Norway 1
Flora-Bremanger Brass Band [2006-] Norway 10
Floraskulen Brass Band og Kampen skolekorps Norway 1
Florence Brass Midlands 2
Florø Hornmusikk Norway 33
Florø Skoles Musikkorps Norway 6
Florvåg/Kleppestø Skolekorps Norway 9
Florvåg Musikklag Norway 5
Florvåg Skolekorps Aspiranter Norway 1
Flowers Band [1968-] West of England 243
Flowers Youth West of England 3
Flush Mills (Heckmondwike) Yorkshire 6
Flyverhjemmeværnets Musikkorps [1956-] Denmark 2
FM Beckenried Switzerland 1
FM-Brass Vetlanda Sweden 2
FM Buttisholz [1892-] Switzerland 26
FM Eintracht Schötz [1895-2006] Switzerland 9
FM Ettiswil [1876-] Switzerland 24
FM Lungern Switzerland 1
FM Luthern [1869-] Switzerland 27
FM Nebikon Switzerland 22
FM Sarnen Switzerland 1
Fochabers Brass Band [1892-] Scotland 0
Fochriw [1886-] Wales 65
Fodens Band [1900-] North West 590
Fodens Youth North West 0
Foleshill Excelsior Midlands 1
Folkwang Brass Band Germany 3
Follese Hetlevik Juniorkorps Norway 2
Follese-Hetlevik Skolekorps Norway 3
Follese-Hetlevik-Træet Skolekorps Norway 2
Follese Skolemusikkorps Norway 22
Follese skolemusikkorps aspiranter Norway 6
Follesø Musikklag [1925-] Norway 53
Foots Cray London and Southern Counties 2
Footscray Central Boys School Unknown, do you know? 3
Footscray Citizens Australia 5
Footscray Citizens (Vic) Australia 1
Footscray City [-1961] Australia 4
Footscray Municipal (Vic) Unknown, do you know? 7
Footscray Temperance Band [1883-] Australia 0
Footscray Yarraville Australia 1
Footscray Yarraville City Band [1961-] Australia 103
Footscray Yarraville Juniors Australia 1
Førde Musikkorps Norway 3
Førde Skulemusikkorps Norway 17
Fordham London and Southern Counties 1
Ford Motor Works London and Southern Counties 2
Forening for harmoniorkester i Tårnby Denmark 0
Foresters Brass 2000 [1902-] Midlands 359
Forest Gate Illogen Band West of England 1
Forest Gate School Unknown, do you know? 1
Forest Graduate Youth (NSW) Unknown, do you know? 8
Forest High Concert (NSW) Unknown, do you know? 1
ForestHigh School Unknown, do you know? 0
Forest High School Concert (NSW) Unknown, do you know? 6
Forest High School (NSW) Unknown, do you know? 1
Forest High School Wind Orchestra (NSW) Unknown, do you know? 1
Forest High School Wind Orchestra (NSW) Unknown, do you know? 1
Forest of Dean Area Youth Brass Band West of England 3
Forest of Dean Brass [1994-] West of England 77
Forest Row & District London and Southern Counties 28
Forest Vale West of England 1
Forest Wind Orchestra (NSW) Unknown, do you know? 2
Forfar Instrumental [1874-] Scotland 137
Forfar & Kincardine Artillery Scotland 1
Forfar Rifles Scotland 1
Førland Skulemusikkorps Norway 1
Formation Brass North West 3
Formby Band [1974-] North West 63
Formby Subscription North West 4
Førre Juniorkorps Norway 2
Førre Musikkorps Norway 35
Fortepiano Michelsamt Switzerland 1
Fortescue House London and Southern Counties 3
Forth Brass Band [1868-1988] Scotland 0
Fortress Youth Brass Band [1913-] Australia 0
Fort Street High School Wind Ensemble ---Petersham (NSW) Unknown, do you know? 1
Fort Street High School Wind Ensemble --Petersham (NSW) Unknown, do you know? 1
Fort Street School Wind Ensemble -- Petersham (NSW) Unknown, do you know? 1
Foss Dyke Band [1974-] Midlands 118
Foster Auckland Brass (NZ) Australia 1
Fotlandsvåg Musikklag [1922-] Norway 3
Fountain City Brass [2002-] United States of America 39
Fountain City Youth Brass Academy [2007-] United States of America 9
Fountain City Youth Honor Band United States of America 2
Four Lanes Brass [1888-1925] West of England 7
Four Star Brass United Kingdom 1
Fovant West of England 57
Fowey County Secondary School West of England 3
Fowey Secondary School Unknown, do you know? 1
Fownhope Brass Band [1866-] Midlands 0
Foxdale Mines North West 3
Foxdale Temperance West of England 1
Foxdale Village North West 5
Foxhill Bank Accrington North West 3
Foxhole Brass Band [1896-1906] West of England 0
Foxhole Silver [1908-] West of England 26
Foxhole Silver Band [1971-1973] West of England 0
Fraddon Temperance Band [1910-1922] West of England 6
Fræna Brass Band Norway 3
Fræna Musikkorps [1979-] Norway 28
Frälsningsarmén i Lidköping Sweden 0
Frälsningsarmén i Örebro Sweden 0
Frälsningsarmens Musikkår Tranås Sweden 0
Frampton on Severn Silver Band West of England 15
Framwellgate Moor North of England 7
Framwellgate Moor Comprehensive North of England 9
Frankston City Band Australia 36
Frankston City (Vic) Australia 1
Frankstown City Australia 1
Freckleton Band North West 321
Frederiksberg Brass Band Denmark 12
Frederiksberg Gardens Brass Band Denmark 10
Frederikshavn FDF Brass Band Denmark 30
Frederikshavn FDF Junior Brass Band Denmark 7
Frederikshavn FDF Talentband Denmark 1
Frederiksværk Musikskoles Brass Band Denmark 0
Fredheim Skolekorps [1976-] Norway 3
Fred Longworth High School North West 22
Free Church of Tonga Otara Brass Band Tonga 0
Freedom Brass Band of Northeast Ohio [1997-] United States of America 0
Free State Brass Band [2014-] United States of America 1
Frei Hornmusikk Norway 31
Frei- og Straumsnes Skolekorps Norway 1
Frelsesarmeens Territoriale Hornorkester Norway 0
Frenchay Brass West of England 0
Frenchs Forest Unknown, do you know? 3
Freshfield North West 2
Friary Brewery [1922-1945] London and Southern Counties 47
Friary Guildford Brass Band [1983-] London and Southern Counties 213
Frickley South Elmsall Band [1969-] Yorkshire 164
Friendly Band (Sowerby Bridge) [1868-] Yorkshire 260
Friendship Band Northern Ireland 0
Friese Jeugd Brassband [1990-] Netherlands 0
Friesland Brass Germany 1
Friezland Band [1983-] North West 134
Friezland Youth Band North West 4
Frizington League of the Cross North of England 1
Frizington St. Joseph North of England 31
Frizington St Paul's North of England 22
Frizington Town North of England 24
Frizington Volunteers North West 1
Frodingham and Scunthorpe North of England 1
Frodsham Silver Band North West 93
Frodsham Volunteers North West 9
Frogner Skolekorps Norway 4
Frome Town West of England 83
Frosterley North of England 19
Frøyland Skulekorps [1961-] Norway 17
Fryston Colliery Yorkshire 2
Fukuoka Flourish Brass [1999-] Japan 0
Fulbourn & Teversham RBL London and Southern Counties 29
Fulbourn & Teversham Youth London and Southern Counties 9
Fulham Brass Band [1895-] London and Southern Counties 165
Fulham British Legion London and Southern Counties 1
Fulledge (Burnley) North West 4
Fulwell Band London and Southern Counties 61
Funabashi High School Band (Chiba) Japan 6
Furesø Garden Denmark 1
Furness Wing ATC North West 1
Fürstenland Brass Switzerland 1
Fusilier Volunteers United Kingdom 1
Future Band (CH) [2000-] Switzerland 20
Fylde Ex Service Liaison North West 2

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